im really mad i was just about to end the artikel than my computer froze just done now i gotta write it again and same pertanyaan as last time. 17 atau trunks.

crimsons pov

I was mad Bulla new that so she didnt stop me I ran out the door but when i got outside a camera was in my face with a reporter who was my age she was tall and blond."Why are anda in such a hurry,going to meet the prince." "Yeah i am."
"Wait ur his new girl im much hotter then you."she berkata looking at me up and down. "You might be but i bet anda can go super saiyan 1,2,3, atau 4." And as I berkata it I changed into the super sayains.Then went back to normal."Now outta my way atau ealse." "So shes his girl he must have a thing for red heads then.But is this girl to short tempered? Is she too much for Trunks to handle. Will they get maried found out on Forbidden cinta where we record the hearthrod prince and his girl 24/7." She said. "Care to comment." she added "Yeah I would anda see if he loved me enough for people like anda to do stuff like this then wuldnt he stan up to his dad and say hey dad im in cinta with a girl anda know her its crimson and me and here have been dating and will keep dating because we cinta each other. I mean I told my mom and im here only daughter we're outnumbered oleh boys at home. I know someone that I broke up with for Trunks and if his dad was like Vegeta atau he was Trunks I know he would have the guts to tell his dad." She pointed behind me and their was Trunks."Ok anda can think youre better of with 17 and anda can regret coming here with me but anda cant tell me he loves anda lebih then me how am i suppose to tell my dad ive been trying thats why I leaked the foto I had Pan take so he would know I was serious.But if anda feel that way then tel me because I want to be with anda its just to hard with our dads I mean if dad just met anda without anda being Gokus kid then it'd be fine and.." I cut him of "So its about my family your dad doesnt like me because my dads stronger atau as strong as your dad." I said. "Listan its not like tht he likes anda and he thinks it can work but i mean if stuff likke this keeps happening then we'll just forget it." "How will i know stuff like this will happen im only 18 I mean anda expect me to know whats gonna happen in a few years. I cant and if this is how its gonna be and anda dont tell me stuff then anda know what just forget it we are OVER dont call me I might just go back to Earth and help Bulla their." "Ok if anda think your so much better with 17 then fine we are done. Just then our dads teleported beside us. "Since our race is suppose to be powerful but cant reach expectations we want anda two to help us open a fighting academy since anda two are the most promising fighters we have." Vegeta said. "Fine." berkata Trunks. "I'll do it on one condition if 17 can help and be my sparring partner." "Yeah thatll be fun." My dad said. "Cool me and Bulla can go pick up 17." "Be sure anda back in a week though since registration will be in a week." "Ok" Then I ran to go get Bulla.

hope yall like komentar youre answer to the pertanyaan who she sould choose Trunks atau 17. please komentar ur answer i cant choose.