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Essay I wrote for US History Class, just thought anda might want to read it...

"In Walt Disney’s 33rd animated feature, Pocahontas is portrayed as a young woman in her low twenties. John Smith comes over from England in cari for a new land, but Ratcliffe, the main antagonist, is going there because he wants gold. When John Smith meets Pocahontas, he is at first as prejudice as all the other men. But after Pocahontas shows him the land, and convinces him they don’t have gold, he decided that he doesn’t want to hurt the Indians anymore. When he and Pocahontas fall in love, everything goes...
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 tbh same anna prince hans is one dream bingkah, cowok
tbh same anna prince hans is one dream hunk
For my first article, I decided to start with a light, fluffy topic! Kidding, of course, but I think this is a rather crucial topic that needs to be discussed. Something to keep in mind before membaca this article, I'm a fan of Frozen, I'm a fan of the disney Princesses, and I'm without a doubt a fan of Disney! anda can be a fan of something and still criticize it (Spoiler alert for the article? Ah well..) Anyway, onto the article!

First things first let's discuss the racial makeup of Frozen's setting. Oh WAIT, we can't because Frozen takes place in a fictional land! That's something that seems...
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I decided to write this because there's always a moment where each of these princesses aren't happy so well here we go :)

The only rule I had was that the princess has to tampil any feeling except happiness for majority of the scene so not the whole scene that's too hard to find almost at least!

Snow White: The Forest Scene

This is in my opinion one of the scariest movie moments, maybe even the scariest, it scares me whenever I watch the scene. What makes me cinta this scene so much is the animation, it's so well done that it scares me. This scene clearly shows that disney has a dark side!...
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