I haven't seen an artikel like this yet done before.

I cinta browsing through old fanpop artikel and membaca other people's favorit disney Princess lists. One thing I realized is that membaca why someone else loves their favorit princess makes me cinta that princess even more! So I thought, why not combine all of these positive opinions together, like a convenient one-stop shop? All heard from their #1 favorit fan themselves.

The way I did this was snooping through old fanpop and pulling out passages from each person's article. Tbh I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to do this?

Sorry if I didn't include yours. It's probably because I couldn't find your artikel atau I just forgot. I might ubah this later and add lebih people's blurbs in here.


“Snow White is an amazing character, in my opinion. She is my favorit disney Princess, and is my favorit disney Character. She is also one of my favorit animated characters, and fictional characters in general. Now, let's talk about why. She has a mix of what I like in a character, she's sweet and kind, but she isn't a pushover. She can be a bit bossy, but doesn't overdo it, and isn't forceful at the same time. Not only is she a bit bossy, but she also has some sass in her as well. It may not be as visible as it is with some characters, but it's in her. She's polite, respects others, and doesn't let things that have happened in her life get to her. I think she is really brave too. Some might say it's because she has no personality, but the only reason I think people don't believe she's brave is because she's so sweet and adorable, it's hard to believe she's brave and can stand up for herself, but I really think she can. She knows someone is trying to kill her, and she runs away, and starts to cry. Okay, okay, that doesn't sound brave, but what does she do after that? Gets over it immediately, and then sings a song. If someone was trying to kill me, I would be running for my life and freaking out, and here she is, sitting in the woods bernyanyi a song. I cinta how emotionally strong she is, she doesn't let things in her life get to her. That's one of the main traits that I like about her, and it's a trait I also cinta and admire in my detik favorit disney Princess, Cinderella. I cinta how she acts like a motherly character, it really interests me how a fourteen tahun old can manage to act like a mother to others. I think she is a good role model, taking up the job of a mother is a hard thing to do, and remaining brave and positive during such hard times makes her a good role model too, I think. Now to get into that whole debat over her taking the apple. I don't think it was stupid, she was just trying to be polite to the woman. She did not know that the woman was out to get her. Okay, I will say though, it wasn't the best decision. I'm not going to fight for her until the end on this one, I do think that she wasn't stupid for doing this, but I do think that this was one of the decisions she made throughout her movie that made me pertanyaan a little how smart she is. But still, I don't think she was stupid for doing it. I like her relationship with The Prince as well. I'm not a fan of the, "hate goes into love," romances, I usually see those better as friendships. However, I think Snow White's relationship with The Prince is amazing, and I cinta to watch it. <3. Overall, I think she is a great character. She's interesting, fun, sweet, polite, brave, is a good role model, has a personality that is unique, and not only is she sweet and adorable, but she stands up for herself too. This is all in my opinion though, of course. :)”

“The things that I use to find unbearably annoying about Snow are now things that I cinta about her. Despite being the youngest princess in the lineup, she possesses the best motherly qualities. She knows how to be strict and discipline without being rude atau overbearing. She knows how to have fun and bond but she isn't just a simple toy. She'll do what it takes for someone to cinta her if she cares about them, but she isn't pushy about it. She has a kind of caring spirit about her that just makes me happy. It makes me feel good. She turns cleaning into a song. Cleaning! I wish life was a musical and Snow just makes it so oleh turning anything into a song. She adds a melody to life in a way that no other princess atau even disney girl does.”

“It shouldn't be a surprise to those of anda who know me, anyway she's been my favorit for very long and it will probably not change at all. I cinta her personality so much, she's optimistic, kind, sweet, motherly, gentle, but also bossy and a bit sassy. I also cinta that she's gullible, it doesn't bother me at all, in fact I don't think she's as gullible as some of the other princesses. Also she's an unjudgemental person just like Belle. And like the rest of my puncak, atas 3 she's lively and an adorable character. She's also very funny and every scene involving her are just amazing.”


