Considering that this is an artikel about fanpop, I thought it was best to let the fanpoppers speak for themselves and keep my komentar to a minimum.

11.Snow White

The general consensus on Snow White was that while people could connect with her kindness and enduring optimism, she is just too purist and naïve bordering on clueless for anyone to relate to.

"[I] Try to be optimistic, very caring towards animals, work hard, cinta cooking. I think people irl see me as naive too, which I dislike. I can be a bit trusting, although that's dwindled as I get older." -Audreyfreak

"We have very little in common. I don't have her ability to enjoy housework and I'm nowhere near as trusting as she is." -Portia0623

"I cinta her, but I don't relate to her much at all. She's the epitome of optimism and I'm lebih of a realist-leaning-towards-pessimist. She's also naive (understandable, diberikan her age) and I like to think I'm a lot lebih shrewd when it comes to judging situations. She's extremely inherently kind to everyone, and whilst I try to be kind I definitely don't outwardly display it like she does and I can be very cynical. I also don't think I'd enter someone else's property and sleep on their beds either lol. I think the only thing we have in common is the finding cinta aspect, but even then we view it differently; she's just a bit too idealised for me to relate to her, she's an escapism character for me." -Mongoose09

10. Cinderella

Like Snow White, Cinderella's persisting faith and endless patience was hard for people to relate to, although a few stated that tend to just keep their head down and push through the tough times rather than speak up like her.

"Compared with Cinderella, I'm not as calm, quiet, reserved, caring, patient and emotionally strong as she was. I won't let myself surrounding in a horrible life created oleh my stepfamily. If it was happen to me then I'll against them in every way. I also don't really believe the term "keep believing with your dreams then it would be come true" -Sparklefairy375

cinderella is possibly the princess I am most similar to, at least in terms of personality. Not saying I could put up with what she did without breaking (I don't know whether anyone could), but I do try to put up with things without complaining, sometimes to my own detriment. I think I am the opposite of princesslullaby haha." -JungleQueen13


While fan definitely understood Tiana's disinterest in romance and her determination, most people say she is too serious and hard working for them to relate to.

"Tiana and I have nothing in common. I don't cinta cooking, and I don't really feel like learning how to do so better, will make me like it any better than I do. I also hate micromanagement and critiquing, which is what Tiana is all about. I will never feel "totally fulfilled" in life oleh just working my butt off. Tiana seems to believe work is what makes her happy. Work doesn't make me happy all oleh itself, the way it does for Tiana. So Tiana and I are polar opposites, just like me and Belle." -wavesurf

"She spurns men a lot and isn't focused on romance. I can also be hypercritical of others. Can be extremely determined and work hard when I am passionate." -princesslullaby


Rounding out the classics, fan connect to Aurora's dreaminess, introspection, loneliness, and passive nature, as well as her wishing she could be a little bit rebellious. Other fan berkata she was just way too acquiescent to understand, too graceful and elegant, and didn't have enough development in the movie to be able to connect with her.

"she is slightly lebih similiar to me than other classic DPs because she is imaginative and the most childish of them. However, she is still too sweet and interested in finding cinta to be relatable." -Adelital

"I'm not as graceful and the type of charming, ideal girl like her." -Sparklefairy375

"I relate somewhat to Aurora's passiveness, dreaminess, and innocent rebellion. Like when anda do something anda think you're so rebellious and edgy for doing but it's actually not. Like Aurora never really did anything outright rebellious (like Ariel atau Jasmine) but she FELT like she did. When her aunts told her not to talk to strangers, Aurora said, "But I have met someone! In my dream." I relate to how Aurora is alone a lot and entertains herself, whether it's dancing with animal friends (but I don't have animal friends though). Aurora cries and doesn't assert her wants as much as the other DPs. I'm also a bit of a damsel, and rely on others for help." -disnerdtobe

7. Rapunzel

I didn't really get any komentar about being similar to Rapunzel, so what I can surmise is that while Rapunzel has widely relatable qualities (I don't think anyone can say they have NOTHING in common with her) this wide relatability is what makes her have emotional distance from fanpoppers--- most people also lamented that she is just too perfect and talented to connect to.

