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posted by mhs1025
A couple months back, I gave my past view on FROZEN. Now, here's my current view.

First of all, I've decided that I'm going to see the movie. I realized how good it might be. I've told my mom about it and she berkata it sounded interesting. I think it comes out on Thanksgiving. I might not be able to see it on Thanksgiving, but I will definitely go see it then tell anda guys about it! I hope anda guys like the movie as well! Now, onto Elsa.

At first, I wasn't sure about another DP joining, but now, I'm slowly starting to accept that. And to be honest with y'all, I like HER better than Anna! Maybe another DP from the same movie isn't so bad after all. Because I like Elsa better than Anna, some of anda may be going "What the hell are anda thinking?" atau something like that, but I understand. Anna was the original new DP until Elsa came along. Some of anda may like Anna better than Elsa, but I understand that too. Now, onto the other stuff I talked about in my past article.

Technically, releasing buku before the movie comes out wasn't right. That just gives us some unnecessary things we don't want to hear. On the bright side though, we now have not only 1, but 2 official trailers! Here's my catch-I don't know why they released 'em so late! All-in-All, they should've released the buku after the movie comes out. And, they should've released the trailers about a bulan after the teaser one was released. Let's get onto the merchandise.

I've seen LOADS of foto of the merch on here. I've even seen halloween costumes! Yet again, I'm wondering why they're releasing it before the movie comes out. But at the same time, I'm sure they've sometimes done that before. In seriousness, when I make my selanjutnya trip to the disney store in my local mall, I'm getting an Anna doll and an Elsa doll! They're about to be DP's, so I may as well get 'em as soon as possible. atau maybe after they become DP's.

That's it for my current view on FROZEN. I hope y'all enjoy the read! :)
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With all of Frozen's success today, will Disney's selanjutnya pindah be Frozen 2, a Broadway version, atau even a tangled crossover?! link
the little mermaid
beauty and the beast
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The Best Era Countdown was a short two-rounds countdown I did last week. In Day 1, users chose their favorit era. In Day 2, users chose their favorit out of the remaining two.

3. Classic
(Princesses:Snow White, cinderella and Aurora)

Unfortunately, the Classic era still seems to be the least favorit in the general concensus. The princesses of this era are criticized for being weak damsels-in-distress whose dreams revolve around a man. However, it's not as bad for them as it was before: anda hardly see any bashing here. These princesses have been getting cinta for having the common qualities of...
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I've written this type of artikel before, but I haven't ranked my favorit songs from each DP Movie yet so I decided to give it a try, also decided to do this so I could add songs from brave and Frozen which I didn't do in my sebelumnya artikel since I wrote it before the film where released. I don't dislike any of these songs so just because a song is last on this daftar it doesn't mean that I don't like that song. So anyway let's get started :D

12. A Whole New World

Just a few years yang lalu this song was very populer and very overrated imo, while majority of people has realised that this song...
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 icon made oleh sweetie-94 to wish anda a Happy New tahun
Icon made by sweetie-94 to wish you a Happy New Year
This is part 1 of Fanpop’s favorit and this is favorit DP Film now this isn’t my opinion at all if it was anda guys would all know if it was me. No Frozen was ranked because it wasn’t out all over the world yet. This artikel will also be followed up oleh follow up poling in which anda guys share your thoughts on the ranking. So where it says, People said It won’t be in bold just to let anda know that’s where I put in your guys’ opinions which will have your thoughts but will be in my words*. Now on with the first ranking.

Eleventh: brave with 145 points
 brave with 145 points
Brave with 145 points

I was...
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 See, isn't she lovely?
See, isn't she lovely?
Here is the General idea of Prettiest disney Princess. This is based on most opinions, not mine! Everyone on here is beautiful. Every girl is beautiful and deserves to know that. anda are beautiful. Keep that in mind okay? Oh yeah, oleh the way people, I will be making an artikel about the most populer disney Princess. Enjoy, thanks for stopping oleh :)

11. Merida
It's a shame to me that most people think she's ugly atau just cute. Yes, she isn't used to what we're seeing but I like different. She's got amazing hair full of volume and a natural copper red. Not api engine red that's as unrealistic...
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Frozen (2013)
blu sinar, ray
animated film
posted by sweetie-94
 This is me, I took this foto at night time so sorry for the lightning
This is me, I took this photo at night time so sorry for the lightning
This is the 3rd time I'm doing this type of article, but I hope you'll like this artikel anyway

My real name is Teresa and I'm 19 years old, but I'll be turning 20 this tahun and I was born September 16th 1994

I have 4 older siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister, the youngest one of those is 10 years older than me (currently 11 because he just turned 30 on January 1st). I also have my mother and father that I live with, all of my siblings have of course moved out of halaman awal and live at very different places, my youngest brother lives in Helsinki, my sister lives about 30 menit from our home, my middle...
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posted by dclairmont
Chapter 6: Turmoil and Confusion

"No," Pocahontas whispers. "What have I done!" Meeko and Flit look at her in terror. They run away, leaving Pocahontas alone. Pocahontas looks around. Luckily, no one is around to see what she's done. She quickly throws her father in with the rest of her captives.

"No, no, no!" Pocahontas screams once inside. The princesses look at her in horror. She killed her own father, what would she do to them? "This was not supposed to happen! He just surprised me, and I got scared and I didn't know what to do and," Pocahontas drops to her knees and sobs. "I'm so lost...and...
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Looking at these results, I can understand why some Princesses appeal to the general public more. A total of 18 users took part in this countdown and I averaged out the rankings. I included Anna and Elsa because I think they are both such fun characters to analyze. Anyway, the judul says it all, enjoy! :)


 75 points
75 points

Some people have the same type of relationship Merida and Elinor share. I argue with my mom all the time, ALL THE TIME. Though I can't say I really relate to Merida's personality and I wouldn't do anything Merida does. I might think about wanting to change what's coming...
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