“What can I say about her? She's amazing! To begin with, she's very elegant, graceful, regal and she can pass for a princess even when she's dressed in rags. What's more, she is polite, calm, patient (VERY patient), hard-working, determinate and intelligent. She's also dreamy, caring, sweet and friendly. But while she's so kind, she has limits, she can still speak her mind, and she even uses a bit of sarcasm. The fact that she doesn't run away even when her step-family abuses atau that she doesn't get angry in front of them, like for example, melati would do, never bothered me, because, I find it very logical. She needed a shelter and she believed that she wouldn't survive if she got kicked out of her house. She's also very brave. Even when her fairy godmother gave her a chance to go at the ball, cinderella still should take a huge risk. If her family found out she run away, they would probably kick her out atau abuse her even more. It wasn't an easy decision to take. Now, many people complain about the fact that she didn't do anything to get her happy ending. Well, I'm sorry but she worked her butt off! She worked even harder than Tiana imo and at the same time she raised all the animals, she saved the mice many times from Lucifer and that's why they helped her. So, of course she deserved her happy ending! Honestly, cinderella was the only princess that made me SO happy when I finally saw her being happy at the end of the movie. I almost cried. Another thing that I cinta about Cindy is the fact that she never stopped believing, she had faith even at the times where everybody else would give up, because seriously, her life sucked. But she remained an optimist and even though I can relate to her always positive energy, I admire her. And lastly, I'll speak a little about the 3rd movie, because I know that the sequels aren't considered canon oleh the most people, but I take them into consideration sometimes. Well, in the sequel, cinderella had to be the one who would bring her happy ending, so all the people who complaint about that in the original now can't say anything. She appeared very courageous, capable and smart. And I loved how she defended Anastasia, being able to forgive people who truly feel sorry about their actions is an admirable trait in a person.
In conclusion, cinderella is lebih than a fictional character to me. She's an inspiration and I can definitely see why Walt disney himself loved her so much.”

“Shocking, I know. Who would have EVER though she would be #1 :) I don't think I need to explain why I cinta her. Anyone that knows me, knows why. She makes me light up inside. I feel like a little girl anytime I see her atau hear her angelic voice. I've always looked up to her; heck, I wanted to BE her when I grew up, lol. Even when I see her at disney World I get all excited like the kids do, even though I know she isn't real, lol. She holds a very very special place in my heart, and always will.”


“Briar Rose spends a lot of time in the woods, where she observes animal behavior and indulges in her hobbies of bernyanyi and dancing. She obviously knows the binatang very well, which implies that she desperately wants socialization and, in the absence thereof, is doing the selanjutnya best thing (in this case, playing with woodland creatures). Aurora may be shy and socially awkward, but she doesn’t want to be. In her dreams, she’s a coy and confident girl who has captured the jantung of a prince. Whenever I see people pinning her as an introvert, I always end up contemplating it myself. Is she really an introvert, who gets energy from being alone, atau a sheltered extrovert making the best of an unstimulating situation? Remember, extroverts aren’t necessarily outgoing. An argument could be made for either type, which flags her as an ambivert, in my opinion: both introvert and extrovert. Aurora has all the social need of an extrovert combined with the introvert’s perceptive nature. On puncak, atas of that, Aurora shows a sense of responsibility when she plans to have Phillip meet her at halaman awal with her ‘aunts’. Instead of riding off into the sunset with her handsome stranger, she wants to get to know him better in a controlled setting, under the supervision of her family. Her maturity also comes into play when Aurora has to abandon those exact plans. Sure, she cries, but wouldn’t anda cry if anda found out that your entire life was a lie? She has a realistic emotional response. And really, choosing to go to the kastil, castle and fulfill her duty as princess could not have been easy. But she knew that everybody was counting on her and that she had to put her own wants aside for the benefit of everyone else. That’s self-sacrifice done the right way.” - AudreyBrooke

