Divergent Fear Landscape Game! (not for the faint-hearted)

Aqua_Rose posted on Oct 23, 2012 at 08:36PM
Okay, this is a pretty simple game:

Basically, you describe a Fear Landscape scenario (a picture would be helpful), and the next person has to write how they think they would react if that came up in their Landscape, then make up their own scenario.

Please try to make your scenarios as imaginative, descriptive, and unique as possible, and really scary!

Also please try to make your reactions interesting!

I'll start with what I imagine would be one of my biggest fears:

You open your eyes to find yourself in the dark. You can't see anything apart from a few bright spots from holes above you. You realise you are in a coffin. And then.... Worms. Worms, everywhere. Falling from the ceiling, wriggling from below... What next?
(I can't post a picture because I really am terrified of worms and might be sick :3 )

Good luck, and remember, don't be a pansycake!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu erudite922 said…
This is interesting. I wonder where the other Divergent fans went.
Alright I'll give it a try.
My reaction: At first, confusion will be my reaction and then I have to admit I have a bit of fear for worms myself but hate to admit it and I'm good at hiding it I might as well freak out. Even though a person who isn't divergent could feel that a fear landscape isn't real I still have the feeling I wouldn't like worms wriggling all over me. My reaction would be.. Priceless. Ahah.

Okay, here's my scenario (since my biggest fear would be heights, fire):
Imagine you are in the middle of a heavy rain. At first, everything is blurry and then a force pushed you towards a ledge and when you look down you see you are hundreds of feet up. You back up away from the ledge and suddenly the heavy rain stopped, leaving you soaked. And then you hear something sizzle behind you. A great wave of flames is catching fast behind you, going towards you and pushing you towards to the ledge.
What would you do?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Aqua_Rose said…
Okay, this is slightly disappointing... I would have replied earlier but I was hoping someone else would join in...

But thanks, erudite922!

Here's my reaction:
If I'm Divergent, and in Dauntess, then I'll already have jumped off a building before, and I'd know that it's just a simulation, so I'd probably jump off the ledge- that is, after I've recovered from the utter shock of the sudden movement and the flames.
If I'm not Divergent.... Then I think I'd just stand there for ages, maybe collapse to my knees, still recovering from the dizzying height and the mesmerising flames, until at the last minute I'd muster the courage to step off the building.

Next scenario:
You are walking alone down a deserted street at night. Suddenly, you hear a shout, a woman screaming, and people jeering and laughing, coming from a dark alleyway to your right. Concerned, you jog toward the entrance to the alley. You are faced with a scene with 5 gang members, 3 of which have knives, one of which has a gun. There is a woman cowering under one of the knives, and there is a man on the floor with his clothes soaked in blood- he is unconscious, but the gang members are still kicking him. These people are ruthless. And then... One of them shouts a warning, and before you can escape they all turn towards you and you know you can't outrun them...
What do you do? Do you forget the woman and run? Or do you try and help?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu AnnKent said…
Like you said, if I was Divergent I would probably know that it's a simulation and walk in, not fearing the men, not fighting them either, but walk straight past them. Without giving them a second glance over my shoulder I'd help out the woman and try to get her stable and calm enough to help me carry him out of the alley. Even if the men attacked me, I'd know none of this would affect me in real life, and I would continue aiding the victims cowering before me. On the other hand, if I had no idea that this was just a figment of my imagination, and I truly thought they'd attack me, there's a possibility I'd run. It'd be hard to focus on the others. If I had any sense and could fathom the torture the man and woman had endured, most likely I'd try my best to help them out, even if my life was put in danger. I can't be sure because it's not happening to me, but since being killed by a gunshot or knifed in the back is not one of my worst fears, I might have a clearer mind than say, as said earlier, being the support fro thousands of wriggling worms. Eww.

Anyway, here's my scenario. Sorry if my explanation was too long. I've got nothing better to do and this is actually quite fun. :)

You're walking down a dark hallway. Little light is shed on your surroundings, and you can just make out the starch white tiles beneath your bare feet. Above you, long, yellow, fluorescent lights flicker, blinding you for seconds before plunging into silent darkness yet again. Stumbling, the dim flash above you guiding you down the never-ending corridor, your eyes catch bits and pieces of shadows as they form identical doors and black tinted windows lining the walls to either side of you. You strain your ears to hear any sound, even a whisper of air, but only the nervous pounding of your heart breaks the eerie quiet enveloping you in a dense fog. 'Where are you? Where is everyone?' You think as you continue, figures of metal beds looming in your peripheral vision. Finding it odd that you are able to make out more shapes and forms distinguishing an abandoned hospital, possibly the basement due to the blank lighting, you squint and you can make out something bright blinking off beat in the distance. Startled yet overcome with relief, you quicken towards it, ignoring the silent nagging in the back of your head that something isn't right, that this scene doesn't fit. Just as you reach forward, grasping switches of light and darkness, long high-heeled shoes make ghostly clicks against the cold tiles in the distance. Each resounding beat is overcome with your throbbing heart, as the vibrations strengthen, and pulse through your veins. The sound gets closer, and your fingers tremble violently, your body performing a silent earthquake in anticipation. You can't move, and tears freeze in the corners of your widened eyes. It is so close now that even the air is cold and your breath comes out in short, nervous puffs that make white fog against your nose. Click, click, click... It stops. The room drips with tension, and you swear the pounding against your rib cage is loud enough to crumble the walls of the basement, yet they stay as firm as your numb feet planted into the white tiles. You stare ahead, to scared to look anywhere but the now rhythmic flicker of yellowing light. A brief moment of sight and then darkness. Your heart freezes or maybe it has thudded right out of your chest, but suddenly the streets of dim lights above you flick on, and you can see everything. Your eyes will themselves to be blinded by the stream of white light frozen solid like water that has flooded and frozen over, but it's too late. You've already seen what is no longer concealed by blackness.

