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JonnaSe posted on Feb 08, 2011 at 11:51AM
An Icon contest for your the Disney Villians ^^

Every five days a new round will start and I´ll make a pick where you vote for the Icon you like the most. And the one with the most votes wins 3 props and get to decide the next theme. (Ask if you are wondering about something ^^)


The Icon you submit must be 100x100-200x200 (or just a square), if not It will not count.

You have to make YOUR OWN Icon, Don´t steal an Icon nor take an Icon and change something/add something.

Please don´t vote for your own Icon in the pick.

You can only submit one icon per round.

The villians you have can have in your Icons are the ones that are from Disney movies that are animated. It can be from Disney Classics, Disney Classic Sequels, Pixar Movies and Disney Films with scenes and/or sequences that are animated (like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Enchanted and Pete´s Dragon).

Rounds and Winners:

Round 1: Your Favorite Villian - Boolander25
Round 2: A Smiling Villian - Maria7Potter
Round 3: A Black and White Icon with a one Color Area, Random_camo
Round 4: Singing Villians, Ppv
Round 5: A Final Battle icon with a qoute from the Villain - Boolander25
Round 6: A Villain With His/Her Sidekick - link
Round 7: Villain and the Hero/Heroine - Submit Now! (12th-17th of March)
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