So, I finally decided to write down an artikel about my prettiest princesses list. Before continuing with the list, I 'd like to inform anda about something. I 've added two characters who are not official princesses. The reason why I did this is that I've not watched many non-princess disney film with beautiful females. Had I watched lebih movies, I 'd propably make a full disney Female daftar including Alice, Giselle, the Blue Fairy, Wendy e.t.c. But currently, I cinta only two, so I thought I shouldn't leave them behind! Now, let's go on with the list.

13. Mulan
I really don't think there is any disney Princess who is bad looking atau just passable. They are all pretty. But I can't claim I'm stunned oleh Mulan's beauty, I'm sorry. She has nice features, like her cute cheeks and her rosy lips, but also extremely ordinary ones like her eye colour and her hair. What really subtracts points from her looks is that she has such a poor self-esteem. All this reflects on her face and makes her look boring. Perhaps that's why I think she's a lot prettier in the end, when she looks so confident for her deeds!
Mulan: Determination suits her

12. Merida
Okay, she has her hideous moments but honestly, I consider her good looking! atau I would, if she was in 2-D animation. The only thing I actually hate in her looks is her round face. I mean, really, what did the animators have in their mind? Anyway, I like her fiery untamed hair and her eye colour. I also cinta her smile and laugh, both look very cool. She reminds me of Lily Cole, who I think is very attractive in a rare way. One lebih thing I like about Merida is her figure. Under this head I expected to see the body of a dwarf, but no, she's slim and in good shape. But, really, does this head matches with this body?
Merida: Imagine her in 2D and with a better face shape, she'd be amazing!

11. Tiana
I know this is quite unusual, since Tiana is almost always ranked in the puncak, atas 5 prettiest princesses. I can definitely see why. She has amazing badam, almond brown eyes, beautiful smile, full lips and those great dimples. But,overall, she can't shine, she's boring. I was never fascinated oleh her looks because the only thing I could notice in her is that she's a stubborn workaholic. Nothing too bad with that, but I think it prevents her from enjoying herself and openly tampilkan her undoubtable beauty.
Tiana: She has the potential, but she doesn't use it.

10. Rapunzel
I was so sad that I had to put my beloved Rapunzel so low. I think she's gorgeous, but her 3D animasi won't let her any higher. Rapunzel has an adorable face! I cinta all her facial traits, even her huge green eyes. Of course her greatest feature is her extra long golden hair. Although I must be one of the most fanatic short hair haters in the world, I admit that she looks good even with her short brown hair. It makes her look a bit lebih mature, because this is Rapunzel's flaw, she looks like a kid. And her childish body doesn't help either with this matter. Then again, that makes her look innocent and pure, which is something I appreciate a lot in beauty.
Rapunzel: Innocent beauty.

9. Belle
I always considered Belle to be gorgeous, so I was surprised when I realised I had to rank her that low. In fact, I don't think she has any flaws. But I agree with many people here that she looks too plain. Nothing too unusual about her looks. Her hair and colours are meh,but her hazel eyes are beautiful and so is the shape of her lips. The lower part of her body is nothing special but she has -along with another one disney girl- the most feminine shoulders and neck. She has a very well shaped torso.That is my favourite feature of hers. And the gorgeous yellow gaun is really flattering on this body.
Belle: Beautiful but plain face, amazing feminine torso and neck!

8. Pocahontas
I rewatched the movie recently and I noticed for the first time how beautiful she is. First of all, she has an amazing body, though it's too athletic for my taste. I cinta her skin tone, too. Her lips are simply gorgeous. Unfortunately she has also many bad features . Very small eyes and a seriously problematic nose - sometimes hooked and sometimes nonexistent! I'm not a fan of her hair either, it's far too thin and looks like paper. But she deserves 8th place, because she can put all these bad and good traits together and make it look great! Unlike Belle, she looks unique and exotic. After all, perfect parts don't make necessarily a perfect whole.
Pocahontas: She looks unique, despite the flaws.

7. Ariel
Speaking of unique beauties, who else could possibly be considered lebih exotic and unique than a red haired mermaid? Ariel has many flaws- personality and appearance wise- but looking boring and ordinary ain't one. On the bad side, she is perhaps the most cartoonistic princess. Some of her expressions are hilarious and this doesn't help in the beauty department. Her head is huge for her tiny, almost anorexic body. But when Ariel feels happy atau seductive, this head can make your jaw drop! Her hair is like a red flood, her beautiful blue eyes are very expressive and her thin lips suit her perfectly. She knows how to be the center of attention and this makes her beauty striking.
Ariel: If she wants it, she can easily strike anda with her beauty.

