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SarahCorine posted on May 10, 2017 at 05:15PM
In light of recent events to a user here, I've decided to create this forum. It's exactly as it says it is. Here, you can vent about anything you'd like. Personal, relationship, family, friends, work. . .etc. And others can post encouraging words or advice. Anything that can help. I also want to bring attention to this horrible site called Kiwi Farms. I didn't know such a site existed until just a few days ago and I'm so sick at the purpose of this site. Listen to this. . .

In the "About us" section of Kiwi Farms, it states
"Founded as the CWCki Forums, and originally dedicated to Christian Weston Chandler, the Kiwi Farms is about eccentrics on the Internet. These people are commonly referred to as Lolcows and are fascinating for reasons distinct to each spectator. We document the phenomenon, with every member bringing different perspectives and opinions to discussion. It is this diversity which has caused our peculiar community to thrive."

According to the site, Lolcows are "Lolcows are people and groups whose eccentric or foolish behavior can be "milked" for amusement and laughs."

When I looked into removing content from this site, I came across their rules for removing content. Follow the link below to understand their reasoning.

Here's my story.
My cousin passed away in 2013. I shared my sorrow here on Fanpop and I was amazed at the response I received. So many users reached out to me to tell me how sorry they were. I know it doesn't seem like much but it really was. To this day, I still remember the kindness and I'm forever grateful. I've also been posting on the wall lately about my boyfriend's parents and how they have been bullies to us. Well that is actually getting better now. My point is Fanpop is all about fandoms. Even before I joined his site, I knew that fandoms were like little families and communities.

That's why I've decided to create this forum. Kiwi Farms is all about cyber bullies. The users on that site intentionally mock and make fun of people who have a passion for what they're fans of. On the other hand, Fanpop is all about passion. We have a passion for Disney Princesses on this page. That's why we can literally spend hours on here, analyzing The Little Mermaid, Jasmine, Mulan and Shang, Gaston. . .etc. And it's fun for us. It's stepping out of our own reality and finding these worlds and characters and music and embracing it as a reality just as real as our own because it's fun.

So the rules for this forum is just be kind. Post about your sorrow and grievances and others will post anything kind. Kind words, phrases, lyrics, bible verses. Anything to help you through. And you can come back later to post updates about what's bothering you. Is it getting better or can we help some more? I don't get on Fanpop too much anymore but I'll get on more often just to do what I can to help. I don't know if this is going to take off the way I hope it does, but if nothing else, vent to me and I'll do my best to help you through.

Listen in life, you have two choices. You can either be a Kiwi Farms person or a Fanpop person. The choice is yours.
 In light of baru saja events to a user here, I've decided to create this forum. It's exactly as it says
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