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 Minnie mouse wallpaper
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Minnie mouse wallpaper.
minnie mouse wallpaper
disney wallpaper
minnie mouse
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This disney wallpaper might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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As some of anda may remember, I made an artikel about what I consider to be the worst disney Channel shows. So now I made an artikel about what I consider the best. These shows were where it was at for Disney. They had great humor, enjoyable characters, good life lessons, real stuff, talented people, awesome cartoon, and they even had shows that were based off their movies. Some of these didn't start off on disney Channel but later were added to the channel because they were so awesome and successful. Please komentar and keep in mind this is just my opinion. If there's a tampil that's not here...
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This is my opinion on what's the WORST disney Channel shows. Oh Disney, anda use to have such great shows like That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, etc. Unfortunately now anda just tampil a lot of garbage, some of them even had potential and started off good but soon turned bad. They had awful jokes, terrible messages, annoying characters, and some even have actors/singers that aren't even talented. Later I'll make a daftar of the the best disney Channel shows but I decided to do the worst because it's lebih fun.

12.The Suite Life on Deck

Such a shame that such talented people wasted...
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This is a remake of my puncak, atas 20 favorit disney movies, which will still be including sequels. However this time I will also be including pixar and computer animated movies. I hope anda enjoy it but keep in mind this is just my opinion. Please komentar and enjoy.

20.The Rescuers Down Under
 The susah dipercaya adventure about three brave mice and a daring little boy who save an eagle!
The susah dipercaya adventure about three brave mice and a daring little boy who save an eagle!

I have to say this is one really underrated movie. It's hardly ever mentioned oleh anyone and anda hardly ever see anyone say what huge fan they are of this movie but I don't see why. It's absolutely amazing! Just the...
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As we all know, the disney version of the Little Mermaid is described as amazing and has a happy ending, but there is an extremely dark side to this story. So dark that disney had to change a lot of details in the original story. Of course, if they showed what exactly happened in that book, I think they would be getting a lot of angry parent phone calls about how they scarred their child for life and they're going to sue them and all that stuff. Well, since a lot of people have not read the original book, I am going to share the story with anda today. Maybe you'll want to find the book and...
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So I was going to make this a question, but there wasn't enough room, so now it's an article.

Anyways, remember late last bulan how I berkata I wanted to do a disney Couples countdown? Well here's a daftar of all the couples I could think of;

Disney Couples - Humans
Anastasia And Baker (Cinderella)
Anita And Roger (101 Dalmatians)
Anna And Hans (Frozen)
Anna And Kristoff (Frozen)
Ariel And Eric (The Little Mermaid)
Aurora And Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)
Belle And Adam (Beauty and the Beast)
Birdwell And Kronk (Emperor's New Groove)
Chicha And Pacha (Emperor's New Groove)
Cinderella And Charming (Cinderella)
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anda know how high school yearbooks have senior superlatives, well I'm putting a disney twist on it. komentar on what anda think.

Nicest Couple: Anna and Kristoff
I mean just look at them. Aren't they such a nice couple. They match each other well but aren't the typical disney couple. I also happen to like both of them a lot. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel and Flynn, Bernard and Bianca, The Potatoheads, Eve and Wall-e, Carl and Ellie, The couple from Paper Man, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc.

Most Artistic: Rapunzel
Could anyone beat her. She paints, plays guitar, sews dresses, does ballet, makes...
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