6. Megara
Here's the first non princess (although I firmly believe she should be)! There are two groups of people in this world: those who hate Megara's looks and those who adore them. I apparently belong to the detik group. The main reason why I think she's stunning is that I get easily attracted oleh people who look smart, no matter how imperfect their looks might be. Megara looks oleh far the cleverest female character, much lebih than Belle atau even Jasmine. She looks sexy and promising, yet sarcastic and tough, there's no alat pendingin, pendingin combination in my opinion! Her eyes throw sparkles.The most beautiful purple eyes with a sexy cat shape I've seen. I cinta them in combination with her beautiful brown hair and her nice lips. I also like how she always throws her weight on the one side! It's very cool!
Megara: Sparkling and cool.

5. Snow White
I am one of the very few people in fanpop atau perhaps the only one who doesn't think Snow White looks like a kid. I believe she's very feminine. All her graceful moves, her beautifully applied make up, her bossy yet sweet attitude make her look the all time classic woman in my eyes. I bet she would be the best as a pin up girl in the '50s. Also, Snow White easily beats all the other princesses in the colours. Black hair, fair skin and lips like the red red rose. If she had prettier eyes and nose, she would definitely be my No 3. Last but not least, I like her body type too. Not too tall, not too thin. Snow Whites represents what I consider in real life to be the definition of beauty - except for the short hair!
Snow White: Aw, look at her! She's truly irresistible!

4. Jasmine
I cinta this Arabian beauty! melati is the most exotic and the sexiest disney princess oleh far. She has the most amazing eyes, a great flirty smile, wonderful long and thick black hair and this killing jam glass figure. Many claim that she's awfully thin, but I disagree. She has a tiny waist but rich curves, unlike Ariel. She looks great and she knows it. And her confidence and wit make her look even prettier. I have nothing bad to say about Jasmine, in fact. Only that she doesn't look very attractive when she's angry atau makes certain expressions, but who does after all?
Jasmine: No wonder why aladdin looks so mind blown!

3. Cinderella
I had had an inner dramatic fight with myself before I finally decided between melati and Cinderella. The only reason cinderella tops melati is that she's the definition of elegance and class. She has the greatest smile amongst the princesses and the most beautiful blue shade in her eyes. The only thing which is meh in cinderella is her hair - I don't like the length, the colour and the hairstyles very much. But what's important here is that she inspires respect and admiration with her charms and elegance even in maid outfit!This is quite hard to achieve.
Cinderella: If she can look like that when she wakes up so early in the morning, she definitely deserves 3rd place!

2. Esmeralda
How does a woman of devastating beauty and legendary temperament look like? Like Esmeralda. She reminds me of all these mediterranean quick-tempered, passionate beauties I've read about in novels. I can't understand why she's characterised as too masculine oleh so many people. Seriously, I'm convinced she's the celebration of being female. She has the best body in disney - she's the other girl who has great shoulders and torso besides Belle!Her untamed hair resemble black flames, her face is stunning. All her features are flawless, especially her amazing zamrud, emerald green eyes. She's the hottest disney girl ever created but I'm afraid that Esmeralda's beauty was lebih like a curse for her, just like in Snow White's case. Such a pity.
Esmeralda: Her beauty was fatal, even if poor dear girl never meant harm to anyone.

1. Aurora
Okay, this wasn't exactly a surprise, right? It's not about her body, really. I think Aurora's body-although many say is the best- is worse than many other DP bodies. Neither is it about how hot she is. She could hardly be considered sexy at all. Then what is it that makes her beat Esmeralda and the rest of the princesses? Simply, Esmeralda's beauty may be without precedent but I doubt it could be called angelic. That's exactly how Aurora looks to me: divine. Everything on her celebrates her pure, superior charms, her elegance, her natural regality. Nothing annoys me on her- neither the bangs nor the chin. Because her flaws are too petty compared to the emas of her luscious hair,the ungu eyes and the rose in her lips. The girl looks pure, innocent, feminine, enchanting, regal and classy. If that's not beauty, then what is?
Aurora: Behold the beauty.

Ok, so this was my first artikel in this club and I feel a bit shy! Thanks a lot for reading!