"I kinda can in ways, like being sheltered and lied to about people oleh our moms, being artsy, etc. but she's far too talented for me to relate to more- I couldn't teach myself how to play chess atau chart stars atau become a great fighter after just being outside a day. And I'd never fall for someone like Flynn even if he wasn't a criminal. I wouldn't waste an opportunity to not find out who was sending out the lanterns and why though." -Audreyfreak

6. Merida

I think the two komentar below basically summarize it all, but people basically berkata they either understood and related to Merida's flaws atau found her mean-spirited.

"Merida so far, is the most relatable princess for me. She's outspoken, headstrong, stands with herself, short-tempered, somehow being immature, and she never want to have her life ruled oleh others. So do I. My mom is a lot like Merida's mom, too, and somehow we arguing, but we're actually very close to each other." -Sparklefairy375

<i>"She is bratty, too selfish and cruel for me to relate. I would not poison my mother for my own wants. She basically is too abusive and too spoilt. I am not as aggressive and overambitious like her, I would not have my kingdom peril and won't tear my family tapestry like her. I think before taking a decision, especially if it affects somebody, and I am lebih cynical" -Lavendergolden

5. Ariel

Again, Ariel can be polarizing because of how brash she is-- some fanpoppers relate to her sense of adventure, curiosity, rebelliousness, but thought that the risks she took and her carelessness were very different from them.

"I relate to Ariel because we both have defined dreams. We both want to be free to lead our own lives. We both cinta adventure, exploring places and having fun. We both have the same flaws - immature, irresponsible, etc. The main difference is that I'm lebih careful than her." -disnerdtobe

"I don't think we have anything in common, apart from being curious. Ariel's a lot lebih outgoing and daring than I am, and unlike her I'm very close to my family and always tried to please my parents" -Damedecoeur

4. Mulan

mulan seemed to be 50/50 for people- They related to her awkwardness, clumsiness, and trying to prove themselves, but some didn't relate to her desperate need to please her parents nor how accomplished she was oleh the end of her movie.

"the strongest relatable thing with mulan for me is that I had waged an internal war whether to become a perfect daughter atau to choose my own ways of living. My parents' expectations from me were very different from what I wanted from my life. That's about it. I'm not clumsy with things, I dont feel socially awkward, i think m pretty much presentable in social surroundings. Also, I had no desire to prove anything to my family atau do something that would make my parents proud of me. I just wanted to do my own thing, just like Merida. And i fought it out with them unlike mulan who kept it all inside her and one hari she left halaman awal to prove it. I kept doing wat my parents asked me to do until they understood and let me do what I wanted.
I am also much lebih outspoken and lebih confident person than her. I'm not that humble atau modest and I'm lebih blunt with my words. I'm also not a reserved person." -anukriti2409

" of these four she is the most similar to me. We are both ambitious, competitive, somewhat lazy, self-hating, deeply connected to our elders and care about their health and safety and want to please them. I believe that Mulan's cinta to her father is her defining trait and she definetely wouldn't deal with Fa Zhou's death much less easily than Ariel did with her mother's( which doesn't necessarily makes mulan better than Ariel, just most similar to me). I can see myself risking my life for my elders and mulan reminds me of myself a lot when she reminds her father to take the spare at the very beggining of movie, I often do the same. However, mulan is no less forgiving, gentle and patient than cinderella which is not true about me. I can't see myself letting Matchmaker to abuse me, I wouldn't forgive Yao and Ling for bullying and Shang for mistreating during the parade." -Adelital

3. Pocahontas

Most people related to Pocahontas' indecisiveness, her confidence, and caring about keeping the peace as well as her thirst for something in the future. However, a lot of people didn't relate to her spiritual side and berkata she was too indecisive and aren't as passionate about nature as she is.

