I've seen a few artikel like this and I've gotten the urge to do one myself. I pardon in advance for my descriptions, I'm not the best writer. I haven't really made up my mind nor am I sure about my placements, but this is a basic idea of what I think it is in my head. Without further introduction, here is my DP list.

13. Ariel

Who doesn't cinta mermaids? Apparently, me. Even when I was little I wasn't too fond of Ariel, atau putri duyung in general. The Peter Pan putri duyung actually scared me and I thought most putri duyung were evil. Then when I finally watched The Little Mermaid at an older age, I found Ariel to be a little bratty. I wasn't disgusted with her atau anything like that, she just seemed so enclosed on her own dreams she forgot about everyone else. Not to mention, oleh the time I watched this movie I was 8 years old and had no sympathy for teenage drama. I didn't really like the way she acted towards her father, especially since her father was only looking after her anyway. Really, I just never understood why there was any conflict. She was a mermaid (almost every little girls' dream), she was a princess (so she got almost anything she wanted) and she went on adventures with her ikan friends. As a child I wanted to be her and I never understood why she didn't want to be herself. I guess now, I view it lebih as a girl who might desperately want to be, and take no offense, the stereotype of a certain race atau clique.

She's obsessed with being apart of this group that she thinks is amazing, but her father might be racist atau simply think that the majority of them define all of them. Ariel on the other hand hangs around them despite her father's fear for her safety. True Ariel did not judge them based on appearance atau rumors, but it's still quite possible that they could be bad things. And she isn't happy with her current self so she wants to change that. And just the same, there might be statistics on people like Ariel being in danger with certain groups, just as humans do eat ikan in the movie. So I admire Ariel, for speaking against her father's prejudice, she presses into the human culture far too much. So it isn't her complaining that I dislike as it is injustice, but lebih so the way she carries it. She wants to be something, she goes to a person she KNOWS is evil to do this, leaving her family in the process. Ariel doesn't take the time to consider that perhaps this evil person might use her, a princess, to take the takhta she's been trying to get back for a while.

While I wont blame her for being put on the edge of freedom atau family, I will blame her for going to someone ever so clearly against her. She also doesn't really care about anyone else in her endeavor to become human. She expects menggelepar to jump into whatever she feels like doing and menggelepar is such a push-over that he does. Sebastian was nearly eaten and she just seems very unmoved oleh his efforts to help her. Then when things start going south for her she has only a few detik of an apology. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-- I didn't know." I don't think that's an apology as it is an excuse, then even after words when her father is a plant she immediately blames Ursula. "You, monster!" While Ursula did trick her, Ariel knew she was a sea witch. Sebastian even berkata "No, she is a demon! She's a monster!" And all she does is give him a snarky comment. "Why don't anda just tell my father? You're good at that." And while Sebastian did tell Triton, there was no need to make him feel bad for it. Because after all, Triton is the king and Sebastian cares for Ariel and since he believes humans are evil, naturally he would tell some one.

The situation is like when Nakoma tells Kocoum about Pocahontas and John Smith in Pocahontas. She was worried so in her friends best interest she told someone who would protect her, though she knew Pocahontas would get in trouble for it. However when Sebastian does the same, Ariel doesn't take kindly towards him atau even try to understand his reasons for doing so. I get she's mad, but she doesn't consider that she is partly to blame doing all this stuff in the first place, as Pocahontas did. All in all, I feel like she was tricked and she was fighting prejudice in her own way, but she could've had less of an attitude and she could've tried to tampil gratitude. I don't hate her, but I dislike how willing she is to throw everything away for a life she knows nothing about and does so in a self-centered way. She's definitely earned being my least favorite.

You're just jealous that I'm a mermaid!

12. Belle

Would anda believe she was in a drastically different placement just a hari ago? Anyway, I find Belle quite bland. It's not so much that she's boring as there is, simply nothing special about her, which is ironic seeing as she's portrayed as such a special little snowflake. She's this oddity, this thing of wonder that her town finds thought provoking... But is membaca so odd? I mean I know it was uncommon for women to read at that time, but that's about the only thing that makes her different. She's pretty AND she reads fairy-tales? My word! How unheard of and strange! I consider her town weird for thinking that it's so odd to read. I mean there is a library-- Belle can't be the only person that can read. And besides her father, nothing is really off about her either. She's just normal, in looks as well, in my opinion.

