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It's been over a tahun since I last wrote this artikel and my opinions has changed since then so here's an updated list. I'm planning on doing this with their Swedish bernyanyi Voices too

10. Belle

I honestly don't understand why people loves her bernyanyi voice. First of all her voice is a little annoying and not a voice I could listen to all day. detik her voice doesn't suit Belle imo. If her voice wasn't so annoying it would be a little higher on this list

9. Jasmine

Once again I decided to seperate melati and mulan even though Lea Salonga did the bernyanyi voice to both of them. Anyway...
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 Once again anda see this picture as my puncak, atas image
Once again you see this picture as my top image
I had a hard time deciding how I should put the title. So, in case my judul looks messed up, this is basically my daftar of favourite foreign disney Princess bernyanyi voices. I chose the best foreign dubbing for each Princess IMO and put them in a list. Also, as Merida doesn't sing she is not included. This is only my opinion, so of course everyone will have different placings. But please don't be rude about my choices. Enjoy! :)

10: 1959 French Aurora (Irène Valois)

Before anda read any further on my list, I have to tell anda I have a thing for French voices. So don't be surprised if this daftar ends...
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Okay this took quite a while. I got lost in different chinese zodiac -meanings websites some time yang lalu and I started worder what characters princesses would be. I personally don't believe horoscopes.
This goes quite backwards as we don't know which tahun princesses are born. Anyway these are the results. There was no dragon atau pig so put their descriptions at the end in case someone's interest.

 The tikus is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the tahun of the tikus are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's berkata that finding a poor tikus is rare, since they are good in business.
The tikus is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the tahun of the tikus are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's berkata that finding a poor tikus is rare, since they are...
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This is an artikel expressing my opinion about some of the renaissance princesses most exaggerated attributes. I may do this for the other DP's, but I thought I'd start with the 3 that get a lot of flack. I feel that while the renaissance princesses have a lot of fans, they also have many haters. This is my opinion, and I know it's not very popular, but try not to be too negative. c:


Ariel is known universally as being the brat among the bunch. Though, honestly, I don't see how she's that big of a brat. She has been wanting to go on land for years, and years, and when the chance arises,...
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most underrated disney Princess of all? The answer is Snow White. First of all, a lot of things are berkata about Snow White and.....I agree with a lot of them. Yeah, I agree that at times, she is too nice for her own good and she sees the bottle only half full. Yes, I think she is naïve and as far as what she does in her movie...she doesn't do a lot except cook and clean (although the movie was made in the 1930's, so what do anda expect?)

However, there are some aspects of her personality that people seem to overlook.

For one thing, Snow White can be sassy....
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I was in the mood to do another countdown, so I came up with a disney Heroine one. This was about the Heroine (Protagonists, Deuteragonists, Tritagonists) who would fit in with the disney Princesses (and the franchise the most), so here are the results.

These are the factors that were counted in the results:
By any factor, I mean:
-How successful the movie is
-If she is a Princess
- If she is populer
- If she is personally like some of the Princesses
- Is she too young atau old

10. Nani (Lilo and Stitch)

She was definitely the obvious choice to be the first eliminated, and for many reasons....
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posted by sweetie-94
I don't feel like menulis tons of daftar of things I've written about before so I decided to write a favorit DP daftar and a prettiest DP daftar with not just my ranking of the princesses, but also with other rankings such as where the movie is placed for example. Hope you'll like this idea :)

11. Ariel
Just because she's my least favorit princess it doesn't mean that I hate her, no I like her, especially as a human, she's so hilarious and expressive, as a mermaid she annoys me a little bit, but I still like her. I just cinta the 10 above more

Prince: #8
He's nice, but doesn't have much of a personality...
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If there's something that I cinta about most DP film it would have to be when the princess meets her prince for the first time so here's a daftar of my favorit first meetings of that kind, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Belle & Beast

This should be no surprise to anyone, this meeting is WAY to creepy and sad. But despite this meeting I still cinta Belle & Beast as a couple and I cinta the scene itself. This first meeting could work better in a horror movie to be honest, but I still like their first meeting

9. Tiana & Naveen

Yes, this is their first meeting despite how...
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My personal daftar but it's not my prettiest daftar just to make it clear. On this list, anda will see lebih elegant beauty, beauties that never go out of style. It's not who is the most realistic looking but I will take that in consideration. I'm interested in knowing your opinions whether anda agree atau not.

10. Rapunzel
Huge unrealistic eyes with super long golden hair. She looks a little washed out also. I think she has to look a little lebih feminine to be considered a timeless beauty. She's just really cute. Though I'll add that I cinta her subtle freckles.

9. Snow White
Even though she's...
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posted by KataraLover
A long time yang lalu I created these characters and I was planning to make a fanfic about them with Melody. However as time went oleh I decided not to because I kept getting bust with other things. But I decided to tell anda about these characters and who's parents they are.

Prince Poseidon
 Prince Poseidon
Prince Poseidon

He's the son of Attina and is 15 years old. He's very much like his mother and grandfather. He's bossy, a know it all, hotheaded, closed-minded, and thinks just because he's the oldest grandchild that he can boss the others around, much like Attina did with her sisters. However he's not the oldest...
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So I thought I'd take a break from the official princesses and find aktris for the non official ones, the four main ones. Giving each of them a puncak, atas five daftar is too much work so I just chose the best actress for each forgotten princess.

