putri disney 14 Favorites. Valentines hari version

Pick one:
1. favorit DP couple - Belle and Adam
2. favorit meeting - cinderella meeting her prince at the ball
3. favorit "awkward moment" - melati accidentally leaning against aladdin
4. favorit cinta song - I See the Light
5. favorit scene together - Rapunzel and Eugene on the perahu
6. favorit reunion - Eric waking up to Ariel walking on land at the end
7. favorit cinta line - anda were my new Dream/And anda were mine
8. favorit cinta symbol - enchanted rose
9. favorit ciuman - aladdin and Jasmine's balcony ciuman
10. favorit disney couple - Simba and Nala
11. favorit disney cinta song - Can anda Feel the cinta Tonight?
12. favorit non disney couple - Roy and Riza
13. favorit non disney couple scene - Roy hugging Riza after she is healed
14. favorit ciuman (Disney atau non disney) - Korra and Mako's ciuman
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