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This putri disney foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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I've been planning on do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. However I'm also going to be including Brave, I'm pretty sure Merida is going to gabung and I'm alright with it. Anyway please komentar on what anda think but please keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.


As many of anda know I have a lot of problems with this movie, so many that I actually made an artikel all about it's problems. First of all I have to say I absolutely cinta Merida, she's one of my favorit animated heroines. I also cinta the songs and the animation. I also cinta the beginning of the movie...
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So on Tuesday there wasn't much, just a meeting on the apartment complexes and the rules. The complexes , oleh the way, are REALLY pretty, spacious and have a pool, tenis court, fitness center, and depending on the apartment complex anda get, it has its own little resort.

The building on the left is a Chatham building, where I live. Those other 2 don't exist, it must be an old picture. All the buildings in Chatham look like the one on the left.

Today was the big day- Traditions. This is when they really drill into anda the look of the park and how you're supposed to act. It's really long and...
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Something new that Traci Hines has been blessed to do so please check her out she's amazing as a disney princess!! Check her out her fanpop page and become a fan link
snow white
sleeping beauty
traci hines
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