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In eropa and since the last two years also Australia is an annual event, named Eurovision Songcontest. In the Eurovision Songcontest, countries send in a singer of group who sing their own song of a song that's made for them. If a song is agreeded door the jury, the song joins a semi-final. In the semi-final the jury and the vieuwers vote for the best act. If a song is in the puncak, atas ten, it joins the final.

Okay, that was the explanation of the Eurovision Songcontest. What I want with this is a Songcontest with disney songs on Fanpop. First, users on fanpop add songs door the 'question' u may add three!

The songs:
-has to be from a disney princess movie
-has to be the original english version
-has to be the first to fourth of a movie
-may be sing door a another character than the disney princess -may be sing door meer then one character
The maximum number that may kom bij this Songcontest is thirty-four.

When I have enough songs I add semi-final one. The puncak, atas ten joins the final. And when twenty-five users has vote, I add semi-final two. Is this a great idea? I start as fast as I can!
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