"Definitely. Right down to how we both avoid pointless drama and have that "you're wrong. Let me spend four menit explaining how in detail and PROVE why anda are wrong :)))" way of disagreeing. I realize I don't know everything so I like asking for advice. I'm confident in who I am, but I don't tolerate disrespect, especially from people I like. Otherwise I ignore rude people who don't deserve my time. We're close to our "grandmothers". I do believe in fate and that dreams can mean something- it's why I decided I needed to go back to college. We don't have typical romances (I'm in a LDR my family doesn't know about yet and hers is forbidden). We appreciate the aesthetics- the feel of the wind, flowers, the stars, spending time with binatang too. I definitely feel directionless, even though my problem is lebih related to money issues. Our only real differences are she's much lebih athletic, bolder, and gets into trouble more." -Audreyfreak

"I do take saran from many people like she does but i do what my jantung feels like. I'm also much lebih connected to my friends and family than Poca is. I dont think she feels as strongly for her people as she feels for her land. I'm also not as patient as she is to tell them about myself. I'm lebih aggressive in general, lebih confident and less contemplative. I dont ponder too much on this way atau that way. I cinta how she has so much of freedom which I dont feel I had." -anukriti2409

2. Belle

The majority of fanpoppers had at least one thing to relate to about Belle. Some say they felt outcasted, that they wanted lebih out of life, felt close to their families, and stick to their morals. Other berkata she was too virtuous, prideful, and that they wouldn't be as understanding as her when it came to the Beast's actions.

"I think I have the other 50% here I didn't have with Mulan. I like that Belle sticks so strongly to her morals, spurns men like Gaston consistently, even at risk of her father going to the asyleum, and tells off people. I also get her thinking she's 'better' than others when in reality that's not how she really thinks, just knows she doesn't have an intellectual match and that can be frustrating.
dissimilar: too virtuous, I would have tried to leave the castle, and I don't understand the endless duty to babysit your capable father. she also complains about her lot in life without follow up." -princesslullaby

"Especially at the beginning, I can relate to her. Like her, I tend to be treated like an outcast with my society, being dreamy and imaginative,and I really don't care what peoples think about me. I also surrounded in small town with a pretty boring life, somehow I feel bored with my life and imagine an exciting life. I like to read but not as much as Belle does. I never feel impressed with a handsome but jerk guy, too. Except that I am not as selfless, understanding, and prideful as her." -Sparklefairy375

1. Jasmine

Most everyone had something in common with Jasmine. A lot of people berkata they understood her feeling of being trapped, how she stands up for herself, how she is picky and unimpressed oleh men and dislikes being treated as a prize. Some berkata they didn't relate to her abrasive personality and her inexperience.

"By far far far. I really don't have anything dissimilar with Jasmine. I even have her flaw of being too forgiving to a trash guy. I come from a well-off family, I am always rejecting men and shutting them down/out over any small but VALID reason, I always verbally stand up for myself and I don't care if I come across as mean atau "Bitchy", I certainly relate to people calling me a menggerutu, jalang just because I stick up for myself atau I'm rude back to people who are rude to me. I also very easily call out others. The only thing I don't relate to is her feeling trapped -- but basically most of the princesses feel like that sooooooooooooo I'm not going to connect in that aspect. In fact that's the thing I relate most strongly to Pocahontas about-- I have freedom but I feel directionless." -princesslullaby

"For Jasmine, she doesn't really think that far ahead in anything she does (what was she gonna do if the apel, apple incident hadn't happened? Where would see sleep, how would she get food, etc?) and I'd never tell anyone to go kill themselves. We hate injustice and being talked over, feel trapped, but I wouldn't let aladdin win me over just because he has something cool I like. They're both so much lebih fearless though."-Audreyfreak