Esmeralda-Mila Kunis
One of the most respected aktris in the industry right now. Mila can definitely pull off playing a headstrong but beautiful leading lady. Plus she's got the same exotic features as Esme. Adriana Lima would also be a good choice, but there's abit of a language barrier.

Megara-Olivia Wilde
She plays a somewhat similar role in...
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It's happening again! Yes my opinions on the princesses looks has changed again and I felt like doing an updated daftar on that, as soon as I've finished my DP movie marathon I'll do an updated favorit DP list, but oh well let's get started with this article!

10. Mulan

I think she's pretty, but quite plainly pretty. Normally I think Asian girls are very pretty, but I don't think that disney made mulan as pretty as real Chinese girls are. Her eyes are just black and I don't like that, her lips are weirdly drawn, her smile is weird at some shots and her hair is only good when it's in a ponytail...
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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
The Great hari has come! The hari that all the princesses and princes of the Walt disney Company comes together for the awards ceremony that the company gives for special thanks for the great job as princes and princesses in Walt disney Company. All awards are special and unique. Every prince and princess is nominee for all the awards. Knowing each one will make understand why they are special to receive the awards.

Snow White
 Princess Snow White
Princess Snow White
First disney Princess....
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posted by blossomyumyum
I recently discovered that these artikel were ALL over the Most baru saja pages and as I am still fairly new to Fanpop, I have decided to make my own. Thanks to phantomrose89 on this idea, it's greatly fun!

First Name: Technically Annabel but everyone calls me Emily. My name has a long story, where my Dad had written out Annabel in a birth form, yet it was supposed to be written as Emily. But when my doctor had come in the nursery, a detik later she was explained to about having rattles in the face with coos of Emily being talked about every second. Ha ha, long story short, just call me Emily...
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I really want to do an updated favorit princess list, since my daftar has changed A LOT, but I can't till I re-watch PATF & Pocahontas since I'm not sure how I feel about either. So in the mean time, I'm going to do a countdown that doesn't require any personality analysis - outfits!

I cinta Ariel, but her outfits are really not that spectacular. Her sea-shell bra is nice, but it's not really an outfit. Just...a bra. Her berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress just mortifies me - if anyone's waist was that little, they'd die, and the sleeves are too puffy. The berwarna merah muda, merah muda color contrasts pretty badly with Ariel's...
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Here's the third artikel for the Best disney Princess sidekick countdown. It covers the places from 21 to 30. Enjoy!

Places 41 to 50 link
Places 31 to 40 link

30. Sneezy
I was very surprised that Sneezy made to the puncak, atas 30, and made it past Dopey. I like him, but it annoys me a little that the movie has to stop when he sneezes. Some people find him gross and not memorable at all.

"I don't like sneezes... ew." - heathersvan

"gross" - CockerSpaniels

"He's ridiculous" - BraBrief

29. Kahn
I was expecting that Kahn woudn't go very far after Samson left so early. Though Kahn is an awesome horse...
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posted by Harmony97

14. Cinderella

To me, cinderella isn’t the best princess. I’m not sure what it is, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure if it’s her voice, her personality, atau her naivety, but I just can’t stand her. She doesn’t try very hard to get Prince Charming, she does try just not very hard, she doesn’t even tell him her name! How wrong is that? She dances with the dude all night and doesn’t even tell him anything about herself, to me, that’s just wrong!

13. Megara

Again, this whole truth...
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posted by sweetie-94
This is an artikel about my favorit DP eyes, I'm going to tell anda this now, but I know that many of anda are going to disagree on my number 1, but other than that, have a wonderful membaca time and don't forget to comment!

10. Mulan

It's no surprise that she is number 10, don't get me wrong her eyes are okay, but the shape is weird and there is no color in them (I know that this is what Chinese eyes are supposed to be like, but I'm not a fan of Chinese eyes).

9. Pocahontas

She is higher than mulan because her eyes have a better shape and there is some color in them, but the eyes are...
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Here's the third artikel for the Best disney Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 21 to 30. Enjoy!

Read the Best disney Princess outfit countdown: places 41-55 artikel link
Read the Best disney Princess outfit countdown: places 31-40 artikel link

30. cinderella - first childhood dress

This dress is somewhat cute, but is definitely not Cinderella's best outfit. The color is nice, but the rok is too puffy and big. Also the sleeves are a bit weird.

It's so...I dunno. I don't really like it. I know it is for a little girl, but still. - ppgbelle4

It's really childish and the skirt...
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posted by princesslullaby
This artikel was written collectively by: JonnaSe & Princesslullaby [Vera was too busy having a life]

I must admit this was one of the hardest to write, because Aurora is somewhat hard to understand. I think our puncak, atas 2 and bottom 3 are certainly correct, it's the middle four we're unsure about.

Mulan doesn't have grace, a sense of bermimpi atau even a slight flirtatiousness about her, atau the kind of slyness Aurora has. Aurora would find her actions reckless and lebih risky than brave. mulan is not a romantic, isn't particularly classy atau sophisticated, and Aurora wouldn't relate...
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