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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Belle woke up. She was lying down in what looked like a Hospital.

How did I get here? What happened? She questioned herself.

The doctor looked up and saw her.

"Are anda alright?"

"I'm- I'm fine."

"You look worried."

"What happened?"

"A girl found you, with lots of glass stabbed into you, inside your house."

"The- the-"



"What about them?"

"They were the ones that did this."

The doctor cast a worried look. He then walked away.

Belle then noticed that somebody was near her. She looked over to see a girl with bright red hair.

"Hi, what's your name?" Belle asked her.

"I don't really remember."

"Um... Okay?"

"All I remember was the doctor. He locked me inside a closet."

"Well... That's nice."

"He wanted something to do with me. I don't know what. My mind is gone. I've forgotten- everything."

Belle turned away from the girl.

"What's your name again?" Belle asked.

The girl responded, "I told you, I don't know."

"What's the first word that comes into your head?"

"Ariel." She replied immediately.

"Why that word?"

"I don't know, I just think of it."

"Is it your name?"

"I don't know. Maybe?"

"I'll call anda Ariel then."

The doctor came back in.

"You two need some rest."

"Okay." The two of them replied.

The doctor left.

Later that night, when they were both in deep sleep, the doctor came in again. He walked towards Ariel, and suddenly cut Ariel's finger.


He took some of the blood, put it into a small container, and left.

To Be Continued...
I haven't written an artikel for a long time and since it's DP songs theme now I decided to write about my favorit DP songs from each movie because I don't really have a daftar of my favorites, but I hope that's okay. Anyways, enjoy and don't forget to comment!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

I cinta all of the songs in the movie and I've been having including the one I have now 3 favorites, before joining fanpop my favorit was Someday My Prince Will Come, when I joined it was With a Smile and a Song and now it's Whistle While anda Work. I cinta it because it makes me want to dance and it's...
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Hi! I´m on api today! Hehe I´ve just finished writting my favorit outfits artikel and now I decided to write my favorit hair article. Well maybe I call it being on api and some other fan call it a Wendsay afternoon but whatever. So as I am a little tired and I´m going out to celebrate (oh yeah, today it´s Mexico´s independence day, ¡Viva México!) I will make this artikel a little shorter. Here it is, enjoy!

First of all I must say I´m not one of those Tiana´s hair haters but since I am judging hair I have to admit Tiana´s hair is very simple compared to the other princesses....
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There are several rules to stealing another girl's man and Princess kacang knew them all oleh heart. For example, anda must remember that the end justifies the means...some people will need to get hurt for anda to succeed. Another rule is that anda have to be incredibly sneaky and manipulative atau anda could get caught in your own web of lies. And of course, Pea's favourite of the rules: never give up. On the other hand they were all her favourite rules...considering she'd invented them herself.
"Honestly Jasmine, you're a saint," berkata kacang casually the selanjutnya morning, while she and melati were sitting...
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when I watched cinderella 3 (a twist in time), alot of reasons made me dislike the movie.... one of them that disney all forgot about the first movie (which is one of my favorites).

First in the beginning of the movie u can see that the ugly step sisters are SINGING, and their bernyanyi was NOT bad.

And as we all remember from the first movie, their bernyanyi was awful (when the sang sing sweet nightingale).
Besides the two ugly step sisters should be evil and selfish, why did anastcia become a good one and left the prince for cinderella when she had the chance to marry him??!!

The way cinderella...
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I haven’t made an artikel in a long time, so when I was bored on a Sunday afternoon, raining bucket loads outside I thought I might as well do something. Basically this is an artikel about my opinions about each princess’ dress sense in ranked order. Oh and I would like to mention Phantomrose89 whose last artikel inspired me to make this.

So lets get started...

10. Rapunzel

I like the detail on Rapunzel's dress a lot. The desain on the rok and the trims are really pretty. I like that her modern girl persona contrasts against her old time fairy tale outfit, with the lattice front,...
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It looks like disney has a brand new batch of Disney Princess Engagement Rings! The pic in under is the only foto we have so far – they’re beautiful!

Ring designs include:

Snow White

 DP's new Engagement Rings!!!
DP's new Engagement Rings!!!

We. are loving the Belle ring for sure and the Ariel ring is adorable too with the seashells!

So. if they will have new Engagement ring nd which ring anda like and want to buy.......we will let anda know where these rings will be sold!!
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