putri disney Valentines poling 9/14: What's your favorit romantic thing in Princess and the Frog?

Pick one:
Tiana and Naveen's dance
the song Ma Belle Evangeline
Ray's cinta for Evangeline
Naveen's face when he watches Tiana dancing during the song Dig a Little Deeper
Naveen wanting to propose to Tiana
the makan malam Naveen put together for Tiana
Naveen deciding not to tell Tiana that he loves her so she can get her restaurant
sinar, sinar, ray and Evangeline finally getting together in the sky
Naveen and Tiana's wedding
the ciuman
Tiana and Naveen working on and opening the restaurant together
the final dance
the song Never Knew I Needed
Tiana and Naveen being a couple
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