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In eropa and since the last two years also Australia is an annual event, named Eurovision Songcontest. In the Eurovision Songcontest, countries send in a singer of group who sing their own song of a song that's made for them. If a song is agreeded door the jury, the song joins a semi-final. In the semi-final the jury and the vieuwers vote for the best act. If a song is in the puncak, atas ten, it joins the final.

Okay, that was the explanation of the Eurovision Songcontest. What I want with this is a Songcontest with disney songs on Fanpop. First, users on fanpop add songs door the 'question' u may add three!

The songs:
-has to be from a disney princess movie
-has to be the original english version
-has to be the first to fourth of a movie
-may be sing door a another character than the disney princess -may be sing door meer then one character
The maximum number that may kom bij this Songcontest is thirty-four.

When I have enough songs I add semi-final one. The puncak, atas ten joins the final. And when twenty-five users has vote, I add semi-final two. Is this a great idea? I start as fast as I can!
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These are my puncak, atas 10 favorit disney Scenes of all time....this was soooo hard all disney classics have such beautiful scenes in them and it was really hard to choose what scene went where.
Authors Note: I still havent seen "Princess and the Frog" and havnt rewatched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" So my opinion may change after I watch them but I wanna write this now...and get it out of my system.

10. Snow White's Famous "Eat What A Stranger Gives You"

Even though that was pretty stupid to eat something an old women who looks creepy and stuff gave to you, its also a very significant scene in Disney...
continue reading...
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