Here is a daftar of my best DP role models. The most important thing to note here is that this is very much a subjective, rather than objective, list. Rather than trying to rank the princesses according to who I think is the best role model for children atau other people in general, the ranking is purely according to how they serve me personally as role models.

11. Aurora

Perhaps not surprisingly, Aurora lands herself at the bottom of this list. She is gentle and kind, which are definitely qualities I appreciate, however she has little else to offer in terms of being a role model. Let's say she certainly doesn't inspire me.

10. Snow White

Snow White only has a little lebih to offer than Aurora in the role model department. Her joyful, outgoing nature is something that would serve me well to take note of, and I wish I could have a little of her optimism (but not too much!). But at the end of the day, she is living in an entirely different era and mindframe to me, which limits how much inspiration I can draw from her.

9. Cinderella

I suppose I just struggle to apply the Classic princesses as role models! I do admire Cinderella's inner strength and I do try to think of her when I am persevering through a bad situation. It does help that I can relate to her lebih than the other Classic girls, but as my personality is already quite similar to Cinderella's, it does mean that there aren't really any new qualities I can draw from her.

8. Tiana

I can definitely relate to Tiana's ambition, and as I have always had goals that require a lot of hard work to fulfill, she is in many ways a good role model for me where the other princesses can't be. She definitely inspires me to actually put in all the effort renews my determination to achieve my goals. But on the flip side, I also possess one of her weaknesses - like Tiana, I sometimes put work above all else and neglect other important areas of my life. This is the main reason why she is so low on my list, as balance is very important and while Tiana does eventually learn this, she still places a huge amount of importance on working to achieve her dream. It's just something I don't need so much in a role model.

7. Jasmine

melati is somewhere in the middle for me. Personality-wise, we have very little in common. In some ways this makes her a great role model, but it also makes it lebih difficult for me to use her as a role model. It is just not in my nature to become fiery and outspoken. I do wish I could be a little lebih like her, such as speaking my mind lebih and standing up for myself.

6. Belle

I feel that Belle should be higher than this, but she doesn't really have any golden moments of admiration from me like many of the other princesses. In fact, I probably prefer her as a role model in the live-action version (such as when she is teaching the young girl to read - I cinta that!). She is higher than melati because she is lebih accessible to me as a role model - my own personality has enough in common with hers that I can at least imagine myself behaving how she does. I really admire her courage and commitment to her father, and these are both areas I could improve on in my own life.

5. Ariel

I know Ariel is not the most populer as a role model, and I might not find her very useful to me if I was already a headstrong teenager. However, I differ enough from her to be able to find aspects of her that really inspire me. I have even thought of Ariel before and used her as a sumber of comfort when I am going through some sort of change in my life, such as pushing my boundaries and moving away from my sebelumnya "safe" life at home. While I'm not a fan of giving up everything for a guy, I do admire Ariel for having the guts to pursue Eric - I only wish I could be lebih like this myself! Basically, she represents change and going beyond boundaries to me, which I find important in a role model.

4. Merida

I am the first to admit that there are many things about Merida that don't make her a very good role model, but as these tend to be flaws I don't suffer from myself (rudeness, lack of respect), I can easily look past them. What I really do admire about Merida is her zest for life and freedom, and I definitely feel that I would benefit from being a little lebih carefree like her. Similar to Jasmine, I do like that she stands up for herself, and the scene where she shoots for her own hand is one that I could easily draw on for strength.

3. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is a character I can identify a lot with, but with whom I also have a lot of differences. And this is something I find ideal in a role model - I want to be similar enough to be able to imagine myself doing the things she does, but also different enough that I can find things I want to improve on. With Rapunzel, I don't want to become exactly like her (let's admit it, that would be irritating), but she does make me want to be a friendlier, lebih enthusiastic person. I also want to take an interest in everything just like she does and give it all a go - who knows what talent I may find in myself! But the thing that really makes Rapunzel one of the most important role model is how she makes the decision to break free of her tower. This is something I personally struggle with a lot! I want to be able to just take that step, despite someone else telling me I'm not allowed to do it, because I know that it is the right thing for me. Rapunzel is someone who can give me the courage to do that.

2. Mulan

I think most of us agree that mulan is one of the best DP role models, and I think we all find something inspiring in her. And I am no different. I don't think I will be bringing anything new to the discussion here, but I just want to say that I find Mulan's courage to get out there and do what she feels she must do, whether it is for herself atau for her father, despite the fact that no one is going to support her decision, is just absolutely awe-inspiring. I have felt this drive inside me before and thought of Mulan's courage (even if I did end up changing my mind about what I was going to do). I also cinta how she has the desire to prove herself, and sets out to do this - for example, when she shows her determination to retrieve the panah from the puncak, atas of the pole. That moment is truly inspiring.

1. Pocahontas

This is possibly a huge reason behind Pocahontas being my favourite princess, but she is indeed my biggest personal role model out of all the DPs. Like I've mentioned with some of the others, the fact that I am able to relate to her quite a lot, but still find a lot of qualities in her that I would like to build on in order to improve myself, really gives me access to her as a role model. I cinta nature, binatang and the environment - Pocahontas builds on my passion for this oleh really being a part of nature and defending it against colonial beliefs. And as I can empathise a lot with her difficulty in making the decision to save John Smith, I find one of the her most inspiring moments to be during Savages when she finds to courage to run and defend him. In fact, this is a scene I have drawn courage from when running to defend someone myself. I also really admire her courage to end her relationship with John Smith; while I have never been in that situation, I know that it is something I would really agonise over and could only hope to deal with as bravely as Pocahontas did.