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Cut-out oleh me ^^
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Hello everyone!
I'm ezilo25 and this is my very first artikel on this site! I wanted to do something special, and since I have read the Grimms Tale in German my whole life, I wanted to do a comparison of disney movie adaptations and the Tales of Grimm. So, let's get started! Oh, and excuse me if I do grammatical
mistakes, I'm french, so please forgive me!


Oh, Cinderelli... I adore the disney character, I am passionate about the animasi movie, but I am in cinta with Aschenputtel, the Grimms version of the Cinderella. Yes, I know, the movie is inspired oleh the Perrault version, which...
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I diposting this on the Frizen fan club while back and now I'm posting it here.

Everyone on here that knows pretty much knows how much I cinta Anna and despise Elsa. I mean, I certainly like Elsa lebih than I did when I joined in July, but I really hated her when I joined. So that's not saying much.

Right now, Elsa is twelfth place on my disney Princesses as opposed to thirteenth place like she was when I first joined, while Anna made it to the top, instead of detik place. So, both have moved up on my list, but Anna is still way in front of Elsa on my list.

It may not come as a surprise, since Elsa...
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 Vincent mobil van, van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
Vincent Van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
I cinta art! I cinta culture, history, musik and I cinta art. I have done some posts and poling about the disney Princesses in reference to music, culture and fashion but not art yet so I thought I would do that next. I like to think of the disney Princesses as "cultured" young women who have manners, etiquette, decent universal knowledge and appreciation for the arts. So, in my theory of the disney Princesses being cultured, albeit each at their own levels, here are the paintings that I think each disney Princess would cinta the most. (I could probably find a mobil van, van Gogh for each of them as I absolutely...
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 "The bunga that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
So while there are a lot of great things that are pointed out about the movie Mulan, there are also things that I haven't seen pointed out yet so I wanted to share.

1. Realistic Representation of Culture: I cinta that it is not over-Americanized and mostly stays true to Chinese and Asian culture. The most American part of the film is the fact that she thinks she can take a man's place in the army. That and Grandmother Fa's komentar in general. Other than that, the movie is pretty accurate to her culture. I find this important because I don't understand the point of tampilkan a different culture...
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What if all of the disney Princesses were American and lived in American cities? Which ones would they choose to live in? (*Note, I comprised this daftar of where they would want to live as a free choosing adult, not where they would have been born and raised. That is another list.)

Snow White: Phoenix, Arizona
Because there is a large elderly population there so Snow could help them like she did the dwarves. She is also a conservative princess that I think would enjoy living out under the stars in a lebih traditional place.

Cinderella: Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota
Because it is a city rich...
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