this is for the cousin of goku. No one in dbz has been seen with cousins so i think if another series was made they bring another saiyan that has a life just like goku he has lost, everthing his family his friends and his planet. He comes to goku with a warning he gains their trust oleh fighting them and sparing them he has a lot lebih power than goku and he has mastered a lot of powerful techniques and teaches them to the z fighter. He is bardocks nephew and had a personality just like him until his accident and became lebih like goku with everyday. He finds the dragon balls and asks shenron to restore his planet and to bring his wife and hybrid son to the planet to live there.
A new life begins for him on earth when he finds his son became the other world champion for north quadran and got training from the grand kai and surpassed his dad just like gohan and then he finally had peace.give an opinion of what think of my character