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posted by hajirah4
 She's so pretty in this picture,no?
She's so pretty in this picture,no?
Yes...the usual. Our beloved Snow White. Let's get this on with everyone!!! I mean...please?

Ah, Snow White's hair and lips are totally cute but the skin?...well....her skin is as white as Michael Jackson's

Yes his, teeth. I mean if Michael Jackson ever smiled anda know what I would do?
"Oh Michael tampil us your smile!!"
"Okay... -smiles-"
me- *keeps morphing his mouth so it can close*
back to Snow White. Her skin is way too white. I don't know if the animators didn't have the...
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posted by phantomrose89
When I was faced with the decision of what to play during my wedding, it was easy- disney cinta songs. I wanted to incorporate disney into my wedding (which is in December), but not have it be in-your-face atau cheesy, so that was my decision. (I'm also having a glass slipper as a cake topper.) :) So while planning my list, I realized that I have very specific favorit when it comes to DP cinta songs, so I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!

10) A Whole New World

Man, does this song get on my nerves. I’m sure it was groundbreaking when aladdin was released, but this song is so cliché...
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    The rakit that Princess kacang and Conrad built seemed sturdy, secure, and safe. But as many people often need to learn on lebih than one occasion, looks can be very deceiving. As they sailed through the bayou and reached the open sea, Conrad and kacang got to talking.
    "Conrad, there's something I have to tell you," kacang summoned all of her courage.
    "What is it?" asked Conrad, his voice tender and sweet. kacang melted everytime she heard it. Although she would never tell him this.
    "That bitchy princess your father...
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A knock sounded. "Princess Elsa? It will be time for your coronation in an hour. Please get ready and come down to the chapel."

Elsa acknowledged the servant with a sharp "Yes." And walked up to her mirror. She gazed into it and saw her reflection. Eleven years had passed since she had been visited from the stranger and gotten her powers. Eleven years since she had first found her sister annoying. Eleven years since she had first gone into isolation.

 She gazed into it and saw her reflection.
She gazed into it and saw her reflection.

Their parents having died just three years ago, Elsa found Anna at her door lebih often than before....
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Since it isn't so much left until natal I decided to write a few artikel here on that theme, not sure how many I'll do, but here's the first one. anda may not remember this song, but link in case anda haven't heard the song. Anyway originally the song had the 6 first disney Princesses bernyanyi the song, but I decided to redo the song a bit oleh adding 6 new princesses and their parts has new lyrics. I decided to exclude Merida, so the new parts will be dedicated to Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. I'll write on each part which princess that has that part, anyway hope you'll...
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Welcome to me ranking Fanpop's most heroic disney Princesses in my opinion!

I also want to say, this is the first time in a while that I have written a DP artikel since I have taken a break from fanpop and I have been so busy. I have been on this site for two years and I am so happy to be back on here menulis a new DP article!

When ranking them oleh how heroic they are, it was hard, because not all of them saved their country atau prevented a war, but there are different forms of heroism. Even helping other people with their emotions atau problems can be heroism. Working hard to achieve your goals...
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Before anda read the lyrics, anda should know that I'm doing this from the male perspective because I myself am a guy. Also, originally I had lyrics from Demi Lovato's version but I decided to ubah those out and some parts that are a little wordy. Help with the wordy lyrics was done oleh kristenfan10109. I hope anda enjoy it!

The moon glows bright on the ocean tonight
Not a footprint in the sand
A whole world of isolation,
And it looks like I'm the king.

The waves are calm unlike this emotional storm inside
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried!

Don't let them in, don't let them see
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hey guys just leave the matter ur drawing atau my drawing tih is all just my fault i just pick only two of them pics from internet but i wanna say that i usally make drawings not anna she is a little girl to make her happy i uploaded them and write her name but all are made oleh me the wrong ones i will hapus from my club please come to my club name my art my creation and u will see the real ones and bella and anna 414 and others leve this matter come to my club be a part of it and upload ur drawings make the club beautiful i am just doing it becuz ariel rapunzal my friend say to me that amnakhan44,...
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 Winner! Can anda Paint With all The warna of the wind?"
Winner! Can you Paint With all The Colors of the wind?"
Yes I know its July and I'm doing the april winner, but anyway: WELCOME TO IOTM April!!!!

The Winner iiiissss....
fanlovver! With her icon "Can anda Paint With All The warna of The Wind?"
2nd Place: euny "Jasmine"
3rd Place: popcorfan "Distance"

And Here is the interview with the winner, fanlovver!

~ About anda ~

When did anda join?

December 2013. But it feels like longer! I wasn't so active in the start :3

Why did anda join?

This is the club I'm most active in, and that is because I am a crazy disney fan. When my whole disney mania started I became obsessed with pictures. And many of them came from...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
kk, so almost all the redesigns are blehhh, but I felt like talking about them, so yeh. btw, I didn't include Merida bc she wasn't redesigned when everyone else was originally redesigned, and no Anna atau Elsa for obvi reasons.

10. Rapunzel

Okay, so I cinta Rapunzel's beauty in her film, and that's one of the main reasons I am so harsh on her redesign.. It's freaking terrible like.. x__x Her eyes are all trippy, not to mention her face shape. NO ONE'S MOUTH IS THAT LONG, LET ALONE RAPUNZEL. As for the outfit, it definitely is waaay too sparklified, like most of the redesigns.

. Pocahontas

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In this artikel I'll talk about my favorit song in each disney Princess movie, because I've seen artikel like that before and I think it's a very cool idea. Enjoy :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: With a Smile and a Song

I think this song showcases Snow White's optimism and philosophy of life (that you're "the one who can fill the wolrd with sunshine") very well, and it has a lovely tune and poetic lyrics.

 There's no use in grumbling/When raindrops come tumbling/Remember you're the one/Who can fill the wolrd with sunshine
There's no use in grumbling/When raindrops come tumbling/Remember you're the one/Who can fill the wolrd with sunshine

Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish Your jantung Makes

This song has a wonderful...
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posted by uploaded900
I berkata I was going to make an artikel on my most elegant princes, and it's finally here! I think elegance is a very attractive and desirable trait in a man, so this is something I was looking meneruskan, ke depan to. This was pretty difficult to make considering that we don't see much of them. Keep in mind that I rank the princes based on their appearance, how they carry themselves, and my first impression on them, not just their personality
Well I'm finally done with all this elegant talk and thanks to everyone that helped me with these elegant articles! I'm not planning on doing a villain one. Anyway...
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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The bulan lebih popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each bulan I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

Once again, I will be using pictures for my articles. A few months back I would have made a detailed explanation about each result, but since the baru saja changes, fanpop has been akting really weird. And yes, I don't like the...
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posted by KataraLover
It's been two week, cinderella has been looking at the picture of her family. All she could think about after the old woman came was her mother and father. Christopher, Jaq, Bruno, and Chief have tried everything to cheer her up.

"What we gonna do" asked Jaq

"Well I'm gonna try to talk to her again wish me luck" berkata Christopher

"I miss anda both" whispered Cinderella

"Cinderella mind if I talk to you..... again" asked Christopher

"I guss" berkata Cinderella

"Why are anda ignoreing me and just focusing on that picture of anda and your parents" asked Christopher

"It's all I have left of my parents. I have...
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"Phillip," Aurora took a deep breath in as she sat selanjutnya to Philip in the forest, the forest which they had met in once upon a dream. "Yes my Sleeping Beauty," Philip responded laying his arm over her shoulders. She bit her lip, "When I was asleep, I've been having nightmares."
"What kind of nightmares?"

Aurora rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face, "Nightmares." Philip smiled, "You know what I mean, how terrifying would anda say they were?" Aurora looked down in her hands and back up into Phillips eyes, "Beyond terrifying, perhaps it would need a lebih appropriate name. I was scared, like...
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Hi!! I am an old member of this club, I'm not sure if anyone here is been around long enough to remember me, but disney is kind of my religion. It adds sweetness in my life, and my favorit characters are the disney Princesses. So I am updating my favorit DP daftar (I think it's been 5 atau 6 years since I last wrote one), so here we go! (Sorry if there's some bad english, I'm brazilian..)

14) Jasmine

Jasmine may be the one DP I dislike. She screams feminism and independece during the whole movie, but she does very little to establish herself as a strong, level-headed atau feminist character....
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posted by laylastepford
 foto Credit to Sparklefairy375
Photo Credit to Sparklefairy375
pujian to link for posting the link When I came up with jawaban for the 3rd question, favorit movies, I really liked them so I wanted to share them as an article.

Snow White: Gone With The Wind (1939): Known as one of the favorit romantic classics of all time, this was very big in it's hari and came out just 2 years after Snow White's movie did. This is not only a story of romance but a story of survival and Snow White is definitely a (romantic) survivor.
 A manipulative Southern belle carries on a turbulent affair with a blockade runner during the American Civil War.
A manipulative Southern belle carries on a turbulent affair with a blockade runner during the American Civil War.

Aurora: The Sound of...
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posted by AudreyFreak
 source: tumblr
source: tumblr
I've been menulis on this for awhile but I know, I have so many artikel to write as it is. Anyway, anda might be surprised oleh the rankings.

And credit for foto goes strictly to disneyspersonalities.tumblr.com.

13. Ariel

I've never been able to relate that much to Ariel, which may be why she used to be one of my least favorit for a long time. I'm not outgoing, I've got social phobia, I'm lebih cautious, not that brave, and I'm not rebellious (when I have gone against what my dad wants, it's never big things, and I'd at least try to do it because I felt it was the right thing to do- otherwise,...
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Since I'm from Sweden and I think many songs from here are great I decided to share some of them and explain why they suit each princess the best, don't worry though, all of them are in English, also I tried to pick lesser known songs from here

Snow White - link: Rasmus Viberg

There aren't many songs from Sweden I've been listening to that suits Snow White, but this one really do, first of all she really is a social kupu-kupu (not entirely sure what that is though) and the refrain also suits her perfectly

Cinderella - link: Alcazar

There are a couple of songs from Sweden that suits...
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I've made an artikel about my favorit outfit of each princess and my favorit wardrobes, but I haven't made a puncak, atas daftar of my favorit DP Outfits yet so I decided to do one, hope you'll like this artikel :)

10. Merida's Dark Green Dress

I thought this dress was dark blue until I realised that in daylight this dress is actually dark green, but anyway this dress is gorgeous, the color is lovely and the dress is simple yet stunning, but it's not any higher because while I cinta the color the color is too dark for my taste

9. Rapunzel's Purple Dress

I cinta all of Rapunzel's outfits, but...
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