“unlike a lot of characters who have little screen time, we learn a lot from her in hers. We learn she's elegant, shy but confidant around her friends, mature but very playful, a bit of a "cheerful pessimist" (she's cheerful for the most part but lets things get her down easily), she's a hopeless romantic, she wants to do the right thing, and she loves daydreaming. Sounds like a personality to me.
Her elegance hides how she’s shy and awkward with strangers, which is cute and very relatable to me. Like her, I get lebih confident when I’m around people I trust and am used to but stutter and act nervous around strangers. She tries to do what she knows is right, even if she wants something else, which is something I admire enormously and wish we all did more. She puts others over herself, which makes for a fantastic role model. I also cinta that for someone who supposedly “has no personality”, we see a lot of it, not just in what she says, but visually. She’s like a Fantasia character, where anda learn about her the most from her facial expressions, movements, etc.”

“Ahh, what can I say, old habits die hard. Aurora is wonderful and I've never not adored her from the first time I layed eyes on her. I can really relate to Aurora's character and I've always liked how her character leaves a bit to the imagination. She's always been a bit mysterious to me, yet I've always loved that about her. Her indecisiveness, her imagination, her wonder, her kindness, her naivety, all of these are traits that don't get shoved in your face, but traits that anda can see revealed from her actions. I adore how she desperately wants lebih freedom, but has a hard time asking for it and how she has a hard time in general telling people how she really feels. Aurora's flaws, her lack of a backbone, her having a hard time standing up for herself, her following Phillip despite knowing that she shouldn't talk to strangers are all things I accept, but just make me cinta her more. I really can't put my finger on the thing that allows Aurora to puncak, atas my list, it's just a feeling I get every time I watch the movie that Aurora was made for me. She's my perfect princess, the one princess whom I can never agree with a single bit of criticism on, the one princess whom is my favorite.”

dclairmont also wrote this brilliant artikel that made me appreciate Sleeping Beauty even more.


"She was my childhood favorite, but she doesn’t seem to diminish in my eyes even as I grow older. Ariel symbolizes rebirth. Ariel represents “the need to change yourself.” If anda don’t change yourself, life will just thrust changes upon you, anyway. My own personal life experiences tampil this to be factual. Ariel shows me that anda can still resolve to be kind to your closest family members, even if they have been unkind to anda in the past (she shares this trait with Cinderella). Ariel shows me that anda can still remain hopeful of the outcome, even if all anda see in front of anda right now is susah dipercaya trauma and obstacles. Ariel shows me that miracles are not always something external, but can be internal as well. It is not awful to become someone different from what anda once were. Change is a private miracle. Ariel embraces “change” so completely, and does not hold herself back. Ariel symbolizes the courage it takes to leave familiarity behind and fully embrace the unknown. This trait is not as well-developed in a whole lot of the lineup girls, actually."

“As mentioned previously, I enjoy flawed characters and Ariel definitely makes a lot of mistakes. My passion for Ariel comes from several factors. She is allowed oleh the narrative to dream big and never settle for less, very uncommonly seen in female characters. She doesn't let anyone else's opinions on her dreams drag her down and pursues what she wants without a detik thought. She rebels against her father's misguided oppression and perceptions and had plans to meet Eric and have him get to know her when she was a mermaid- giving up her voice had little to do with Eric. It was only done after her father destroyed her valuable possessions in a moment of serious overreaction stemming from his fallacious beliefs. I've always seen Ariel as a very feminist princess diberikan that she actively obtains her own agency since her father would not allow her to have it and is the effective pursuer in the romantic relationship between her and Eric- I cannot think of another princess couple where the male is the pursuee. Almost always the female is swept up in the male's narrative atau the male goes after the female but Ariel is the only princess who makes plans to see Eric and win him over. Her boundless determination and sense of confidence is inspirational and she, like Belle and Jasmine, does not compromise in her beliefs atau dreams but unlike those two creates her own story instead of being entrapped in someone else's. Ariel is the catalyst of her film and is a brash, bold, courageous heroine.”