She reads? So do I. She goes about her business? So do most people. She wants lebih than her somewhat boring life? So does everyone in the history of everything. And that's why I think people say they relate to her, because she's just generic enough to be almost everyone. Not only that, but it's not like she has her own spin on herself like human beings do, she's the most basic human being. We never learn about her own past atau opinions that are all her own, she just does what we wish her to do. I suppose in that sense, she's lebih of a role model than anything, a person anda can relate to so therefore try to be like. Belle does cover the basis of being a goody-two-shoes, with high ranking morals. She's polite to Gaston, she holds others above her herself and, the one she's most praised for, she doesn't judge a book oleh its cover.

While these are all good things, it's not what I personally look for in a character. I mostly look for someone who I enjoy watching and can fool around sometimes. She may be looked upon oleh her town differently, but as a character, there is nothing different atau odd about her. And most importantly, nothing special that I haven't seen before. As a role model for children, she'd probably rank as number one, but for my personal taste, she's too bland to ever get any higher than 10th place.

11. Pocahontas

She was my 5th just 2 days ago. After watching a review on Pocahontas oleh the Nostalgia Chick, I realized how much I don't really care for Pocahontas as much as I actually care for the historical figure herself. And this version of her does is disfigure who she was. I'm not really what you'd call a history buff, but I do feel that while the past may be behind us, anda should still consider the people in that part of time. I sympathize for the real Pocahontas and admire her for her strength, which I used to think was greatly portrayed in this film. However I draw a line when it comes to portraying her enemies as her allies. And absolutely hate how they imply that all the conflict and genocide of the Native Americans came from one greedy asshole.

As a character outside of this movie diberikan a different name and a different story, I would still have Pocahontas as my 5th favorit DP; However, as it stands I don't wish to support a movie that has no consideration for the historical people it disfigures. Pocahontas is a character that I no longer find strong, but instead too curious and too indecisive for her own good. She looks for her own way and her own conclusion, but if it wasn't for the movie's half-witted magic she would've never actually tried to act on her own beliefs. She would've just blamed herself and stuck to her father's decisions. So until she can think on her own, I don't think she'll get any higher on my list. The only reason Pocahontas is higher than Belle atau Ariel, is because I do find her at least a little interesting to watch and she doesn't do anything awful as a character.

I can't hear anda over my drammatic pose.

10. Rapunzel

Too perfect.

Are anda serious?

9. Aurora

As a child I absolutely adored her. She had it all-- she was the prettiest, she had the best songs and her movie had a dragon. And that's about all it takes to impress a kid. She wasn't really all that interesting atau unique, but for some odd reason I found her charming. She didn't do anything special and she wasn't trying to be easy to relate to atau even a good role model. She's just a person that falls into this story and she has to be in it and work around her life. She's sweet and caring, but still a little rebellious as she often dreams about meeting strangers and going against what she's been taught. Of course, she's shy when something she's been fantasizing suddenly springs into her little forest dance. I quite like her reaction as well, she acts like anyone would-- trying to subtly get away with out coming off as frantic atau uncomfortable, though she clearly was.

Only when she thinks there is no harm to be done does she actually talk with Phillip. Later on she does think that it's weird and she runs away from Phillip so she can be safer with her aunts and they can meet him. it's really understandable and perhaps the only things that is realistic in her movie. She's not a role model, as she is just a believable person in a film. This isn't a bad thing, it's just that being normal isn't really something to be excited for. Aurora isn't even interesting to me and her lack of screen time doesn't help, but nonetheless her charm and realism save her from being any lower. She's a fun character, she's not particularly boring as she is just simply basic. She isn't anything original, but I don't have a problem with her, which is why she sits at a comfortable spot as my neutral ninth place.

8. melati

When I was little, while I was fond of Aurora, my favorit disney Princess was actually Jasmine. She was in my favorit disney movie, she was kind, she had a pet tiger, she wore pants! What happened I wonder. melati has certain traits in particular that mattered to me a lot as a kid. Mostly that even though melati wanted to run away, she did so with a kind goodbye and she was determined not to let her past define her. However as I got older I started to notice lebih of her flaws than anything else. While I do realize melati wanted to marry for love, she doesn't really seem to give anyone a chance if they have come specifically to win her over. Even when aladdin comes, she assumes based on what he said, that he only cares to use her. She doesn't consider anything else. And even if Prince Achmed was being rude, atau snobbish, I would've wanted her to head for Belle territory and at least see how she handles him at first.

Another thing is that melati also never thinks her way out of her suitor problem. Just like in the end when her father gets rid of the law, even though he's supposed to be a little loony, she's supposed to be lebih cunning and clever. She's supposedly a fast learner, but she never thinks about a diplomatic solution to her suitor problem. She does have a problem, but it isn't really a big one. While it is rather annoying to have no social freedom, she has a pretty decent life. Like aladdin berkata it'd be great to have servants. Even though she says people always tell anda where to go and how to dress, aladdin still says that that's better then scraping for food. Really, I'm on his side, melati has it way better off then anybody else. And she can't really handle herself out there anyway, she nearly gets her hand chopped off, then ultimately returns to the life she swore she hated.