That's it. You choose what you see. I'd actually like to hear what you've come up with or what you pictured. Sorry if it bored you. I was going to write what it was, but leaving you hanging seemed a lot more interesting. I'd get to hear your ideas. Besides, I was too scared to write what I saw. Or should I say, would've seen. Let me know. :D Thanks for reading.

What would be your reaction to being put in that scenario?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu TrisPrior said…
As you said something about the hospital beds, I would imagine mangled bodies covering old blooded sheets just meters away from you. The terrifying part wouldn't be the presence of blood but the distraught bodies like something Jack The Ripper would have done. The heel clicking shoes would remind me of Jeanine for some reason. Hearing her approaching would imply that she was the murderer of the hospital bodies and I would be thinking she would turn me into one of them.

However if I was Divergent and aware that I was in a simulation, I would still stay clear of the bodies but would try and see if the shadowy doors would open. When i heard the woman approaching I would remember my training and hide in the shadows prepared to attack. I would constantly be trying to calm my pounding heart.

My simulation:

A room. Square shaped, white washed walls. One clock on the wall facing me with a countdown. 3 minutes and 23 seconds. I had been sitting on the floor when I first noticed my surroundings. The smell of chloroform is on my ragged clothes. There is no door so i must have arrived through the ceiling or floor. All around me there is a constant pounding of fists on the wall. One minute on the clock. Cracks appear in the walls and the fists increase in intensity. The walls all around start to crack and shed dust. I rise to my trembling feet in the center of the room, rapidly whipping my head around me as the cracks widen. I see a bloodied fist break through, covered with peeling grey flesh and clots of blood. More and more fists break through until the gaps are larger for whatever is behind to squeeze through. I turn to the clock and as the timer turns to zero, the first body pulls through. I scream as more and more pile in dragging tiny children's corpses and feeding on them. tears stream down my face, blurring my vision which just makes the ghastly figures look more grotesque.

This would scare me to death, any suggestions??
lebih dari setahun yang lalu onascaleof1to10 said…
Okay, I would probably be searching around for a hidden exit in the floor and ceiling and the countdown would be REALLY freaking me out. Then once I heard the pounding fists, I would freeze, not moving and not making a single sound because that's what I do when I'm scared. Then once they got through I would probably be screaming and trying to avoid them.


You cannot see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. You feel like you are floating and you cannot move, and there is nothing but your thoughts. You have no sense of time, it could be one second or one hour that has gone by. Your own thoughts are driving you crazy, and so is the fact that you cannot do anything. After what feels like a millennium, you see light and somebody pulls you out of the liquid you were floating in. After your eyes have adjusted to the light, you see that she is some sort of doctor or something and her face is mangled and bloody. You still cannot move. She sets you on a table and another of the "doctors" comes in. He has bug-like eyes and tentacles growing out of his face. You try to run, scream, anything, but nothing works. You lie there like a statue. Another doctor comes in, his eye holes are sewn shut and his mouth is filled completely with teeth, so much that you cannot even see anything but white teeth filling up his mouth. They take out weird looking tools and basically start taking you apart. After a while of this your finger twitches, and then your hand, and slowly you become mobile again. You look around and you are in a padded cell with a single, tiny cracked mirror on the wall. You go over to it and look. You look just like them, and as if that wasn't disturbing enough, they are all standing behind you and there are no doors.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Fangirl521 said…
I would defanitely freak out. I would be terrified of myself. I would scream and squeeze my eyes shut, and ask what they want from me. If I were Divergent, I'd find the quickest way to get out of that simulation.
(that is like the creepiest thing ever and I will probably have nightmares about it)


You walk down an alley, and all of a sudden a huge hole opens up in front of you. You can't see where it ends, but you can see small deposits of fire in it. You start slowly backing away, but another one opens up around you. Then, a ring of fire erupts around all of the circles. And as you try to find a way out, the walls start slowly closing in.
(I know it's lame but I'm terrified of small spaces, and one of my biggest fears is a hole to hell)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu readergirl1121 said…
good scenario. I would probably try to jump the hole since its not real and find a beam or something to keep the walls from crushing me.
one minute your in a room with no windows or doors and no way out. suddenly people start to crowd you and they have guns. they want to hurt you for something you didn't do and your family is included. after you conquer that your crush asks you who your crush is in front of the meanest girl in school and your friends.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BlazingArrow said…
I'm claustrophobic, so I would be panicking and struggling for air. When the people come, I'd burst into tears and insist I was innocent. Then, with my crush, I'd say, "I don't have one," and I'm pretty good at lying so that wouldn't be scary.

You're babysitting a 2 year old who thinks there is a monster under her bed. When you look underneath, you see a webbed face and glowing eyes. Next, you're on top of a skyscraper with no way down, and there's a platform above you, sinking closer and closer to the point where it's about to crush you.