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Sorry guys, but I’m just getting frustrated with this. So I’m just going to give my honest, harsh opinions and thoughts. I definitely have a problem with the way all the princesses have been redesigned, but I have to wonder why it is Merida is being singled out for criticism and not any of the others.

First of all, I’ve got to say I don’t see some of the issues people are taking with her redesign. Well, two specifically. The first is this supposedly “sexual pose” in her redesign that is mentioned in this picture:

Here are the two poses she is commonly seen in with her new design:...
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a montage I made of David Kawena's artwork
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 The most famous kastil, castle
The most famous castle
Yes, I am a freak for splitting this artikel into two parts, but I can upload only 20 pictures per article, and I needed more. I want comments, that is- critics. Please be harsh because I really put lot effort and research, and I want my articles, if they aren't good enough, to be even better. I hope it isn't too long, enjoy it.

10.Beast's enchanted castle
Once shiny and magnificent, after the curse, kastil, castle turned into dark and cold. With appearance of damned place, it was even harder to to break the curse because people were to scared to approach, not to say come in.

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