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This putri disney foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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I loooove them!!! Hope anda enjoy...
the sleeping beauty
snow white
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 First Meeting
First Meeting
hey fanpop fans!
It's me again with a new artikel about romance! Every disney Princess have discover about love. Been in cinta is the most wonderful thing that anda can feel (I never been in love, but I know from other people, that cinta is beautiful, Do anda agree?). And oleh this romance, always there is a romantic scene, that they will not ever forget. This artikel is about these romantic scenes that either the princes and princesses, atau us will never forget. I hope that anda like it, and I am sorry if I made errors in my spelling and grammar. Enjoy it!

10. The Rescue of mulan (Mulan)

 mulan and Shang
Mulan and...
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Ursula the evil sea witch had triumphed. Now she was ruler of all the ocean, the waves obeyed her every whim...or so the old villain thought. However, according to a spunky little blonde princess named Peanalita - this was not the case.
"What are you, some kind of former high school nerd trying to make up for your lame existence oleh akting like a psycho freak?" kacang snapped. "You think you're all that just because anda have a giant fork that glows? Please! And what's that crown made of, recycled Pepsi cans?"
"Why, anda little brat!" Ursula was enraged at Pea's sass. She pointed the trident at Pea....
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Honorable Mentions goes to Kida and Elionwy
If I kept them, they would've been in first place for sure.

#9 Belle, I'm surprised that people found Belle the most overrated. But based on the the komentar I read from the pick from hari 1, people find her overrated because in Fanpop, she is usually the first choice that people pick as the best princess.

#8 Ariel, some just don't find Ariel that special.
I guess it could've been some of the stupid decisions she made in the movie.

#7 Cinderella, People find her overrated because,
most of the disney Princess merchandise usually bintang cinderella the most...
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    The door cracked open, and inside came a young girl who sported a yellow dress with a blue top. She also had a white kerah and a red headband and cape. Apart from that, she had short black hair, had very pale skin, and she wore a huge grin that seemed glued to her face. She was bernyanyi loudly in a high pitch, and she rather inattentively walked into the kitchen, where the other princesses were sitting.
    “Oh!” the new girl squealed. “You must be the princesses! I’m so glad…how do anda do?”
    “See how she addressed...
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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Here is the third part of my first fan fiction. I am sorry for the time it take to write the selanjutnya part. I will try to make faster. Here, it continues the distribution of the awards. I added lebih fun because some fan say that it is not that interesting as they thought and it went straight to the point. If anda see that not that interesting, I am sorry. It is my first fan fiction and my first story made of myself. If anda have suggestions to make this fan fiction lebih fun, please put in the comments. I would take great opinions and added to the selanjutnya article. I hope that anda like...
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