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 Finally she is UP ON THE WEBSITE!!!!!
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Because why not?

13. Jasmine


I never really thought melati was pretty, save for several select shots, and know I see why. The shape of her eyes make her look freaky and alienish when they're open all the way. Her nose is alright in some shots, like the above, but it looks plain weird in others. In her bad shots, she doesn't even look human, so of course she's 13.

12. Merida


I had a dream of putting Merida high on my list, yet that dream was sadly crushed when I actually made this stupid thing. So here she is, at 12. Anywho, I find Merida to have a unique but stunning...
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First of all, I would like to say huge THANK anda to all of you, who participated in the countdown, and especially to those of you, who left comments.

Here are the results of Best Princess Dance Scene Countdown as of June 2011.

11. Tiana's dance with Naveen in the bayou

No surprises here really. A lot of people thought this dance is ridiculous and strange. I guess binatang dancing together is not a really idea of a nice dance populer around here.

Darkshine said: "I cinta PATF, but not this dance. It's not really special, and it looks a bit weird. sinar, ray starts bernyanyi about him being in cinta and suddenly...
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Ok! So here is my review of Frozen's characters! I've already reviewed the musik of the film, which anda can read here (just copy and paste the link: link

I'm just going to say right now....Frozen has some of the best characters of any disney film. Why? One word: DEVELOPMENT. The characters are all so well developed, and they all have such great and complex personalities (yes, even anda Hans). I found that as I watched the film, I realized every character symbolized something. Olaf represented the bond between Elsa and Anna...and Hans, the villain, represented the breaking of their...
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As my last countdown was boring, senseless and weird, I decided to go with a much lebih simpler and faster countdown topic this time. Since my last countdown was not elimination oleh votes, I decided to try out the elimination oleh komentar this time. So, here are the results!

#11: Pocahontas
Many think of Poca's smile as forced and unemotional, and I guess that is true. She hardly smiles in her film, and basically all her pretty moments are non-smile ones. So no surprise she ended up last.


"Pocahontas, looks really forced and unnatural. Maybe it is because of her animasi style and the...
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I've already made an artikel for link, link, link, link, link, and link and thought the selanjutnya person on my daftar should be Cinderella! I plan on making an artikel about all of the princesses, since I do cinta them all, so don't worry if anda haven't gotten one about your favorit yet, it's coming! Anyway let's just get in into the article!

Cinderella's gone through a roller coaster ride on my list. For a long while she was last, but ever since recently watching her movie she's been fluctuating between fourth and eighth. As of now she's sixth for me, and I'm going to explain why. The main thing I...
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10. Alice
Why should she be in the lineup?
Although her movie was a flop, it's still populer to this day; it's shown on tv every now and then, the movie has a lot of merchandise, had gotten a live action remake, and it has a few rides in the disney parks. And though she's not a princess atau in the lineup she's featured in disney Princess related stuff like DP magazines and DP sing-along film and she's called the Princess of jantung in the Kingdom Hearts games

Why shouldn't she be in the lineup?
She's too young to be in the lineup. That's really it. I would add because she's not royalty as...
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 Princesslullaby's favorit disney Dudes
Princesslullaby's favorite Disney Dudes
Hello, Everyone! Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce --- Princesslullaby, fan of The bulan for April 2018!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Princesslullaby, on winning fan of the bulan for April 2018!!!

It’s good to catch up with you, today, my friend. I’m proud anda were selected. Do tell me some lebih of the unique things (we should all learn) about you!

1. How does it feel to be fan of the Month? Surprising? Heart-warming? It’s certainly impressive.

Humbling, to be honest. I haven't been on fanpop actively in years and this is my "revival" period...it will never be as good as the renaissance...
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