Oh it's been so long
Sup! Some of y'all may not even know who I am and some of Y'all may remember me (I was a jerk and I want to say I'm sorry and I want to fix any relationships and try to become friends). But I'm princecatcher93 atau Linnea. It's been about a few years since I was last here and last time I was here, Moana wasn't out yet (God it has been so long) so I have an updated ranking daftar (do people still do these?!?). I don't remember my old order but who cares! This is all personal so my reasons may seem strange to anda but I'm a strange person.

14) Anna
I'm Giving anda One Last Movie to Impress Me Again

Yep, three years and I still don't really like her, now with lebih shorts to add on with her personality, I just get bored oleh her, she just seems like a lot of the cutie I'm awkward and that's it type of girl.

13) Elsa
You're just...eh

Maybe they switched places I don't know any lebih atau care. Elsa hasn't really grown on me either since the movie came out but she just seems to be there in many things now to sing a cool song and wave her hands and then just stand back. She's kind of like a big name actress in like a comedy movie, there for one scene and then gone! Maybe The detik Movie will change my mind on them maybe not maybe.

First of all, can I say I cinta Broadway Elsa and Anna a lot! I have written an artikel comparing the two for school so after I get it graded I'll post it here. It's just movie Elsa and Anna still sadly bore me!

12) Pocahontas
History isn't really on your side

So yeah, this is a place that I knew has changed. Pocahontas is an okay Princess, She's a beautiful woman however just personality wise she's just okay. After watching her movie a couple of times I just feel like I use to like her because she's that dream nature women anyone would want to tanggal but just her personality is just a bit bland and I wish she could have been lebih than what she was as a character. I cinta anda nature wife

11) Belle
anda went up in ranking! Amazballs

It's not that I hate Belle, I was just really bullied during Middle School and High School for her never being my number one and I can't seem to like her without having those memories coming back. Belle is better than what stupid community college PC93 thought but still not good enough to get higher, maybe I'll overcome the bullying flashbacks maybe I won't. But Animated Belle is a thousand times better than the fancast mistake that was Emme (I'm sorry but that was a funnily bad movie).

10) Merida
Katie Bishop could out shoot you. But you're cool

Merida actually has grown on me a lot, she's another dream nature girlfriend (not a fair ranking reason but still). She's a stubborn woman and I'm beginning to like that more. She's like any teenage girl and kind of the girl I wish I could have been brave enough to be when I was a teen.

9) Snow White
I just really like this image of her

She's a sweetheart, but sadly I wish we got lebih about her than what we've been getting for her.

8) Moana
Sorry I forgot...I guess

I hate putting my sweet girl so low but I actually kind of forgot about her until Ralph Breaks the Internet...I'm sorry maybe it's college brain. I need to rewatch this movie but I remember liking her.

7) Aurora
Philip please, the lady don't got time to hear about our Lord and Savior Mickey mouse

Aurora is the Princess I wish I could be, oleh that I mean just the way she seems so sassy and benchy (I like benchy) at times but still looking so beautiful! She has this power that I want to be like that but still being so graceful and *GASPS GAGS NOICES* Perfect. I cinta anda wife I could never get

6) Mulan
anda can kick my pantat, keledai whenever anda want

Yeah, I cinta mulan just not as much as others. She's a strong, amazing, role model, and a leader but I like the other princesses more. She's isn't a princess to be looked down upon for any reason unless anda are taller than her. Also, I cinta her voice actress Ming-Na Wen

5) Jasmine
How do anda still wear those earring?! I need jawaban

For not being in the movie for long, melati has diberikan me goals to be like at times, a taking no shirts time of girl who doesn't have time for others' (men's) opinions about what could be best for her.

4) Ariel
Wow, Hello welcome to the puncak, atas four

It's kind of weird to see Ariel so high, but I think now that I'm finishing my senior tahun of college I want to be lebih like Ariel in wanting lebih than what my college says I can do (I go to a stupid, sexist and racist college guys, I want to die half the time). I want to see what's on the beaches outside of the Midwest for once and in that's how I find myself being jealous of Ariel that she went about it to get it and got a man out of it so it's a win/win! She's also a childish type that I miss in myself.

3) Cinderella
queen of Mic Drop Moments

I always loved Cinderella, I tried going through that awful stage where cinderella was a bad princess but after watching it with my newest brother and my nephew, I noticed and loved her kindness that always just made me feel happy and I wish I saw lebih of. I loved that about her and the fact that when she does get remade and her story retold, the best ones are always the ones where she still has her kindness.

2) Rapunzel
It's been eight years and I will still die for her

I cinta my daughter. I relate to Rapunzel so much in many ways, I was very sheltered growing and as of the last few years have really been growing out of my shell of worry and starting to become lebih of my own person which is what I cinta about Rapunzel a lot, she's a ball of fun who doesn't understand that much about the world around her atau even the feelings and emotions that she has!

1) Tiana
Please disney give me lebih of my mom and dad!!!

Tiana is the woman I want to be five menit from now, a girl that can support herself and the people around her, be brave enough to hop hehehehe over what people try to put in front of her to keep her from going places. She's a good friend, a sweet daughter, and a lucky and amazing woman. I didn't get to see the Princess and the Frog when it came out in theaters but I don't regret having to wait to see in alone in my room because I cried a lot when I watched that I hate crying in public (My friends had to take me out of the theater during Coco). I have a picture of Tiana on my meja tulis, meja at college to remind myself that I am almost there and one hari I will get to the finish line. She's just life goals for me and I cinta her for that.

So here is my awful ranking, sorry I wrote this instead of doing homework (which I should do soon)! I hope anda enjoyed it and maybe I'll do another ranking artikel soon.

I'm back baby at least until 2025