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 Snow White Coloring Pages
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These are my puncak, atas 10 favorit disney Scenes of all time....this was soooo hard all disney classics have such beautiful scenes in them and it was really hard to choose what scene went where.
Authors Note: I still havent seen "Princess and the Frog" and havnt rewatched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" So my opinion may change after I watch them but I wanna write this now...and get it out of my system.

10. Snow White's Famous "Eat What A Stranger Gives You"

Even though that was pretty stupid to eat something an old women who looks creepy and stuff gave to you, its also a very significant scene in Disney...
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So I did this awhile back for Esmeralda and Megara (and even further back for Merida). So I thought I'd do it for the other two main unofficial princesses. Funny thing is, Kida, despite being a princess, probably has lebih reasons not to be included than any other heroine. But I digress, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding Jane Porter and Kidagakash to the line-up.
 Princess of the Apes
Princess of the Apes

Reasons Why
-Kida actually is a princess.
-One could say Jane is the princess of the jungle.
-Tarzan was a relatively successful movie, that produced a successful franchise.
-Kida is somewhat...
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 Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Winter and summer (credit to tumblr)
Yes, yes, Elsa is technically a queen, yadda yadda. Well, one, she was a princess in the movie, and second, if Mulan, who is not a princess in any way, can be called one, I am calling Elsa a princess too.

I'll do a proper Frozen review soon when I can (although plenty of anda beat me to it- I was only able to see it Tuesday and am just now halaman awal with the Internet accessible), but for now, I want to just talk about my two favorit things about the movie (well, besides all that snow): Elsa and Anna. I'd cinta to do this the way RhythmicMagic does, with positive/negative/border/neutral traits, but...
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