“I cinta Ariel. After all those things I berkata about Aurora, do anda really doubt it? I cinta everything about her! She’s a bit dreamy which is kind of important to me. She’s curious and enthusiastic. Like Cinderella’s positive attitude, Ariel’s enthusiasm really gets to me. She never gives up and she wants to make her dreams come true. I cinta that she doesn’t actually dream about cinta until she sees Eric and after that she just wants to make her dreams come true even more. She just wants to be free; she wants to be who she really is inside. She wants to live in a completely different world just like I’d like to live in fantasi (oh well that’s one of the reasons why I cinta DPs so much).
I don’t find it really selfish to go to Ursula’s place and leave her family just because she wants feet. I can forgive her because Triton had just destroyed the place where she can dream in peace without anyone staring at her and because of that she was really angry and made an unconsidered decision. I mean we all make unconsidered decisions sometimes. Plus, being a human was what Ariel wanted.
Ariel’s just so original. But I have to admit that it really doesn’t break my jantung to see Ariel on someone’s last place. It’s just because I know she has so many fan unlike Aurora. But anyways, I cinta Ariel with her flaws and decisions. I absolutely adore her!”


“How can I even begin to describe how amazing Belle is? Smart, brave, beautiful, compassionate, curious, playful, the daftar goes on. The funny thing is, I never gave her much though until my best friend told me that Belle was her favorit disney Princess. After that, I went back and watched Beauty and the Beast again and realized just how awesome she is. We have so much in common! Like me, she is a bookworm who is always membaca fantastical fantasi stories; like me, she has a strong belief in magic; and, like me, her biggest dream is to go on an adventure in distant lands where enchantment and swordfights and kings and queens still live on. I also really cinta how she is the only disney Princess who spends any length of time getting to know her prince before falling in cinta with him. The movie begins in late fall and ends in early spring, so she spent at least three months with Adam before she finally admitted to herself that she was in cinta with him. That is another thing I have in common with her – I do not like to confess to myself that I am infatuated with someone, even if it is glaringly obvious to everyone else. I’m also glad she isn’t a perfect princess. She makes mistakes and goes back on her word, but she makes things right again in the end. I cinta that about her. Belle is so easy for me to relate to, and I cinta her classic, elegant story so much that there really isn’t any way for another disney Princess to be at the puncak, atas of my list. Belle is just beautiful.”


“Not surprising (to me at least) melati is still my favourite Princess. I actually cinta her lebih than I used to, which I didn’t think was humanly possible. I cinta how she’s completely non-judgmental of jalan, street tikus Aladdin, has no prejudices against him for his class and just likes him for him. She has such a strong personality, standing her ground and standing up for her beliefs; wanting to live her life oleh her own merits. All she wants is freedom of choice and there is absolutely no reason as to why she shouldn't have it; it's completely understandable, to me at least, that she is angry with the situation. Despite not being the main protagonist in her movie, she has a strong presence on screen and I can understand why people might dislike her, but personally I just cinta her. She’s quick-thinking, resourceful, humorous and a fast-learner. I think she’s a lot nicer than people give her credit for, for example giving an apel, apple to a boy in the marketplace who she knew might be hungry (despite the fact that she unknowingly shouldn’t have, but that’s irrelevant). I completely cinta how headstrong she is, I wish I was as assertive as her. Oh and the fact that her best friend is a freakin' tiger just adds to her awesomeness.
Flaws? melati has no flaws, she is perfection. Okay… just kidding. melati has many flaws and I’m aware of these flaws, but to me her imperfections make her perfect.”

