putri disney Which disney Princess climax would anda not want to end up with? (Please komentar why)

Pick one:
Snow White - being poisoned and falling into deathlike slumber
Aurora - falling into a sleeping spell
cinderella - being locked up in room while she loses last chance to find her cinta
Ariel - watching your father turn into a polyp and lose his kingdom to sea witch
Airel - can't be with your cinta because anda are not fit for his world
Belle - being too late in admitting your cinta and watching your loved one die
melati - not being able to marry your true cinta because of social status
Pocahontas - deciding between your cinta and responsibility & say bye to your cinta
mulan - not being trusted even after saving their lives
Rapunzel - being kidnapped and kept away from your family for your whole life
Rapunzel - watching your loved one sacrifice their life for your happiness
Tiana - not being able to get back to your sebelumnya life
Merida - watching your loved one being cursed for life
Anna - choosing to sacrifice your own life for your loved one
Elsa - watching your loved one die because of your powers
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