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posted by WinterSpirit809
I have already done this, a few months yang lalu actually and I decided to do it again. My opinion has changed a lot, because a lot of people have made good points and so many of these good points have changed my opinion quite s bit.

13. Aurora

It's not so much that I dislike her, it's just I found her kind of bland in her movie. She was boring, though I enjoyed her sweet personality. I get she had to sleep, it was simply a part of her story, but I just didn't get to know her much. I know it sounds kind of unfair, but I find it hard to place her higher.

12. Pocahontas

I don't dislike her...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
I haven't done a ranking in a while, so here ya go. This artikel is dedicated to the amazing animators of disney who gave us wonderful character designs and, sadly, unrealistic hair expectations! (*cries because my hair will never be as cool as DP hair*)

That being said, although every princess has beautiful hair, some manes are better than others. This is my opinion of their hairstyles, ranked worst to best.

12. Tiana

I find Tiana's hairstyles quite disappointing. As the first black princess, and being absolutely gorgeous at that, the animators could have done lots of cool things with letting...
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added by PrincessFairy
Source: disney
added by PrincessFairy
Source: http://stevethompson-art.tumblr.com/post/139434919990/merida-insta-sthompsonart
added by PrincessFairy
Source: http://stitchkingdom.tumblr.com/post/139186457552/moana-dolls-from-hasbro
 I wish she was like this in the film!!!!
I wish she was like this in the film!!!!
Hi guys, while I had written about both versions of Disney's Cinderella. I thought that I write about both Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, unlike Cinderella, both stories are based on different perspectives from 2 different characters. I thought that this artikel would be somewhat a bit different. Also, in this artikel I'll also be telling what I like & dislike about both film like what I did with Cinderella. If anda guys disagree, I don't mind at all.

The Prologue

Okay, I felt that the prologue itself was actually base on Maleficent's childhood and it was when I started thinking "since...
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 Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008 from Russia)
Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008 from Russia)
Hi guys, I have been wanting to write this artikel for a long time, since I'm also a beauty pageant fan myself too. I thought that it would be interesting to write about which disney Princess do they look like and why. If anda guys have your opinion, you're most likely welcome to write it down! Here are some of my favourite Miss Universe/ Miss World winners and their striking resemblance to the disney Princesses.

Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, Russia)

This Russian beauty has combo of cinderella and Princess Aurora, but most likely the latter because of their similar facial features and long...
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added by dee389
hey everyone! The classic disney films had such a knack for capturing the splendor and wonder of magic so I thought I'd rate all the DP films to see which ones are the most magical.
For this, I took the 5 most likely elements of magic in the disney Princess films and added 1 category for the awareness of each 6 elements. This is because the lebih prominent magic would be in a story (or the world in the story), the lebih people should be aware of the magic as it would be hard to miss. Here are the 12 put together:

1. Magical Powers- Meaning that magic can be done without the use of items (like wands)...
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 A collage made oleh me with some of the disney Princesses
A collage made by me with some of the Disney Princesses
Here's the 2nd part of my favorit disney Princess Christmas/Winter Outfits and this time I'm counting down the outfits seen in promotional images, they're quite many so I have to divide this part into 2 parts, this part covers placements 35-21 and the 2nd part of this covers all the remaining placements, this daftar was really hard to make, most of these outfits are lovely
Note: the collage here shows disney Princess outfits that didn't make it into the artikel because they're already shown wearing it atau it looks too similar to another outfit they wear


I know that we've seen the mermaid...
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added by rosemina
posted by TheMusicalMolls
I did the 20 Worst DP outfits, and not wanting to waste time on the mediocre ones, will now rank my favorites.

20. Ariel's Nightgown
 "So excited to wear this frilly berwarna merah muda, merah muda nightgown!"
"So excited to wear this frilly berwarna merah muda, merah muda nightgown!"

Yes, it's just a nightgown, and yes, berwarna merah muda, merah muda is not her color, but yes oh yes does it look pretty, comfortable and just appealing.

19. Snow White' Servant Dress
 "So fab rn."
"So fab rn."

If the ends were just cleaned up a bit, and she changed out of those ugly clogs, this would be an adorable outfit. She is rockin' that hairbow.

18.Cinderella's Servant Dress
 "They can make me work, but they can't make me stop being amazing."
"They can make me work, but they can't...
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I am currently rating every DP outfit, and here are the ones that aren't exactly magical. (Please note this doesn't include what they wore when they were little. It also doesn't include Elsa atau Anna.)
Here we go!
Merida's Formal Outfit

No wonder Merida ripped this outfit- it hides her beautiful hair, and it seems like she can barely pindah in it.

Cinderella's berwarna merah muda, merah muda Ballgown

This dress is what happens when anda ask critters living in your house to style a dress for you- an atrocity!

Ariel's Rag Dress

This is one of those outfits that sorta make anda ask, "Is this a joke???" At least they...
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added by tiffany88
added by tiffany88
 I really think he loses it, here... Raging at a person is not explaining to a person your personal view.
I really think he loses it, here... Raging at a person is not explaining to a person your personal view.
Triton is one of those dads in disney that absolutely makes me squirm. I don’t cinta him, and I don’t hate him. But I do find him extremely unnerving, and on the same plane of Mother Gothel upsetting. He clearly alternates between being “nice” only sometimes, and then being really “explosively nasty” at other periods. King Triton’s rule is a patriarchy. I think his abusive tendencies, though, stem from insecurities he has within himself. Triton is afraid of the unknown. He's also afraid of not appearing “manly” enough. ( Bizarrely, this also makes me think of Prince Adam and...
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posted by sweetie-94
I got inspired oleh laylastepford's link about which American Cities the disney Princesses would live in and as I'm from Sweden I decided to write an artikel about which Swedish Towns (since most falls into that category, only a few falls into the "city" category) each disney Princesses would live in, it's hard to identify each town's personality so I based it on mostly other aspects. I haven't been to all these towns so I'm just basing on what I know about each town

Snow White: Alingsås

This town lays only about 30 menit train ride from Gothenburg and from what I've read and seen off...
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added by jessowey
Source: http://www.superbwallpapers.com/cartoons/belle-in-a-beautiful-golden-dress-beauty-and-the-beast-4974
So I really, really, really cinta the disney Princess dance sequences, particularly with the waltz, as I find it to be so sweepingly romantic! The animasi of the dance, the way the dress twirls with the women, the romantic and powerful score in the background, the gorgeous scenery in the background and the usually gorgeous dress worn oleh the princess... I cinta everything about these sequences! That's not to mention the tampil of romantic cinta developing. I am very much an old soul so I really cinta the process of "courting" which often included the man taking the woman out to dance atau dancing...
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