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There's no denying that disney has produced some beautiful princesses, as well as some.. well, not so pretty princesses. I'm going to give anda my daftar of the puncak, atas ten prettiest princesses, based on the way they look in their original movies.

I think everyone saw that coming. I'll give her this at least: she has nice eyelashes. And nice.. lips? I'm really trying to be nice here. There's nothing about this girl that is very attractive. Her alien-looking nose, her hairstyle, the fact that she looks about 12 years old.. I know that's close to her age, but still. There's really no pictures...
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 Go ahead, take one! anda deserve it for being so patient with me =]
Go ahead, take one! You deserve it for being so patient with me =]
I AM SO SO SO SORRY! THIS TOOK WAY TO LONG TO WRITE! It's time for my finals and state exams, so I didn't have the time to compile all the info, but now that the tests are mostly over, I did. Again, sorry! I really have to remember not to start a countdown that ends right before we get the five tons of tahun review homework.

*NOTE: These rankings were voted on oleh the disney Princess fans, and don't necessarily reflect my own views/opinions*

 "i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the detik film SUCK!"- princesslullaby
"i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the detik film SUCK!"- princesslullaby

9) Pocahontas: Our Native American beauty takes...
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