Think anda know the hottest disney guy? Read Below.
So, I did girls, now I'm menulis about guys.

I'm sure a lot of people are going to disagree with my choices, but oh well. I think in general though they'll agree with my puncak, atas choice. yay!
So my choices are going, first and foremost, based on who's the best looking...hey, I berkata hottest, not best personality! Otherwise Quasimodo might be on the list! (sorry, Quasi. that was mean.) But also, personality was taken into account, because for some of them , that's what really made them hot, lebih than their looks. I'm sure that my daftar isn't going to satisfy everyone...well, too bad. Lol, feel free to make komentar and tell me who anda think is hottest.
10. Tarzan is so sexy, and funny. I cinta how loyal and and wild he is. ROAR!!
9. Peter Pan is sexy! Cmon, who doesn't cinta a man in tights?
8. Hey, I think Jim Hawkens is hot, and he's a hero. He's old enough that I can still think he's hot without being creepy! ...right?
7. As Meg says, "Look at all those rippling pectorals!" Heroic, Modest, and Romantic. Hercules is the perfect package.
6. Shang, anda can make a man out of me anyday! I'm sorry, but he can sing, and not only that, but sing shirtless? MM-MM-MMMM!
5. I don't have much to say about Prince Phillip, except who doesn't want a Prince who fights a dragon for them, saves their life with a kiss, and then sweeps them off their feet?
4. Yes, the Beast, aka Prince Adam. He may be too femme for some. But I think the Beast is SOOOOOOO HOT after he transforms. Plus, his personality is the best of all the princes.
3. aladdin is so generous, humble, and brave. He has a great voice, and his real-boy crush on melati makes anda swoooooon!
2. John Smith is like a walking model. With long blonde hair, blue eyes, and his badass side of rebelling against his own men and dying for Pocahontas' father, no wonder John Smith made the list.
1. With his GORGEOUS blue eyes, wavy black hair, and the way he risks his life to save Ariel, Prince Eric may not have much a personality, but he's the number one hottie animated guy for me. I cinta YOU, PRINCE ERIC!