I'm not saying melati should be happy, but she should at least be grateful. Really, If she can't think her way out of her, not even that bad, situation then I don't think she should even complain. To me it's the equivalent to a teenager that wants a new phone. The newer phones seem better and everybody else has them, but you're not going to die if anda don't get one, and anda already have a really nice phone, not to mention anda are clumsy so anda wont be able to handle a new phone-- there's really no use in complaining. melati is just that kind of person to me. There's nothing bad about her, just nothing all that good atau justifiable either. She's above Aurora, but only because she has lebih of a personality and I actually do like her despite all the somewhat negative things I said.

Well... I used to be your favorite!

7. Cinderella

She's kind and she has courage, but I'm a little worried that's all she has. cinderella is probably one of the most iconic of the disney Princesses and was actually Walt Disney's favorit princess. He felt like cinderella working as hard as he could until fate decided to reward him for it. And in a way, almost anyone trying to accomplish something should feel the same. That's probably why she's so popular, because almost everyone has been in that position and strives for the hari fate will give them the chance they've been wanting. cinderella is in this place because I wouldn't be okay with putting her any lower. She I feel is the princess mostly accused of just submitting into her authorities and wishing until someone comes around to rescue her. When in fact, she's probably one of the strongest disney Princesses-- well at least mentally speaking.

She went through years of abuse and neglect, but still through all that time she believed that being kind and keeping faith in your dreams would see her through. While I do see that she never acts on her dreams, atau puts through any effort to try, there wasn't much she could do. And even though she was stuck in her state of suppression, she also shouldn't believe that simply wishing would solve all of her problems. She doesn't specify her dreams, so perhaps she's already akting on them. Either way I don't think cinderella should be blamed for her unfortunate situation. In real life, no one ever blames the abuse on the victim, saying they set a bad example and how they should've done something to get out of the abuse. And so it's no better to do that to Cinderella, fictional character atau not.

I like Cinderella, she's charming and sweet and she brightens up a rather dull movie. She's a good role model to teach kids that they should always work hard and then get rewarded later. She not only teaches morals, but she also has a personality all her own. Most find her to be kind and nothing else, but she still has patients, courage, charm, faith-- we also learn she enjoys singing, She even has a few sarcastic lines "I'm sure they wont mind if I interrupt their-- musik lesson." She isn't bound oleh imaginary laws to be the perfect person, she often makes mistakes and get discouraged, she even gets mad and tired of her life. She's not afraid to complain and she knows when to stand her grounds. cinderella sits safely at the sweet seven spot. Pardon the alliteration, but, yes, she definitely deserves this spot.

6. Anna

Well this is definitely someone I'd call ditsy and down right stupid. Despite being a bit too excited, I don't really mind Anna, she has all the traits I admire and she does make me actually enjoy the movie, just a bit more. She's kind, loyal, determined and optimistic. She's only missing some brains, she's compulsive and hard-headed, which often turns me away from a character, but with her it's so subtle that I just relate to lebih of her dumb actions. She doesn't know exactly what to do, but she has faith in her sister and she does take responsibility when it comes to the things she does wrong. She's very modern and frantic, but only with the best interest at hand. She's a complete knock-off of Rapunzel, but unlike Rapunzel she actually has flaws.

I am mad that disney did not try to be original, but honestly it sort of pays off. She's so full of budaya pop that anda start to think that, yes, disney actually made someone that acts like me. As Anna perfectly embodies the typical little girl going to see Frozen in theaters and she does so in a charming way. Sure anda get knocked over the head with just HOW awkward she is, but I don't mind. She has so many good moral and moral traits, that she could be the most unoriginal, half-witted anime character ever, I would still adore her. So, I'm sort of shutting off all my other opinions about budaya pop and movie stylization, but I just cinta Anna, despite my hatred of her movie.

Well... Thanks?

5. Merida

Not this little ball of teenage drama! She's such a brat. Really for the majority of her movie for the first time in theaters I hated her guts. She was cool at first, but with the suitor issue I felt like it was melati all over again. But then I realized just how different their situations were. Merida I will admit had lebih constricting rules, but she also had lebih freedom. She also doesn't complain nearly as much, until the whole suitor business. So diberikan her terms and lack atau complaining before hand, I think Merida is slightly lebih grateful to begin with. Most of all, unlike Ariel (who she's compared to constantly on tumblr) she gives a good and long jantung felt apology afterwards. I bring up the other two princesses because they usually fall into the "rebellious" category.

