Lately Merida has been receiving hate from many disney Princess fan like she doesn't belong in the group. I don't think that's right. Sure, she isn't your typical disney Princess but different isn't bad at all. She's behind the other disney Princesses oleh 2,000 fans.

Merida is the most outcasted disney Princess that there is. She's from Pixar, she doesn't have a prince, she's a complete tomboy, she actually knew her mum her entire life and she isn't considered "pretty." Different is okay though.

Lots of people don't like brave because they think Merida is a brat and got everything she wished for in the end. They're wrong. Let's put anda in Merida's place, how would anda feel if anda had to marry one of three complete strangers that were fighting over anda like an object? See, it was Merida's life and she wanted to follow her own path. Yes, she was supposed to since it was tradition. She impressed me because she actually acted like a real girl. She was selfish and she wanted her own way which points out she has flaws. And later on in the movie she realized her mistake then apologizes geuinely. No princess has ever done that before. She did get what she wanted in the end that's true. But didn't all the princesses get what they wanted. Merida was different though, she fixed her relationship with her mum and lived her life the way her path was meant to be. See, she didn't actually do that bad. She was selfish (like I berkata before) but she actaually realized that (that too).