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cruella posted on Jan 28, 2019 at 11:10PM
I thought it would be fun to do a Valentine special this year.


-Similar to the 20 in 20 contests, and as it’s name implies, you've got 15 days to make 15 icons Valentine themed icons about the Disney Princesses.
-There will be two rounds
—In each round you have 15 icons in this form:
——10 Themed icons: each icon with different theme. New round/10 new themes
——5 Category icons: One theme for 5 icons. New round/new theme

- NO STEALING. (duh) You have to make the icons yourself.

- Only use official images (screencaps, promotional images, concept art). No fan-art.

- You can't post the same icon twice for the same round.

- You can't re-post an old icon that has been submitted to the previous round for the current round.

- Icons must be squared unless specified otherwise. Size must be between 100x100px and 300x300.

-NO CHEATING. Don't vote for yourself, don't ask others to vote for you. Don't vote for someone just because they're a friend.

- The icons of any person who fails to submit all 15 icons for a given round will not be included in the picks.

-As usual the Princess is the most important part and needs to be included in the icon. Of course other characters (her Prince, her family, her friends, etc.) can be included too.

-Unlike most contests like this you're pretty much free to use any of the DP's for any of the themes. You can use different ones for each theme or the same one for the whole round. Just be sure it fits the theme.
— For example: if you were to do Merdia for an entire round you would have get creative with some of themes, and possibly do some crossovers.

-Theme winner will receive 1 prop.
-Overall winner will receive 2 extra props

Round One

1. cruella *
2. tiffany88 *
3. Sparklefairy375 *

Round Two

1. cruella *
2. tiffany88 *
3. Sparklefairy375
4. ajotma


Round One Winners:

Overall Winner - tiffany88
Round 1: themes
1. Love - link
2. Kiss - link
3. Couple - link
4. Friendship - link
5. Date - link
6. Valentine Card - link
7. Heart(s) - link
8. Cupid - link
9. Flowers - link
10. Verse from a Love Song - link
Category: Pink and Red - link

Round 2: February (Open!) Deadline Feb 27
1. Hug (non-romantic is fine)
2. Wedding
3. Dance (non-romantic is fine)
4.With loved one (does not have to be her prince)
5. Love at first sight
6 Romantic
7. Love note
8. Family
9. Gift
Category: Hearts
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