This selanjutnya battle is between TJ and Mikey. berkata Principal Prickly. I've wanted to battle anda for a long time. berkata Mikey So have I. And now i finally can. berkata TJ Begin! berkata Principal Prickly, raising his flag to start the battle. Go! Venusaur! berkata Mikey A Venusaur huh? Okay now. I need something that can beat a Venusaur. I know! Venonat! Go! berkata TJ Venonat! Double Team! berkata TJ The plump purple pokemon surrounded Venusaur with multiple clones of itself. We're not falling for that one! Venusaur! Razor Leaf! Venusaur did as it was told and the leaves made the duplicates disappear. This however left Venusaur vulnerable to any attacks from Venonat. Sure enough, Venonat took Venusaur oleh surprise and used Tackle attack to finish it off. Venusaur is unable to battle! Venonat is the winner! berkata Principal Prickly This selanjutnya battle is between Vince and Spinelli. berkata Principal Prickly The two looked at each other amazed they would finally be battling each other. Begin! berkata Principal Prickly, raising his flag to begin the battle. Hitmonlee! Go! berkata Vince Golem! Go! berkata Spinelli Hitmonlee started out with Aura Sphere, but despite its size advantage it had over Golem, Golem was still able to get the better of Hitmonlee and exploit its weakpoint. Golem then used Seismic Toss. In the middle of Golem using Seismic Toss, Hitmonlee was able to use a Aura Sphere attack. The attack didn't do much except make Golem dodge it and return to the battlefield. Golem finished Hitmonlee off with Metal Claw. Hitmonlee is unable to battle! Golem is the winner! berkata Principal Prickly Oh too bad. Looks like anda have to pay me a dollar. berkata Spinelli Fine. I'll pay anda a dollar. berkata Vince, handing her a dollar. Thank anda Vince. berkata Spinelli