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 Moana (Vaiana) French Poster
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Moana was titled "Vaiana" in French
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After seeing Sweetie94's prettiest disney princess list, I wanted to make one of mine as well. I'm not really a fan of the beauty of modern princesses, I find them rather too doll types, somehow. So they are all ranking low on my list. Hope you'll enjoy it, here it goes:

13. Elsa:
Eh, are her eyes for real? Way too big on her face and her lips are so thin. She does have that barbie doll kind of look to her. She has an unbalanced face proportion, her upper portion of face is too big as compared to the lower portion and that gives her an unnatural look, imo. I quite like her hair though, snow blonde,...
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 Astrological Zodiac Signs
Astrological Zodiac Signs
Okay so I have seen some artikel (outside of this site) with "Disney Princess astrologi Signs" but I always feel like they are inaccurate, most likely made oleh people who are not as big DP fan as the people here. I also think they assign the DPs to specific astrologi signs based on their image rather than the substance of the character (i.e. Making Ariel a Pisces just because she's a mermaid atau Merida a Sagittarius just because she loves archery.) That being said, I used to cinta astrologi when I was a teenager, as I thought it was very neat and I have always loved the stars. I had a phase...
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To continue the halloween theme, I thought it would be neat to picture each disney Princess' favorit Halloween-themed activity. I'd cinta to hear what anda guys think!

Prefer to stay indoors on Halloween:

Snow White: Passing Out Candy- I think Snow White look most meneruskan, ke depan to passing out permen to all of the spunky visiting children. I think the smile on their faces as she drops the permen in their little bags would make her very happy. I don't think she'd be much interested in any of the lebih scary elements of this holiday.

Cinderella: Making Costumes- Whether a costume for herself atau all of...
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Source: http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2015/10/07/you-will-cry-while-watching-this-moana-casting-annou
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Hi everyone! Due to most of my friends getting a nasty cold this weekend and not being able to hang out, I spent the last few days shored up inside, watching the DP sequels that I hadn't yet seen and re-watching those that I didn't remember well. I was pleasantly surprised to find some "diamonds in the rough" that I wasn't expecting, but unfortunately also had to suffer through a few incredibly cringe-inducing films. I didn't include Belle's Tales of Friendship in this list, mostly because I couldn't find it online anywhere, but also because it's partly live-action so I didn't feel like it...
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As some of anda may know, I recently did my version of a "Prettiest Princess" artikel which rated the secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan attraction of each princess. That artikel was done with a heavy bias towards what males like best about females so I wanted to make one with the bias towards what females like (in friends). What females look for in friends will of course vary oleh personality so I decided to use the disney Princesses as the model for my female scale. I made a ranking daftar for each of them (of course, it is subject to my opinion of their rankings) and then combined all 13 lists to see how they'd rate each...
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So I've been membaca that the "Prettiest Princess" ranking is sort of like a right of passage artikel that all of the fan here on fanpop do so I figured it was time for my own. Instead of just doing a physical beauty ranking, I wanted to do an secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan beauty ranking instead. I personally see ranking women based only on their physical beauty as objectifying them so I am kind of confused that it's not looked at that way here on fanpop? (Not saying this to judge atau condone others but just out of genuine curiosity and confusion considering the way some fan have reacted to perceived objectification...
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