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 Finally she is UP ON THE WEBSITE!!!!!
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 Team Europe!!
Team Europe!!
Okay, like I promise, here are the European batch of Elsa and their performance on the song Let It Go! So are anda ready? Here we go.

Catalan (Voice Actress: Gisela)

Ok, I'm not really a fan of Catalan, well maybe because it's new and especially when it comes to disney (or non-Disney) dubs.
Gisela has an amazing voice, so I'm going to give her a round of applause for her Catalan dubbing. (ratings: 8/10)

Italian (Voice Actress: Serena Autieri)

I really cinta Italian because it's such a beautiful language, Serena's portrayal of Elsa is really extraordinary perfect. She nailed the song without auto-tune!...
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 Oh my Elsa! We know that anda are excited!
Oh my Elsa! We know that you are excited!
Hi everyone, this artikel is focus on my personal favourite of the Asian Elsa. I'll also put the ratings from 1 to 10 and what I think about their voices, now their bernyanyi is base on their performances on Elsa's signature song, Let it Go.

Cantonese (Voice Actress: Jobelle Ubalde)

This has gotta to be the worse dub of any disney movie ever! I hope that there will be no lebih Cantonese dub for future disney movies, the choice for this actress is ridiculous.
She sounds like she's having a nasal while bernyanyi and most of the time it's like out of tune! So sorry to all of my friends from Hong Kong,...
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 The Cast of Beauty and the Beast.
The Cast of Beauty and the Beast.
Hi everyone, I thought that it would interesting to write about my personal expectations for the upcoming live-action reboot of Disney's Beauty and the Beast coming up selanjutnya year. The artikel will highlight on my thoughts and impressions on the actors and the music.

The Casts

One of the things about the casts itself are the famous judul characters, when I heard that Emma Watson was cast as Belle. I was impressed about this decision because she's trying to avoid the typecast of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. It is also her first movie debut with Disney!
The beast on the other hand, is none...
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I find that Snow has the opposite problem as Elsa: she is frequently just typed as a sensor (because anda know, she's all traditional and not adventurous and likes to cook and all that boring sensor stuff, right?). There's a lot of bias and stereotyping with MBTI fans, and I used to be guilty of it too (OK, sometimes I still am). though to be fair, I think Snow IS a little underdeveloped in ways, so she could really be interpreted either way. However, I'll explain why I think she uses Ni over Si.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): No doubt about it, Snow White is warm, caring, and a social butterfly....
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 In their movie, aladdin really loves and respects Jasmine.
In their movie, Aladdin really loves and respects Jasmine.
I have seen that many people on fanpop dislike Jasmine, atau at least don't give her much credit. She happens to be my 2nd favorit princess, and I just cinta how confident and adventurous she is. Here I will explain why I like her and deliver on some common things berkata against Jasmine.

Here are my favorit things about Jasmine:

She always stands up for herself. I cinta Jasmine's style- she always stands up for herself and what she believes in. I don't think she's rude, selfish atau unappreciative- how would anda feel if anda were trapped your whole life and forced to marry a pompous jerk who doesn't...
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If you've never seen it, "Frozen - A Musical Feat. disney Princesses" is a youtube video oleh youtube user AVbyte. To form an opinion on it, anda should watch it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtyOC6ayKoU

I already diposting a not-so-popular forum post about it, which I quote here: "Has anyone seen the video "Elsa- I Don't Need a Man"? In this video, Elsa sings to the classic-er princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine) It infuriates me for two reasons.

1. She shames the other princesses for falling in love/wanting to fall in love. For one, not all of them...
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 My User icon Made oleh Myself
My User Icon Made By Myself
This is mostly inspired oleh the link oleh PrincessAyeka12. I thought it was really neat the way it gave a chance for people to talk about like interests as well as get to know the user better as a well-rounded person beyond just their DP favorit etc. So I hope anda guys don't mind this artikel and I'd cinta to hear from anda about what we do and/or don't have in common. :)

Behind the Screen Name: I cinta membaca and menulis so I wanted to pick a name that was very symbolic for me. I cinta and strive for balance as I truly believe it is the key to life. My screenname was meant to represent the balance...
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I did the 20 Worst DP outfits, and not wanting to waste time on the mediocre ones, will now rank my favorites.

20. Ariel's Nightgown
 "So excited to wear this frilly berwarna merah muda, merah muda nightgown!"
"So excited to wear this frilly berwarna merah muda, merah muda nightgown!"

Yes, it's just a nightgown, and yes, berwarna merah muda, merah muda is not her color, but yes oh yes does it look pretty, comfortable and just appealing.

19. Snow White' Servant Dress
 "So fab rn."
"So fab rn."

If the ends were just cleaned up a bit, and she changed out of those ugly clogs, this would be an adorable outfit. She is rockin' that hairbow.

18.Cinderella's Servant Dress
 "They can make me work, but they can't make me stop being amazing."
"They can make me work, but they can't...
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Here's my ranking of disney Prince, barring Prince Hans as he's the DP villain. Hope you'll find it entertaining.

11. Florian:
Apart from bernyanyi and tampilkan courtesy and respect to a young maid of lower status, there's literally no interaction and no scenes to understand his personality. It was kind of creepy for me that he'd ciuman a supposedly dead maiden. So yeah, he's the last in my list.

10. Naveen:
Spoiled rich brat who didn't even learn after plundering all the ancestoral wealth and thought of fixing it the easy way to find a rich girl to marry. Too flirtatious, too lazy, too laid-back...
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 My Favorite: "When anda Wish Upon A Star" Score into the Whistle as the kastil, castle Builds Itself Magically, Ending with Walt's Signature Logo
My Favorite: "When You Wish Upon A Star" Score into the Whistle as the Castle Builds Itself Magically, Ending with Walt's Signature Logo
Inspired oleh link, who did an amazing job(! <3), I really wanted to do my own version with favorit Openings. I actually really cinta the original fairy tale concept of the disney Princesses and I cinta the openings that give a lebih magical and fairy tale kind of feel. (By the way, I am primarily trying to stick to the first 2-4 minutes.) So here is my ranking of the DP film openings, I hope anda guys enjoy this light read! :D

12. Frozen: Frozen Heart/Ice Opening
I personally found this to be uninteresting and irrelevant to the film's magic, fairy tale and princesses (mostly) in the film. No explanation...
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So I cinta Disneyland and Disneyworld and I cinta their Princess-themed attractions. That being said, I always thought it would be really cool if there were lebih things at the park pertaining specifically to the Princesses as I am a huge fan! <3 So I thought I'd try to see if I could figure out some form of new attraction (ride, shop, restaurant, etc.) for each DP film. I hope anda guys enjoy!

PROPS to link for inspiring me to do this artikel with one of her link

1. Snow White's Scary Forest
I thought this would be an annual halloween event. Something to get the kids ready for the scary walk throughs...
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So yesterday I wrote an artikel about the Scariest Moments In Each DP Movie IMO, today I'm going to write about the puncak, atas 10 Scariest DP Movie Moments IMO, I'm also going to write an artikel about the Scariest DP Movies. You'll probably recognise some moments from my sebelumnya articles, but there'll be new ones too so I hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Mordú

I'll just copy what I berkata in my sebelumnya article: This beruang is really scary looking imo especially with all of those arrows on him and the eyes are creepy too and his dark look also helps making him lebih scary. Now his death isn't...
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