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 Dumbo wallpaper
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Dumbo wallpaper.
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I know how some people can't stand sequels. But recently I was looking up Oliver and Company on Deviantart and one piece of artwork struck me. Just check this out!

As requested of me oleh John some time ago, this is an illustration for a sequel to Disney's "Oliver and Company." As far as we know, one is not in the works, but I've heard that it was once slated for production. Anywho, in our little, pretend film here, we pick up a few years later. Everyone is a bit older and there are a few new characters. The villain of our story is Sykes's wicked widow. We also have two anak anjing, anjing siblings,...
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Miss Universe 2010, the 1st Miss Universe pageant, was held in México on May, 2010. 91 countries and territories competed for the judul and the pageant was broadcasted live on Fanpop.

Final results     Contestant

Miss Universe 2010

Congratulations Miss Great Britain Ariel    

1st Runner-up, Miss India Esmeralda
2nd Runner-up, Miss Peru Pocahontas
3rd Runner-up, Miss Kosovo Aurora     
4th Runner-up, Miss Greece Megara     

Top 10     

* 6.Miss Finland Snow White
* 7.Miss...
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Hunt Another Day

(The scene takes place at the grounds of Neuschwanstein Castle; Dotty, Wolfie (who are both in their agent vests), Buffo, and Musa are talking with Oso who is in his red uniform for his training exercise.)

Dotty: Listen up Oso, for today's training exercise, you'll have to recover this crown.

(She shows the picture to Oso)

Dotty: It's somewhere inside Neuschwanstein Castle. Along the way, anda will see a sword in the stone. anda can pull it out for bonus points. Once anda find the crown, head to the takhta room and we'll place it on your head and judul anda "prince...
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 disney is planning to make four tinkerbell movies.
Disney is planning to make four Tinkerbell movies.
anda may have heard of the new tinkerbell movie coming out, but did anda know that disney is planing to make four tinkerbell movies? The first one will come out on DVD October 28th, 2008.
Summary: A new fairy, tinkerbell arrives, and finds out her talent is pots-and-pans, but thinks her talent isn't specail.

Tinkerbell, North of Never Land:
Based on the disney Faries book. When Tink's Best Friend, Terence, Squashes Tink's favorit bowl, the first thing she ever fixed, her anger flares up, and she yells at him, saying he's always in her way. Tink realizes she was too harsh, and sets out on a quest to find the perfect gift for her friend.

Tinkerbell: a mid summer storm.
tinkerbell must team up with a rival fairy to save NeverLand.

Tinkerbell: a winter story: I have no info about this one yet.
 Tink as she appears in the new tinkerbell movie.
Tink as she appears in the new Tinkerbell movie.
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