Well, here we go! The match between Piccolo and Shin (which is basically like it was in DBZ), and some things about Richezz are revealed!:D Happy reading! ^_^

Part 2: Mysterious Foe

"Ladies and gentleman! It's time for our selanjutnya match!" The announcer shouted, getting the crowd all fired up as Piccolo (Majunior) and Shin faced each other. "And . . . BEGIN!!"

But both fighters simply stood there, not even slipping into fighting stances. Piccolo was trying to figure out just who this Shin was oleh using his psychic powers to try and dig through his mind.

Ryoko briefly felt a disturbance, not as keen to it as her master and partner was, and ultimately knew that this "Majunior" atau Piccolo--as his friends call him--was using psychic powers to try and figure out who his opponent really is.

Well he's in for a surprise . . . Ryoko couldn't help but smirk.

In the ring, both opponents kept studying each other.

What is this strange energy I'm sensing? Piccolo thought to himself, not his usual relaxed self.

"I don't understand, is this guy really getting under your skin that much?" Krillin asked, seeing how everyone around him wore serious faces.

"Yeah." goku told him, his eyes not leaving the match in front of him.

"If anda say so. He just doesn't seem to be all that powerful to me." Krillin berkata dubiously.

"You shouldn't judge a book oleh its cover," Ryoko spoke, everyone glancing over at her since she had been relatively quiet throughout their entire exchange.

"She's right, anda shouldn't underestimate your opponent," Gohan said, his thoughts drifting back to when he fought Cell and how he let his arrogance of his power awan his judgement.

goku nodded in agreement before they all turned their attention back to the match.

Shin smiled widely at Piccolo who was beginning to feel frightened.

Why can't I focus my power? Piccolo thought, slightly angry as he tensed his muscles. Why am I holding back like this? I've never met him before today, and yet, there's something about him . . .

"C'mon guys! Would one of anda throw a meninju, pukulan already?" The crowd began throwing insults at the two fighters below while also confused and impatient as to why they're not fighting.

I've sensed this kind of energy before . . . but where? he thought, and Shin grinned at him as Piccolo saw the cosmic energy within and swirling around him. No! It couldn't be!

"What's wrong with Piccolo? Why won't he fight?" Gohan asked, worried about his older mentor and best friend who was now seemingly struggling with fear.

It can't be him! Why would he be here? Piccolo continued to think.

Suddenly, Shin spoke with a knowing grin. "I promise you'll know soon," he answered out loud as what he berkata echoed through Piccolo's mind--realizing that Shin had been picking up his mental talk this whole time. "But for now, let's enjoy our little match." He spoke to the absolutely shocked Namekian.

"Hey, so, uh, is this gonna happen atau what?" The announcer walked up closer and asked.

Piccolo hesitated, but then looked down at the announcer. "I'm sorry . . . I can't." He said, and looked back at Shin who was slightly shocked at his decision.

But everyone else was shocked.

"Quitting?" Gohan said, shocked because that wasn't like Piccolo to give up.

"Does . . . this . . . mean you're withdrawing from the match?" The announcer asked in disbelief.

"Yes, it does." Piccolo spoke with a hushed tone as he walked off the ring and back to the waiting area.

Interesting . . . yes, that Namek was the Guardian over this planet at one time. Perhaps he knows lebih about me than I thought. Shin thought to himself.

"Hey, Piccolo . . ." Gohan berkata as he came in.

"Is he that strong?" goku asked him as he walked past him.

Then, Piccolo stops walking. "Yes. Stronger than anda can imagine."

Everyone was appalled at this. Only Ryoko and Kibito understood, and as they looked out at Shin, he nodded at his two students.

"Uh, please tell me anda just got a headache atau something. 'Cause I'm getting edgy, I'm the one who has to go out there and fight him next!" Krillin said, but then Shin walked in and everyone stared as he walked past the group much like Piccolo already did.

"Alright! Let's keep'em coming!" The announcer shouted excitingly as a band began playing musik to Videl's entrance and her own personal fan club began cheering.

"Wow . . . she sure is populer . . ." Ryoko murmured, slightly taken aback from her soaring adoration coming from the crowd.

"Yeah! Go Videl!" Gohan shouted enthusiastically and Videl smiled, taking her place in the ring.

Suddenly, Ryoko's sensitive sense of smell picked up the stench of a rotting corpse mixed with . . . Dragonite, her own kind. And it came to her just as Richezz went purposefully oleh her, shooting a glare at her shaken form because this smell hit home.

She gripped the side of the dinding to hold herself together as memories of seeing all of her people . . . friends and family alike . . . burning on the battlefield of so long ago. Her senses filled with that same stench of death--rotting corpses--and of halflings, of Dragonites. She could barely contain her rising emotions within her at those awful memories of her life.

"Oh no . . ." Shin berkata to Kibito, both of them noticing what was happening to her and he tried to communicate with her telepathically like before, but to no avail. He couldn't reach her mind because of the dragon protecting her on the inside because of how unstable she was becoming due to her nightmarish memories attacking her.

"Ryoko? Hey, Ryoko!" Several of the Z-Fighters were shouting at her, and she broke free of the heavy awan taking over her being. She looked up with her eyes wide at how close she came to revealing herself.
She let go of the dinding she had been clutching and saw the huge gash she made into it and her eyes grew even wider. She closed her eyes and looked down, regaining her composure before facing them with an uncertain face.

"Are anda okay?" goku asked her, most of them concerned but all were shocked at the gash she had made into the dinding unconsciously. It told them that she could actually do a lot of damage consciously.

"Yeah . . . I don't know what came over me . . ." she berkata hesitantly, not even able to meet their eyes.

"Do anda feel sick? Maybe anda should go sit down for a while . . ." Krillin suggested and Ryoko looked up at them.

"No. Really, I'm fine guys . . . let's just watch the match. 'kay?" she said, hoping to calm their worry.

They hesitated, but turned to watch the match.

Ryoko, what was it that caused that just now? She heard Shin ask her, and without moving her eyes from the match, she replied.

I think it was that Richezz guy . . . I don't know, something's up with him because he smells like a rotting corpse and . . . a Dragonite. Let's just say it triggered some bad memories. Shin knew of her heightened senses and was shocked oleh what she told him and like her, he began studying Richezz. This definitely made them suspicious of the dark warrior.

Just who is Richezz? What are his goals? And who is Shin? Find out lebih on the exciting chapter of DBZ: Sacred Dragon!!!