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The dresses are ranked oleh how they look and how they look on the princess

10. Ariel's berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress
This one was contraversial because the dress it's self is pretty but with Ariel's hair it clashes. if the sleaves weren't as puffy and the dress was a different color, it would be much better

9. Ariel's Blue dress
Even though this dress could be better in design, it complaments Ariel and her skin tone.

8. Rapunzel's Purple dress
this dress was simple and looked comfy. i like this dress, the only reason it isn't higher is it makes her look even lebih like she isn't 18. however it complaments her eyes and blonde hair

7. Tiana's Human wedding dress
this dress is sleek, stylish and simple but it doesn't match Tiana quite as well as her other dresses.

6. Belle's Yellow dress
Belle is definetly a girl who can pull off yellow, not many girls can do it. it complaments her hair and eyes nicely and doesn't make her look pale like most girls. however the dress is too big from the hips down, like a cupcake. if it wasn't like a hoop-skirt kind of look, it would be belle's perfect dress.

5. Tiana's Swamp Wedding dress
once again the poofyness comes into play here. the dress is also too sparkly for my liking but Tiana rocks it anyway

4. Jasmine's Purple "dress"
I really wish she would wear something like this lebih often in the movie. it brightens her face and makes her look like a proper princess

3. Pocahontas's Original dress
Even though it's bland it fits Pocahontas perfectly for her personality and spirit. it's comfy and simple.

2. Mulan's berwarna merah muda, merah muda Matchmaker dress
Perfect is all i can say about this dress on Mulan. the warna brighten her face and make her stand-out. and #1 is......................

1. Tiana's Blue dress!
IT'S PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sparkles are not too much, it perfectly fits Tiana, and makes her georgeous in every way shape and form!
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I am currently working on a bigger artikel where all the songs are ranked. But here are my favorit from each movie. And some runner ups :) (I will include runner ups where the 2nd place could have a chance at beating the 1st place) So let's begin! Warning: You'll be hearing a lot of "love" here. Bonus warning: English isn't my first language. :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I'm Wishing/One Song

Oh, how I cinta this song. I cinta the opening, lyrics, voices, melody, romance and the ahahahahah. I'm not laughing, I'm just trying to sing like Snow in my head. But my favorit part is when the prince...
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This video uses the instrumental version of What Goes Around Comes Around sung oleh Justin Timberlake, hope you'll enjoy the video :)
musik video
snow white
evil queen
Idk why but i found this super funny.
beauty and the beast
the little mermaid
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This is the Hungarian version of the funny song, who voiced Mulan?
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Not Made oleh me....just thought it was cool.
musik video
the little mermaid
sleeping beauty
beauty and the beast
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 Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
So, as a lot of anda probably know I recently did a countdown for the most lust-based DP couple. Merida is eliminated oleh default, and I didn't include Frozen, so we'll be looking at ten couples. Anyway, without further ado, let's begin!

10. Snow White and The Prince
For tenth place the only real contenders were these two and Mulan/Shang, so much so that there was a tiebreaker. But, even though they kissed while the latter couple didn't, people found this couple to be less lust-based because of the youth and innocence of Snow White and, to a lesser extent, The Prince.

They are way too asexual to...
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This is the first of a set of reviews and analyses that I will be doing on each disney Princess movie. I will try to be as unbiased and analytical as possible. I watch the movie so that it is fresh in my mind, and review 10 categories: the princess, the prince, the couple, the villain, other characters, the plot, animation, songs, score, and mood. I then give each category a score out of 10, then the movie as a whole receives a total score out of 100. All categories contribute equally to the final score.

Princess - Snow White

Snow White has been my least favourite princess for as long as...
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I am sorry that I too a long hiatus, but I had A LOT to do in the end of August to now, and I am going to finish this series, so here I am again. I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. anda can recommend me which couple to do selanjutnya in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually...
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    The Native American woman was strikingly beautiful and had a mysterious quality about her that couldn't be replicated. She stood proudly at the puncak, atas of the cliff as leaves swirled around her majestic figure.
    "Damn, if I was a lesbian, I'd bang her in a heartbeat," kacang told Conrad.
    "Maybe she knows of a place where we can stay," Conrad suggested.
    "Good thinking," kacang responded. As she and Conrad paddled their rakit closer to shore, they noticed another Native woman sitting in a kano beneath the cliff....
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"Oh my goodness! Are anda alright?" asked the sobbing girl.
"I'm fine, just help me up," replied Princess Pea. "That damn carpet did that on purpose. It's probably halfway back to Agrabah oleh now."
"Oh just a land, a faraway place where the caravan cammels roam. Wow, this room sucks. anda don't even have a cokelat fountain...I'm Princess Pea, oleh the way."
"My name's Cinderella."
"Well, nice meeting anda whatever-you-just-said-your-name-was-but-it's-too-freaking-weird-for-me-to-remember. I gotta go."
"I'm afraid that's impossible," answered cinderella sadly. "You see, my stepmother locked...
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