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So, I did a countdown and a reverse count down poling to see if the results would be the same. Well....... just read to find out.

Here is how the accuracy results work. If anda are 11 on the Reverse Countdown, they receive 1 point, since they are the least disliked, but if they are 1st on the Reverse Countdown, anda receive 11 points since they are the most disliked. After the results, I'll add up the total results to find out who is the actual favorite.

Reverse Countdown Results/ Countdown Results

1. Belle (+11 point)/Merida (+1 points)
I found this strange, because mulan won the sebelumnya countdown...
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One of my biggest fandoms besides disney Princesses is the Narnia series. I loved membaca the buku when I was younger (though I never read The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair and The Last Battle) especially The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe so when the movie version came out in 2005 I couldn't wait to see the movie and a couple of weeks yang lalu I saw the movie again and I loved the movie very much. It's my 2nd favorit movie of all time and my favorit live action movie. One of my favorit things about the movie is The Pevernsie siblings, they all have different personalities so...
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 10th Place
10th Place
Formal dress for this countdown are Princess dresses atau honourable engagement dresses in Mulan's case that are worn for celebrations, royal visits, formal evening meals and simply as fancy attire to wear in the kastil, castle during the day

Ball Gowns, Everday oufits, Work outfits, Costumes, Home-made Gowns and Wedding Dresses haven't been included.

However if anda would like to read about my favourite ball gowns please go to this link: link

10) Cinderella's Return to the Palace Dress

This one is dull. Although it seems softly pretty when she's in the carriage. Outside the carriage it looks horrible.

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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Hey fanpop fans!
Here is another part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I know that it is been long since the last part! I tried to do it lebih interesting and enjoyable! I want to tell anda that this part is a little long, dramatic and lebih romantic. I am sorry, but I cinta romantic parts. Please don’t be harsh on me just because I cinta Prince Charming so much. He is one of my favorit disney Princes. Also, I cinta Mickey and Minnie that I really want them to get really involve in the story. All these characters are own oleh the Walt disney Company. I hope...
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 melati as Aurora, credit: Azaleasdolls.com
Jasmine as Aurora, credit: Azaleasdolls.com
Jasmine's Story Part 1
A long time yang lalu a little princess was born, her name was melati and she had recieved gifts from 3 good fairies, but then Maleficent had appeared and gave her a gift which was that before the sun set on her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die, but one of the good peri had changed the curse so that instead of dying she would fall into a deep sleep and the only way to wake her up was oleh love's first kiss. The other 2 peri had diberikan her the gift of beauty and song. After the party the peri decided to raise melati in...
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Here's the 2nd part of this countdown covering the placements 25-6 which means that the puncak, atas 5 will get a seperate article, hope you'll enjoy it :)

25: Ariel & Mulan

Your comments:
Mulan sacrifices everything for selfless reasons, Ariel on the other hand sacrifices everything for selfish reasons. (BelleAnastasia)

24: Tiana & Rapunzel

Your komentar (I chose to only take the ones that where in the tie breaker poling since there was so many great ones there):
They have a few things in common, but for the most parts they are total opposites. (BelleAnastasia)
that was a little tough...but...
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posted by JNTA1234
 "Romance will always be so new and cinta will save the day..."
"Romance will always be so new and love will save the day..."
One thing for sure about disney they know how to do romance. So I'm counting down my favorit DP couples.

10.Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin is my #1 and melati is my #2 but together they're my #10. Does that make sense? Yeah, I never gotten the sense of True cinta between them. Their relationship seems very physical in my opinion, like they're just two kids in high school messing around. The way melati berkata "I cinta you" seemed very half assed to me. Don't get me wrong, I cinta aladdin and Jasmine, they're my childhood heroes, but I don't think they're in love.

9.Tiana and Naveen
Another mismatched...
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This is my daftar for favorit order for these 10:

Snow White(1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Ariel(1989), Belle(1991), Jasmine(1992), Pocahontas(1995), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), and Rapunzel(2010).

Also, feel free to leave a komentar if anda disagree/agree with me atau leave your favorit DP list! :)

10. Snow White
Snow White is kind to every person and creature she meets. She is also fair and beautiful above all the maidens in the land. binatang and people alike share their cinta for this sweet princess.

9. Pocahontas
Pocahontas is brave, fearless, fun loving, and willing to stand up...
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posted by BelleAmie
 With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
hey guys! If you're interested, I have an idea for a new artikel series- like phantomrose89's idea forlink artcicles. The idea is to write an artikel about your Dream life. So my judul could be BelleAmie's Dream Life

anda could write about:

1.Your ideal name

2.Where anda would like to live- maybe Maldonia?

3.Your dream partner (as in boy/girlfriend atau husband/wife)- whether they're a disney prince/princess atau a disney hero/heroine.

4.Dream career

5.Who your Best disney friend would be

6.Who your worst disney enemy would be.

7. What anda would look like

8. Any super powers atau abilities

....etc.- If anda want, anda can write an explanation why anda chose those specific people/things :)

anda can add lebih if anda want. anda don't have to do this if anda don't want to- it's just for fun :)
posted by MagicPrincess
This is a countdown of Magic Princess' favorit non-traditional/peasant/regular outfits from the DPs!
(Note: Pocahontas and Rapunzel is not included because Poca wore one dress and Punzie wore her Traditional dress but later wore a lebih princess dress at the end)

8. Snow White's Maid/Peasant dress:
This dress to me is not the best. I know that she was treated badly and that the queen tried to hide her beauty with this outfit, but this dress is just BLEEUUUGHHHH for me :)

7. Jasmine's Peasant disguise:
This. Outfit. BLEEUUGHH! Sure she's trying to be a peasant but couldn't she dress a bit...
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 Which one have the best Eyes?
Which one have the best Eyes?
Here are the the Results from the Best disney Prince Eyes Countdown as voten oleh you!!

10 Charming

Well in my opinion (and all the other fans' opinion) he has the worst eyes out of all the princes and like TigerRanma berkata his eyes are only look good in his close-ups when he dance with cinderella and anda can see his eyelashes and in the third movie!

What fan Said:
blablablu95 - i hope he and the Prince leave soon!
Mongoose09 - they display no emotion..
sweetie-94 - They look so horrible, I actually like most of the others.
pretty_angel92 - omg, charming looks dead. ahah xD anyway, the prince...
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All these cool artikel on here and I haven’t written one, so I just had to. I noticed that no one wrote an artikel about cinta stories and let’s face it, that’s one of the reasons why we cinta them. Because of their amazing cinta stories that we ourselves could never get unless we go to war, lose a shoe, trade our voices, play dead, atau become a prisoner. Keep membaca to see who made it to the #1 spot and check out the added bonus at the end. (Princess and the Frog not included)

9- MULAN’S cinta STORY
Coming in dead last was Mulan’s cinta story. Personally it’s not my least favorite,...
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I was so close.
They thought I couldn’t handle it, I suppose.
I have worked so hard for this dream.
This hurts me so bad I want to scream.
What’s worse is I feel like I let my Father down.
He always wanted to open a restaurant in this town.
People will never get to taste his amazing recipes,
And that really upsets me.
I have worked so hard that I have missed out so much;
Spending time with friends, going out dancing and such.
I don’t want to be a waitress anymore,
I want to be a chef, not stuck taking orders and doing mundane chores.
It just doesn’t seem fair,
Because I was almost there.
This isn't the official Countdown of favorit songs, merely our collective favorit songs from each movie. There weren't many surprises in store, however, fanpop has proved two things: 1) we cinta emotional ballads sung oleh the princess, and 2) We have impeccably good taste. :)

1) The popularity of this film proves that deep down, most of us fan are the romantic types. In this opening song, the sweet, romantic, charming tone for the film is set, and we get to hear Snow White admit that what she longs for most in the world is true love. Fortunately for Snowy, he happens to be just outside...
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Scene 1- outside of th stepsister's house.

Narrator: Once upon a freekin time, there was a tall guy named Carl, and a little girl(that's her daughter) named Hella. They used 2 been happy 2gether doin alot of stuf, havin such great memories, talkin, playin, and laughin at other people injurin themselves on AFV. One day, the 2 of them were going 2 visit Carls new wife at her old,tall,wrinkly,ugly(AND EVIL!) house(shes Hella's stepmom), Along with her daughters Anabella and Denaji(but no one cares about them since they have no life).

Scene 2-Hospital(fast forwarding a few days).
It was a pity that...
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posted by princecatcher93
 anda guys before the team games.
You guys before the team games.

1) If anda signed up, please stroll down to one of the teams anda signed up for, meet your teams and then vote on a leader (By Sunday).
2) If anda still want to join, find one of the teams that is not full (It will be in bold if it's full) and komentar atau message me if anda want to gabung that team and we will set anda up
3) This was a first come first sever game atau oleh how often anda come onto Fanpop. If anda had melati as choice one and Belle at choice to and Belle's team only had one person who comes on every...
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Now, Tiana's up. This was pretty easy. An honourable mention for Zoe Saldana, though quite honestly I don't see the resemblence. She would make a much better Kida.

5.Naturi Naughton
Some of anda may know her from 3LW, she's the one who didn't gabung the Cheetah Girls. Now she's a successful broadway actress and played Lil Kim in Notorious. So clearly she can sing and act very well.

Everyone says she should play Tiana, I don't really think rihanna looks like her. She has Tiana's smile, that's about it. But I think she could do the part, she really isn't a bad actress.

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posted by BelleAnastasia
*** tangled SPOILER ALERT***

Ok, I haven't written an artikel in a couple of months, so I decided I might as well write one now. And the best topic I imagined to be my favorit scene is each DP movie. So enjoy :)


My favorit scene is the one, where the dwarfs are rushing towards their house in order to save Snow White from the Queen, while in the same time the hag and Snow White talk about wishes and apples. I find this scene really amazing, because of all the action and all the emotions: dwarfs are scared that Snow White might be harmed, Snow White is enchanted...
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posted by shanyuisboss
 My all time favorit T.V tampil discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
My all time favorite T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to fanpop and I have been hoping to make an artikel like this for a while. I am going to introduce myself. I will try to not make it to long, lol.

First name: Aliyah Al-Kareem

Age: 17

Orgin: Jordan

City: Salt Lake City

Hobbies: Singing, acting, menulis poetry, playing sports, hari dreaming.

Movies i like: Mulan, lion king, BatB, Pocahontas, (basically most of the renaissance era movies) Sprited away, kastil, castle in the sky, first 4 barbie movies, Kung fu panda, naruto and Pokemon movies, Harry potter movies, anastasia and angsa, swan princess, ect.

Shows I like: Most old disney...
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posted by wavesurf
I shall begin this artikel unconventionally, oleh speaking of something personal. This tahun has been very rough for me in a lot of ways. The roughness has impacted every single sphere of my life, from my finances, to my job, to my cinta life (which remains laughable), and to my very health. I have been really sick. I relate to the aladdin of the 1992 film, even lebih so now, than when I first shook his hand in 1992. I relate to being constantly dirt poor, scared out of my mind, living hari to hari on the edge of the precipice, and skirting oleh through just the slimmest of margins. Every hari is starting...
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