“Who else could it be? I am a die-hard melati fan and I always will be. She is my favorit animated female EVER, and of course my favorit disney female. For those of anda who don't exactly know why I cinta melati so much, anda may want to read this, because I doubt most of anda read this whole article. melati reminds me a lot of myself. She has many of the qualities I have. She has all the qualities that intrigue me. She is EXTREMELY independent, confident, and fierce. But she is also generous and kid towards children. She is always oleh Aladdin's side no matter what. She teaches us that anda can make your own decisions in life and that anda dont need anyone to make decisions for you. She has made such an impact on my life, I know who cheesy that sounds, but it is VERY much true. And don't know if any of anda do this, but I watched aladdin the TV series, and melati is very bad a**. She does karate, and she is constantly beating up bad guys in the show. Oh, and I HATE it when someone says that melati didn't save anyone's life. She saved Aladdin's life right when he was about to be executed oleh revealing herself. She knew it was a big risk, but she did it anyways. I know that melati will always be my favorit disney princess. Out of all of them, its her whom I can relate to and the one who I can't say anything bad about.”


“Pocahontas is and will always be my favorit disney heroine. She is both relatable and admirable. She is a very complex character. I cinta how she mixes childishness and playfulness with wisdom and deep thinking. I cinta how much she loves her homeland and her people. Her spirituality and ability to have an unconventional point of view on things aare awesome, warna of the Wind is definetely my favorit DP song. I cinta how she sticks her beliefs. I admire her dutifulness and ability herself before others. I accept the decision to stay in Virginia( what makes my TOP-3 is that all three didn't put romantic cinta on the first place, it's also pretty relatable.”


“Mulan was an awesome influence on me as a kid. Her movie was the first thing I saw that actually taught me that girls can do anything guys can do. I cinta that when she starts training she's not perfect right away, she struggles. She works hard to be a great soldier. And when she's thinking of a plan anda can practically see the gears turning in her head, even if it's a crazy idea like starting a freaking AVALANCHE. And she's so quick to help someone; injured father is summoned for war? She'll just cut her hair and pretend to be a guy for a few weeks/months. Captain is unconscious in the middle of an avalanche? She'll just ride her horse through the freaking snow to save him. Captain is about to get killed oleh Shan Yu? SHE'LL JUST TELL HIM SHE'S THE ONE WHO STARTED THE FREAKING AVALANCHE.”


“And my favorit of all is Princess Tiana! I really find her movie to be underrated, but I'm glad that I found fanpop because it seems like she gets the attention she deserves. :D Tiana is one of if not the most hardworking princess(es), for she's been looking meneruskan, ke depan to having her own restaurant for almost all of her life and has been working so much in order to make that dream come true. I think that's really inspiring. Not only that, but I like seeing her progress throughout the movie - at first she's just hardworking and maybe "a stick in the mud", but she learns to have a little fun and to bring lebih cinta into her life. I secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan just cinta Tiana, and I'm glad to see that her and her movie are receiving lebih attention as the years go on.”


“I cinta Rapunzel! She's passionate, creative, talented, friendly, and funny! Sometimes I was kinda jealous with her, as she have many talents and she learns fast. She have many friends and improve her social skills although she's trapped in an isolated tower for almost 18 years and it's her first experience to go outside. She trying to doing fun activities to spend her time so she would never felt alone and lonely. She also shown her intelligent, she is quick-thinking, she looking the best chance and takes matters into her own hands, like when she have a deal with Flynn to bring her to the lantern. Also she's smart enough to realize she's a long lost princess with looking at the kingdom's symbol and the portrait of royal family. She's such a great princess out of all, which makes she's my favorite!”

“She’s intelligent, artistic, optimistic, determined, spunky, and compassionate, and she’s able to bring out the best in both people and in animals. And she’s willing to give up her freedom for Eugene’s life – that’s selflessness right there.
Side Note: I know a lot of people think she’s a Mary Sue, but Rapunzel for much of the movie seems rather vulnerable, insecure, and naïve – being easily impacted emotionally oleh Mother Gothel, being worried that Eugene will desert her once he has the crown, and genuinely believing that she is an awful person for “betraying” her “mother” and venturing out of the tower. And those are pretty big weaknesses.”


