putri disney What is your biggest fear out of these?

Pick one:
Having to be afraid of a family member
Being a servant to a mean family with no friends
Finding out your whole life was fake and anda were betrothed all in one hari
Having your lives collection destroyed
Having your true cinta marry someone else and being helpless
Being stuck in a town anda like with everyone thinking anda are strange
Being constantly harassed oleh a minsogynst
Being trapped oleh a monster
Feeling trapped and used as a pawn
Haveing to seduce your enemy and be his slave
Finding out your cinta was lying to anda
putting yourself in danger to stop deaths
Having to say good bye to your cinta forever to save his life
Dishonoring your family
Having know one listening to anda even when they are in danger
Having your dream taken away from anda
Being chased oleh gators
Being trapped from seeing your dream
Not being able to save the one anda cinta
Being forced to marry when anda aren't ready
Making a mistake that hurts someone anda cinta
not being in control of your emotions/powers
Feeling completely alone
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