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Hi guys, okay I noticed that there are foto of both Emma and Dan in their respective roles for the upcoming 2017 reboot of the disney classic. I would like to voice out my disappointments with the movie, with the exception of Emma Watson (so please don't shoot me!).

Horrible Outfits

When I first saw the foto of the Beast and Belle dancing, it was a 'What the Fish' moment for everyone, not just me. I was expecting something very majestic like what they did with Cinderella.
As somebody had mentioned, this is only an early shot and so I maybe wrong about it. So please feel free to correct me!

To Much CGI

This is the detik reason why this movie is definitely going to FAIL! Yes, way to much CGI as predicted and I am going to cringed myself if I ever watch the movie when it comes to Malaysia.
I wonder how are they going to handle the transformation scene, must be really going down the drain while working on this one!

Prince Adam's Portrait

One thing I was really happy was that they finally tampil his parents, but the moment when the camera zooms on his face. I keep thinking of him as Draco Malfoy, atau worse, A YOUNGER JUSTIN BIEBER! I just died of laughter at his portrait.
But upon watching the trailer again, I keep thinking that they look like Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI of France and Louis XVII of France, but the latter never made it to the French takhta sadly.

Happily Never After!

First and foremost, I apologise for my rant and I hope that this artikel does not give anda a negative impression of the original 1991 animated version and the live-action coming up selanjutnya year.
 There is something about them.
There is something about them.
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Ok here are the results of the Best looking disney Prince in Sequel as voten oleh the fanpoppers!

10 Beast in Belle's Magical World

Well i expect that he will leave first! I mean what anda wait from him, he were a Beast for the whole movie and even as a Beast he look awful!

What fan Said:
PrueFever - Urgh..!
CuteDiana - lol he looks like a teddy beruang xD selanjutnya would be Eric.
ppgbelle4 - Ew. lol
loveandbeauty18 - Sorry beast
alexon31 - He looks kind of silly...
VGfan30 - This is just horrible.
NightFrog - Beast darling.. WHAT have they done to you?
PociandSmith - why? why? did the beast have...
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Of all the things that are continually berkata about the princesses, this is the one that grates on me the most. Not only is it horribly untrue, but no one ever comes to Aurora's defense. Since I am tired and continually typing the same thing over and over again, I thought it would be lebih convenient to post my artikel like this and just link to it whenever I need to. Remember guys, it's okay to have your own opinions. Doesn't mean those opinions are always right though.

Let's start out oleh defining a Mary Sue.
A fictional character, usually female, who is the epitome of perfection. Most commonly...
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musik video
Sweeney Todd song "Green finch and Linnet Bird" featuring Aurora. Made oleh me :)
sleeping beauty
sweeney todd
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So, I finally decided to write down an artikel about my prettiest princesses list. Before continuing with the list, I 'd like to inform anda about something. I 've added two characters who are not official princesses. The reason why I did this is that I've not watched many non-princess disney film with beautiful females. Had I watched lebih movies, I 'd propably make a full disney Female daftar including Alice, Giselle, the Blue Fairy, Wendy e.t.c. But currently, I cinta only two, so I thought I shouldn't leave them behind! Now, let's go on with the list.

13. Mulan
I really don't think there is...
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 Only princess a mother...let's see how the others would do.
Only princess a mother...let's see how the others would do.
So I did this countdown to see which of our non-mothering princesses would be the best mother…the results for me were a bit shocking and disappointing (Just for me I’m sure the rest of anda guys were happy atau at least kind of happy). Anyway here it is. All around let’s hope we don’t have another Ariel mother moment.

10: Jasmine
Three mother who are the same. Kim K, Skokie and Jasmine, they really just don’t have the patience be good mothers. All three around would just give the baby to their maids atau nannies atau Genie to take care of while they go off and have fun and do shopping....
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