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This putri disney foto might contain gaun malam, makan malam gaun, formal, makan malam pakaian, gaun makan malam, formal gaun malam, and gaun.

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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Here is the third part of my first fan fiction. I am sorry for the time it take to write the selanjutnya part. I will try to make faster. Here, it continues the distribution of the awards. I added lebih fun because some fan say that it is not that interesting as they thought and it went straight to the point. If anda see that not that interesting, I am sorry. It is my first fan fiction and my first story made of myself. If anda have suggestions to make this fan fiction lebih fun, please put in the comments. I would take great opinions and added to the selanjutnya article. I hope that anda like...
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 cinta can happen
Love can happen
disney Princess Morals (My favourites)

Ok so here are my favourite morals from my favourite princess film from Disney.
#1 The Little Mermaid

Moral: Never trust a sea hag for getting love

The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite childhood movie since I was like 7. What I really like about this movie is that Ariel is a cinta struck mermaid who falls in cinta with a handsome sailor. The whole message to this movie for the audience is that true cinta is powerful.

#2 Enchanted

Moral: True cinta can happen in both reality and fiction/being optimistic is important.

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I think I have rarely seen a movie as overrated as “Brave”. Hell, the thing got a freaking Oscar, and while I know which kind of politics were in play for that atrocity, it is frustrating to see this movie getting the critical acclaim over something as creative as “Wreck it Ralph”. They can talk about Merida’s hair as much as they want, the movie who should have gotten the awards for this one was “Tangled”, because that was the movie for which the software which was developed further in “Brave” was invented.

I disliked the idea of Merida in the Line-Up from the get-go, too....
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