No ones audition like Gaston!
Hi guys, since I had put this artikel in the Beauty and the Beast page. So, here are my choices for those who have not read the artikel yet and for your convenience! This artikel is basically on what would really happen if Luke Evans hadn't gotten the part of muscular narcissist bully.

1. Tom Burke

Yes, Alan Rickman's godson who played Roland and Bentley Drummle in Dragon Heart: A New Beginning and the 2011 miniseries Great Expectations respectively. From these 2 roles, he could the arrogant Gaston!

2. Colin Farrell

This Irish bad boy really is the ideal Gaston, his voice is gruffy and I bet his bernyanyi will have a rock & roll quality to it if he sings both his judul song and the Mob Song.

3. Robert Pattinson

The British actor will be another perfect Gaston, it would be a break from the famous Vampire Idol and is the guy selanjutnya door.

4. Michiel Huisman

The only Dutch actor who could play Gaston, he has the looks for Gaston. He has everything that Gaston have!

No One Looks Handsome Like Gaston

Only 4 choices make it through the cut, any suggestions?
Tom Burke.
Colin Farrell
Sexy Robert.
Michiel Huisman