I think after the internet complaints about Ariel, and the fact that melati was not a main character, Disney/Pixar took one lebih stab at it and I think they hit the bulls-eye. However it is true that most of the audience preferred melati atau Ariel to Merida, at least what I gathered from certain tumblr post. They mostly called her selfish and inconsiderate and that she should listen to her mom, even though Ariel and melati did just as worse and even ran away. The thing that got most people was that she actually poisoned her mom with cake from a stranger. And while that was quite a dimwitted and inconsiderate thing to do, just like Ariel, she was convinced it was a way to get what she wanted.

Besides her actions, I actually quite like her personality despite her teen drama. She's funny, she's a tomboy, she's compulsive, she's fair and she acknowledges her mistakes when she sees the cost of them. She even finds a diplomatic solution to her problem and learns that there is use and value in grace and poise, but that doesn't mean she can't be herself. I like her development and despite her lebih bratty moments, I absolutely cinta her!

4. Elsa

She has ice powers... But that's not why she's so high. It's simply, because I can relate to her very easily. She often puts herself in the background and wishes not to draw attention to herself, but unfortunately she happens to linger near the the center of the news. None of the things she does make the most sense, but she does what she can. She has to choose between freedom and responsibility and eventually out of all of her confusion she finally finds a happy medium. She can't think when she's under pressure, but when she makes any choice she believes she's doing it for the better of others. She's perhaps a little too introverted, but it's not necessarily her fault for that.

She's been forced to be so detached from so many people, even though she'd prefer otherwise. Though her parents have almost just about taught her to fear herself and what she can do. I do quite like her character development and I like that even though she has her own problems, she cares lebih about the safety of Anna. She figures, she can be alone and free and Anna and the kingdom can be safe. Seeing how much she cares for both, it's actually a really noble sacrifice. Most people see it as selfish for some reason and I can get why, but it wasn't all in her own interest. So, yes, I quite like Elsa despite some of her anxiety related flaws.

3. Snow White

She hates apples too.

anda forgot to mention how brave I am!

2. Mulan

What a populer opinion I have here. She's just a good character. The reason why she's so populer is that almost everyone can relate to her. I get bored of just how populer she is, but I ultimately I enjoy her regardless. Everyone goes through the feeling of wanting to please someone then failing, because, frankly, what they were doing wasn't them. mulan is one of those people. She isn't good at pleasing people, she's lazy, but ultimately resourceful and smart. She simply doesn't apply herself, a key thing when living, anda know... LIFE.

Even though she has these flaws, she's displeased with them herself, because for her the most important thing is to please her family above all else. She doesn't think she's good enough so when her father is drafted for the army she finds use of herself. She can save her dad who she believes is of use and she will sacrifice herself in the process. She does do it for herself, so she can feel like she was at least worth that, but above all else she puts her father and others above herself, while accomplishing her goals. I would continue with lebih reasons to cinta Mulan, but the world has plenty of that as it is. Mulan's always been 2nd in my heart, but maybe she'll pindah higher, who knows...

Not half bad.

1. Tiana

She has all the qualities of a good role model, while being easy to relate to, at least for me. She's a hard worker, she's determined, she's a little bit of a stick-in-the-mud, but only in the best possible way. Most complaints revolving Tiana are often about how she works too hard and how she can be pessimist when it comes to others. But just because she's set on a goal and wont stop until she gets there doesn't mean she's too hard-working. She's easily discouraged, but that's because she always gets so close. In times of spite anda often say things anda don't mean, as a handful of the disney Princesses have done, the first that come to mind are Merida and Ariel.

She does have an introverted undertone that is probably the result of being so emotionally detached and just a little too focused on her dream. Actually it's the one thing I dislike about her. She reminds me of Ariel the way she solely goes after her dream, but all the same that's something I can relate to involving Ariel, and really it almost makes Tiana a complex character. She goes after her dreams and works hard for them, but in doing so she often forgets the bigger meaning in life. She has a kind heart, but is mostly content with getting things done rather than being lebih fun and social. I really like her relationship with Naveen as well and how they teach each other the one thing they've been missing in life.

In the end Tiana realizes there is lebih to life than work and setting goals. She's thankful for all the sentimental things, though she almost forgot about them in her wishes to make up for lost time. I find Tiana, very interesting to watch and she excites me whenever she does something, true she isn't the most populer princess atau even that unique, but I quite cinta her, maybe even to an unhealthy amount.

That's all folks! I hope anda didn't mind my rambling and run-on sentences too much, like I berkata I'm not a good writer as I just talk a lot. I hope anda enjoyed a thanks for reading! :)