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posted by andy10B
I am really getting annoyed of this now. Layla Stepford is now doing this for a laugh rather than not meaning to do it. She once sent us an artikel saying that she is sorry, but obviously she did not mean it atau that the cyber bullies just keep on going. Whatever the reason just pack it in. anda are ruining what is a wonderful site for me and other fan not just of disney princess but of every Club on fanpop.

I don't know how they can keep going, knowing that their site would be blocked in like a couple of hours. I don't know why they bother. Annoying fan with racist, harsh and bullying statements...
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 Tonight! Tonight!
Tonight! Tonight!
Hi guys, since there was a poling about these 2 movies. It would be interesting if I were to compare both movies.


Okay, many of anda all know about her real-life story. However, in the disney adaptation of her life. She first set eyes on John Smith, to whom she will save later on in the movie.
When I watched this film again, they remind me of both Maria & Tony due to the fact that they are of different ethnicity and difficult complications arose when both parties declare war with each other.
During the fight between John Smith & Kocuum, the scene resembles to the Rumble between...
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 1. Working dress
1. Working dress
Hi there, My selanjutnya princess will be Cinderella. She has a few lebih outfits than snow white so we will be having lebih information today.

1. Working dress
I must begin oleh saying it's not a dress It's just a blue puncak, atas with a brown like vest on, brown skirt, white celemek with brown flat plump shoes. Like snow whites it's not an outfit anda would go on a tanggal with atau meet a handsome prince but for a worker then its the best for the job. 5/10

2. Ball dress A
Those step sisters just can't stand her and her dress as it was quickly destroyed. The dress is a berwarna merah muda, merah muda mainly with a white lower section, berwarna merah muda, merah muda heels...
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 We'll be excluding Frozen in this countdown.
We'll be excluding Frozen in this countdown.
Greetings! I'm ApplesauceDoctr, here with an evaluation of the theatrical posters for the 11 disney Princess films. To determine which posters are the greatest, I've considered three factors:

1) The desain (including layout and color scheme)
2) Intrigue (the strategy involved in "selling" the film, atau influencing moviegoers to see it; includes the design, tagline, and impression)
3) Reflection of the film (how accurate of a representation the poster is of the movie it's advertising)

I'm attempting to look at each category objectively, but that may be difficult for the third one. My perception of...
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posted by SarahCorine
~PART TWO~The girls I love

~PART THREE~The girls I will be in life

I have too many opinions lately. So I think I will just go ahead and share. Because my opinion on each princess, no matter her ranking is just too much, I had to make this a three part article. Hear me out and I hope anda enjoy each article. I'll start with the bottom. These are the girls I have respect for in one way atau another, but I'm not so crazy about. Oh and I included Anna and Elsa, because even though they are not officially in the lineup, they've been so populer here, it would feel weird not to.
~Each picture represents...
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 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
1 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'

Sometimes it's the little details, like lady Lumiere in the background and dude!Belle's glasses in his pocket.

2 Cruella de Vil - '101 Dalmatians'

And sometimes it's just being uncomfortably attracted to one of the most evil people in the disney lexicon.

3 Elsa - 'Frozen'

There would be no eternal winter with this smoking hot King on the Thorne.

4 Esmeralda - 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Did God help the outcasts get ripped? Because dayum.

5. Hades - 'Hercules'

This makeover makes her derisive 'He's a man!' line even better.

6 Sophie and Howl - 'Howl's Moving...
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 Team Miss Universe
Team Miss Universe
Hi everyone, since nobody diposting this up, I thought it would be interesting to write this daftar if all of the Princesses are judges in both Miss Universe and Miss World, two of the oldest Beauty Pageants ever and what will their pertanyaan be.

1. Snow White

"Describe yourself, are anda an optimistic atau pessimistic person?"

2. Cinderella

"If you're married into a member of a Royal Family, are anda willing to follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana atau Kate Middleton?"

3. Princess Aurora

"Do anda believe in a Damsel in Distress moment?"

4. Ariel

"Which species do anda want to be? A human atau a fish?"

5. Belle...
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 misscindyspice made this
misscindyspice made this
A while ago, I did a poling series called "A Movie Staring disney Princesses" , deciding what roles disney Princesses would play in a movie (results are down below. And then I diposting a forum, deciding plots. Although I did decide most of the plot, many people helped me get started and got the plot going in my head, so I can't take all the credit. Thank anda to those who participated- whether anda helped in the forum, voted in the poling atau both, and I'm sorry for the long wait. This will take place in a few parts- I don't know how many exactly, but I estimate four-five.


 Advertisement oleh Sparklefairy375
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posted by Renegade1765
 I think this is self-explanatory.
I think this is self-explanatory.
If anda ask why I'm making this,it's simple.A few days yang lalu I checked out my very first artikel "Why Elsa is my favorit disney character",I saw that it was already 12 months old.Because of that,I decided to do something special for it.
To me,this will be the ultimate defense for anything Frozen related I've ever done.
I've seen people criticize the movie to no end and while I respect people's opinions,that doesn't mean I have to agree with them.And since this is an "anniversary article" (sorry if it sounded stupid),this will be a special and meaningful artikel to me,so it will be long.
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posted by laylastepford
What if all of the disney Princes were from American cities? Which ones would they be from? (*Note, I comprised this daftar of where they would be born and raised from not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list.)

Floridian: Cape May, New Jersey
Because it is traditional and very romantic and serene.

Henry: Chicago, Illinois
Because it is the center of the mid-west. Perfect combination of traditional with some progressive and completely balanced.

