The door cracked open, and inside came a young girl who sported a yellow dress with a blue top. She also had a white kerah and a red headband and cape. Apart from that, she had short black hair, had very pale skin, and she wore a huge grin that seemed glued to her face. She was bernyanyi loudly in a high pitch, and she rather inattentively walked into the kitchen, where the other princesses were sitting.
    “Oh!” the new girl squealed. “You must be the princesses! I’m so glad…how do anda do?”
    “See how she addressed them as the princesses,” Cogsworth whispered to Lumiere. “She must be the fake.”
    “Oh Cogsworth, let’s serve her anyway,” Lumiere replied, and then he stated, “My dear, please sit down.”
    The new girl sat down excitedly selanjutnya to the girl who came prior to her, and the new girl continued to smile. “What are anda so happy about?” cinderella asked.
    “Oh!” the girl replied. “I had a nice time earlier. After I came with my mirror, I headed straight to the forest and played with my new forest friends!”
    “She mentioned the mirrors…” Mrs. Potts whispered to Cogsworth. Cogsworth nodded and then demanded, “All right, anda two,” he then stared at the two latest entrants into the castle. “Which one of anda is the princess?”
    “I’m Snow White!” the detik girl blurted out. “I was a princess, and then this evil queen came chasing after me and I came into this house with all these dwarfs…”
    “You met the queen too? She's my stepmother!” the first girl asked Snow White.
    “Mine too!” Snow White replied. “What is your name?” she asked.
    The girl didn’t reply, but then turned around to face Snow White and told her, “Boop-boop-boop-ee-doop!”
    “She must be named Miss Boop!” Mrs. Potts exclaimed as Miss Boop settled down on her chair.
    “Why, how cute!” Snow White squealed as Miss Boop relaxed back on her chair.
    “Excuse me, anda two,” Belle told Snow White and Miss Boop. “Could the three of us go out in the entryway in talk?”
    Neither one paid any attention, so Belle, Cinderella, and melati went out into the entryway and discussed the matter.
    “Miss Boop came first,” Belle deduced… “But Snow White talked about the mirrors.”
    “I think we should ask them questions,” melati stated, and then when the other two agreed, they walked into the kitchen. melati confidently asked the two of them, “All right, a couple of questions. For one, who are your parents.”
    Both Snow White and Miss Boop replied, “My parents died, and now I have a wicked stepmother queen!”
    “How about friends?” melati asked.
    “We both have seven dwarf friends,” the two girls responded back.
    Cogsworth tutted in conclusion and stated, “They can’t be exactly the same…”
    Jasmine paused for a moment, before asking, “Have anda met your Prince Charming?”
    “Oh yes!” Snow White replied. “His name is just Prince!”
Miss Boop didn’t reply, and then melati whispered to Cinderella, “I think Snow White is the real one…”
Miss Boop then got up from her chair and asked, “What’s going on with these questions? I’m just a sweet little girl. anda don’t need to ask…”
“Are anda a princess atau not?” melati asked Miss Boop.
“Well, I have a queen that’s a stepmother, but that happened just for a day…oh, I forgot! I have to get halaman awal now! See you! Boop-boop-boop-ee-doop!”
Miss Boop skidded out of the dapur and then ran out of the door. “I guess that solves our problem,” Lumiere stated brightly to Cogsworth.
“Oh no,” Belle groaned. “Miss Boop wandered off with my bulu coat!”
“What?” Lumiere asked… “Oh don’t worry, Belle, we’ll be able to get another one…”
Meanwhile, Jasmine, Belle, and cinderella watched the new princess dance around the entryway. She seemed to be crazily happily, as she was loudly humming to herself in a high pitch. “All right, welcome Snow White,” Belle told her exasperatedly. “Now can anda please settle down?”
Snow White finally gave Belle her attention, and then she smiled at her. “Hi!!!!” Snow White rushed at melati and then toppled her to the floor as she repetitively blew kisses toward her.
    “Uh…hello,” melati replied, clearly confused. “Shall we settle in for dinner?”
    “Have anda made makan malam yet?” Snow White asked.
    “No, not yet,” cinderella replied. “But the servants make makan malam soon, don’t anda worry about that…”
    “Ooh! This is fun!” Snow White squealed and bounced up with happiness. She soon ran into the dapur and then she saw the servants. “Oh!” she squealed. “Why you’re little objects!”
    “Yes…” Cogsworth stated, a little bit exhausted sounding. He then whispered to Lumiere, “I told anda this was a bad idea.”
    “Please move,” Snow White stated, “And let me cook! Oh! Oh! Oh Oh!,” Snow White told Belle, Jasmine, and Cinderella. They all looked at her expectantly. “Please wash your hands if anda haven’t!” Snow White told them, smiling broadly.
    Belle, Jasmine, and cinderella were happy to have a short excuse away from the new princess, carrying Mrs. Potts out with them. Belle asked Mrs. Potts, “Oh Mrs. Potts, would anda mind giving her some tea? It’s just that she has too much energy, it’s hard to really talk with her.”
    “No problem, sweetheart,” Mrs. Potts replied, and just as Mrs. Potts began to bounce into the kitchen, she gasped. “Goodness gracious!”
    “What is it?” cinderella asked, and then the three girls all gasped.
    Snow White was lying on the ground, right in front of where Lumiere and Cogsworth usually worked in the kitchen. Belle flipped her over to see her face. “She’s asleep,” Belle told cinderella and Jasmine.
    “How could that be?” melati asked Belle. “She was crazy before, and now she is just sleeping?”
    Snow White just slept on and on, and with the clock striking three in the afternoon, they had enough of a handful to deal with already. However, just as Belle began to get some buku for the three to read, Belle gasped, “Oh! Another mirror!”