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Hi guys, okay I noticed that there are foto of both Emma and Dan in their respective roles for the upcoming 2017 reboot of the disney classic. I would like to voice out my disappointments with the movie, with the exception of Emma Watson (so please don't shoot me!).

Horrible Outfits

When I first saw the foto of the Beast and Belle dancing, it was a 'What the Fish' moment for everyone, not just me. I was expecting something very majestic like what they did with Cinderella.
As somebody had mentioned, this is only an early shot and so I maybe wrong about it. So please feel free to correct me!

To Much CGI

This is the detik reason why this movie is definitely going to FAIL! Yes, way to much CGI as predicted and I am going to cringed myself if I ever watch the movie when it comes to Malaysia.
I wonder how are they going to handle the transformation scene, must be really going down the drain while working on this one!

Prince Adam's Portrait

One thing I was really happy was that they finally tampil his parents, but the moment when the camera zooms on his face. I keep thinking of him as Draco Malfoy, atau worse, A YOUNGER JUSTIN BIEBER! I just died of laughter at his portrait.
But upon watching the trailer again, I keep thinking that they look like Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI of France and Louis XVII of France, but the latter never made it to the French takhta sadly.

Happily Never After!

First and foremost, I apologise for my rant and I hope that this artikel does not give anda a negative impression of the original 1991 animated version and the live-action coming up selanjutnya year.
 There is something about them.
There is something about them.
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 Other than Mulan's dress being in a different color these are the gambar I'll be using for this artikel
Other than Mulan's dress being in a different color these are the images I'll be using for this article
Compared to most of anda I cinta ALL of the redesigns of the princesses, but I do have a daftar of the best redesigns too so here's my daftar :)

10. Cinderella

When I first saw this redesign I was thinking "Is this Cinderella?", I mean look at her, how many similarities can anda find between the way she looked in the movie to this design? Only a few I guess, but that doesn't stop me from loving this redesign, the hairstyle is a HUGE improvement from the awful bun she had before, the dress is very pretty, but like most other people I think she looks almost too much like Barbie, but not to an extent...
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My personal daftar but it's not my prettiest daftar just to make it clear. On this list, anda will see lebih elegant beauty, beauties that never go out of style. It's not who is the most realistic looking but I will take that in consideration. I'm interested in knowing your opinions whether anda agree atau not.

10. Rapunzel
Huge unrealistic eyes with super long golden hair. She looks a little washed out also. I think she has to look a little lebih feminine to be considered a timeless beauty. She's just really cute. Though I'll add that I cinta her subtle freckles.

9. Snow White
Even though she's...
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This is the full movie of "FROZEN"
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