Phillip: Miami, Florida
Because it is a laid-back and playful place.

Eric: Los Angeles, California...
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fanpop is a wonderful webside which is easy and enjoyable to use. anda can tell your opinions, write your artikel and anda know people are always going to hear them carefully. The most amazing part of it is that anda hear different opinions, negative atau possitive, but in the end of the hari the opinion anda once have can change and be lebih possitive atau lebih negative, but people will still be here to listen to your opinions. Every single one of us is a part of my world, we are a small family. We have poling and quizzes. poling are very enjoyable, but believe me there's no such thing as menulis articles...
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before i beggin, i have to make clear that i don't have the intention to ofend anybody, and my english is a little bad,so am sorry for it

For this is i am going to ignore sequels
note: i didn't add gambar cause i still have to learn how

[b] 11.Cinderella and Charming [b]

i have to say it always bother me the fact than he didn't went to find her himself , it would had been easer for the duke as he knows how the girl looks.
i also sometimes doubt that he would pick her if he had seen her in her maid costume.
My biggest problem is that cinderella have a lot of positive attributes , she is kind,persistent,...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
mulan was still struggling in school. She couldn't manage to bring halaman awal any good grades, at all. Her parents had told her that she needed to bring her grades up.

Meanwhile, Snow White had just escaped from the woman, when she ran straight into mulan when walking down the street.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Snow White said, apologizing about this to Mulan.

"Oh, it's fine!" mulan replied to her, "I didn't see anda coming."

"You look really stressed. Are anda okay?" Snow White asked her.

How could she know that I'm upset? mulan wondered to herself.

"Oh, yeah. It's no big deal though, don't worry."

"Are anda sure?...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"Are... Are anda Snow White?"

"TIANA?" Snow White yelled.

"Yes, it's me. Can anda leave?"

"No, I won't leave."

"Why? anda refused to come and let me help you. But now anda need me?"

"Yes. I do need you."

"For what?"

"Well, I don't know. Your house is in ruins. I wanted shelter."

"Oh, oka-"




"Can you- can anda help me?"

"I- I- No."

Snow White turned around and left Tiana.

"Please help me! I'll do anything! Please!"

"No." Snow White replied.

Tiana began screaming and crying. The house began to collapse. Snow White ran.

"I'm sorry, but bye."

Tiana fell into the ruins of the house. She was dead....
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posted by TheCrystalRing
WARNING!!!! The following story may be disturbing to both Snow White pasangan and haters. Reader discursion is advised…
Now I present my sneak peek Dark Endings version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Enjoy…

    One song, I have but one song. One song, only for you…Snow White quietly hummed the beautiful song her mystery prince sang to her earlier that day. She was picking wildflowers in the meadow near her kastil, castle home. Her stepmother, the Queen, had allowed her to pick the newly bloomed daisies in the field, as long as her best (and only) huntsman, Humbert, accompanied...
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Scene 30(Wow, actually made 30 scenes in the series)- Another different location in the weird path thingy(Sorry, I forgot the name of that path thing :()...

Rodney: I'm getting a little bit scared right now...

Hella: And? Just keep your body away from me and my stuff!

Rodney: Geez, why must anda have to be such an ***hole?

Hella: *Stops and turns toward Rodney* What did anda call me? Ya know, I don't have to be doing this sh!t for anda ya know, do anda want me to leave here in this hellhole?

*Shadow spys on them, then lurks away*

Hella: Hey! Are anda even listening to me?!?!?

Rodney: Oh, um...

Hella: You...
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I think this is Scene 25, back inside the ruins/temple...

Hella: Ugh, we have been sliding for hours, how long until we reach our destanation?

Kid 1: No need to worry any lebih my princess, we should be arriving in about a couple of seconds.

Kid 2: Be sure to watch where anda land slash fall atau else you'll get hurt reaaally badly.

Fairy and Rodney: Okay *Prepare themselves*

Hella: Wait, I'm sorry, but what did he just say?
Did he just call me his 'princess'?

Fairy G: anda need to watch where anda would fall dearie...

Rodney: Yea, cause if anda get yourself injured, don't even expect a princely hero to come...
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posted by BB2010
I know Frozen isn't part of the disney Princess franchise but this movie was on the daftar of film to watch for months before I finally started doing these artikel so please just go with it. atau don't read it. Whichever keeps things drama free.

Tonight's rewatch: Frozen
Last time watched: 2014

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I was 20 going on 21 when this movie was released in theaters so I wasn't exactly a kid, lebih like a kid at heart. I wasn't excited about this movie at the time and it didn't help when disney released childrens buku that spoiled the plot, including the Hans spoilers,...
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posted by BB2010
Just a heads up there's going to be a lot of sad personal stuff brought up so if anda don't want to read this that's totally understandable.

Today's rewatch: Moana
Last time watched: July 6, 2017

How much did I like this movie when it came out?

I had some reservations about this movie because I didn't know for sure if it was going to be good especially since I hadn't seen too much stuff about it. But after hearing How Far I'll Go I knew I wanted to watch this movie even if it was just to hear that song on the big screen. My husband and I saw it for my birthday and even though the villain twist...
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cinderella (2015) is a masterpiece and my favorit live action remake of a disney princess movie for many reasons, and one of them is how smoothly elements of other disney films are implemented into the story.

Cinderella already shared similarities with the original Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs animated film before becoming a live action remake.

Cinderella had an evil step mother and was treated like a servant in her own halaman awal just like Snow White was. cinderella longed to be free to make her own choices just like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

Cinderella also was able to...
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