Now, this is awkward because I haven't seen any lists that place Merida as #1. There are people who have Merida as #2 atau #3 atau in the puncak, atas five, but never number one. So I'm including anukriti2409's description, who has Merida as her detik favorite.

"As I have mentioned in my baru saja article, she's a strong, passionate and independent woman who wants to explore, even though she may not have a soft demure. She has sharp mind and can keep her head in most situations. She will fight for her heart's desire, if no one will listen but learns to be lebih mature and selfless, when time calls for it. She learns from her own mistakes and that makes her relatable as no one is perfect. Almost everyone gets angry and sorrowful but the best part is she doesn't ever give up - neither on her dreams nor would she abandon her parents for her wish. She's like a real-life teenage image of me, and that's why I simply adore her. She even has hair like me, curly and wild ( I don't have red hair, though, sob sob). I know that in real life, if anda don't make yourself heard, even the people who cinta anda the most will just glide over anda and chart your life out. She reminds me why it is so important to speak up for yourself in life, despite people thinking of anda as rude and selfish, while anda were never so and was just fighting for your heart-felt and truly cherished dream, which wouldn't have hurt anyone if they were to be realized. And I know exactly how it felt to not be understood oleh the most loved person in your life.
When i first saw Brave, it was like peeping into a mirror from past. I instantly connected with Merida and her connection with her mom and it has made its way in my puncak, atas 3 ever since. She has replaced Pocahontas in my original list."


“I don't think this is any surprise. Anna's been my favorit since I came on here, and that probably won't change until a new princess comes along. Anna is lebih bubbly than a can of soda, optimistic, insecure, clumsy, loving, funny, and so many lebih things. I relate to her a lot, a lot lebih than I do Elsa, which I know is weird, but I find Anna lebih relatable. It is one of the reasons her deleted song "More Than Just the Spare" is my jam, because it reminds me of myself and my older brother, who is basically a musical prodigy. I cinta her want to be loved, which is an interesting trait that anda never see in modern princesses. Basically, Anna is an amazing character, with lots of flaws, and a very strong, slightly in your face personality that anda either absolutely cinta atau absolutely hate, and I am very glad to be one of those who absolutely cinta her.”

“Meanwhile, her sister sits in last place and Anna here is in first place. Strangely enough, people see me as Elsa when they first meet me, but they say I'm Anna after they get to know me.
I just see so much of myself in her, always trying to help others and but getting pushed away and ignored. I have her clumsiness and her awkwardness too. I guess the only difference I have is that I'm pretty quiet...and Anna....isn't. I absolutely adore Anna's unconditional love, and the way she cares for Elsa no matter what.”


“Too many people who have learned to cinta Elsa for who she is, they're allowed to interpret her powers, seclusion, and eventual self-acceptance however they want. Elsa is, if anda will, "open to interpretation". That's the true beauty of her character, in my opinion.
Writers often say that a character is truly good when they lose control and the character starts to write itself.That is how I feel Frozen’s characters were; and there is proof that this happened when menulis the movie.Director/Writer Jennifer Lee berkata in an interview that Elsa was going to be a villain,but after Let it Go was pitched to her,they reworked the story because they didn’t think Elsa would become evil diberikan what the songwriters had written (Which would explain Elsa's lack of screen-time [I even wrote an artikel about it] but I won't complain about it). That is a great decision on the writers’ part because they were lebih concerned with keeping the integrity of the character rather than satisfying some sort of formula.Whereas,even in film I cinta such as Tangled,I felt like the characters knew the conclusion they were going to come to from the beginning,Frozen never felt like it knew how it was going to end.I really feel like I’m just watching the characters be themselves and it just makes them seem so real…It’s not every hari I come across a character I almost believe that they’re real.”

I didn't include Moana because she's really new and I haven't seen anyone daftar her as number one yet. I'm probably going to wait for KataraLover to release his updated princess daftar to gush about why Moana is his new favorit princess.

I would add pictures but I'm too lazy right now. I might add them later.

My, this artikel oleh far was the easiest to write because I hardly needed to write at all. XD