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oakleya77 berkata …
I am sending my prayers to Dog the bounty hunter family I know how it is to have a family that has cancer . my side of the family has cancer . I just lost my mom last yr on bladder problems. I watch Dog the Bounty hunter on netfix I am from Michigan . diposting ·3 bulan yang lalu
Semismart berkata …
Dog.. My name is Bobbie Lee in heading to Hawaii tomorrow for 15 days from. Astoria Oregon... Im taking my elderly uncle who is Ill & this will be. His first and last trip to the Big Island... It would only make his DREAMS come true to meet anda atau staff in person... If anda could find it in your jantung to meet him... I can be reached at 503-431-9784... Thank anda for your time... & may GOD bless anda & your family as he has mine... Please please reply... diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
nellie14 berkata …
Watching this tampil is so amazing and inspirational because Dog and Beth treats everyone equally. Yeah i heard a rumor about he berkata something about an N word. I never heard him say it so to me that doesn't count. I cinta Dog and Beth and they are good people and i highly respect them for their heroism. They be putting their lives at daging panggang, steak when they are after criminals atau such. But trust me they got this, they can handle it. and Beth that isn't a woman to mess with she will kick pantat, keledai if she has too diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu