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 Princess deluxe ballgown
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posted by breebree446
Here are the results of the disney Line-up versions. I'm sorry about the delay...

The choices for link were between her blue outfit and her purple outfit. The blue outfit rained victorious.

It's lebih royal looking, the other one is lebih casual wear - firegirl1515

Well, I actually prefer melati wearing the blue one but in the line-up, I think she should wear purple because Aurora and cinderella already have blue dresses - TigerRanma

The purple outfit is my favorit disney princess outfit - princesslullaby

I like both - pretty_angel92

There were three choices for link...
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posted by JaimeRay
Rapunzel & Ariel are completely different, and frankly, I’m sick of the comparisons. Today, I am finally addressing the common miscomprehension that Rapunzel is simply an Ariel “knock-off”. And if any feelings are hurt in the process, I apologize.

We first met Ariel lurking around a sunken ship while simultaneously ditching/ruining Sebastian’s much-anticipated concert. Let’s call that strike one. When she returns to apologize for missing the concert, we learn she is disobeying her father. Now I can at least understand this. It was harmless fun – minus the shark...
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