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It’s so obvious, it’s nearly ridiculous to write an artikel about it, but Aurora is the Princess of the bulan and it wouldn’t be right to exclude her, even if this will be a very brief article. I won’t even bother to make a pick this time around.

The bunga which naturally symbolized Aurora the best is the rose. There are other bunga in the movie, most notable when the peri jinx the arrows to protect Phillip, but the rose is connected to Aurora in so many ways: Her name during her stay with the peri is Briar Rose (based on the German version of the Fairy Tale, which is called “Dornröschen” (little thorny rose)), her lips “shame the red, red rose”, she even holds a red rose in her hand while she is asleep.
It’s a symbolism which works really well, since the rose in the movie is not a natural rose, but a cultivated one (in fact this rose didn’t even exist back then, but who cares, it’s a Fairy Tale). And Aurora herself isn’t a natural beauty either; she is so beautiful because the peri spelled her this way. It’s somewhat funny that Flora considers turning her into a flower, thought she doesn’t specify which kind of flower.
The rose used in the movie is a red rose, which is very fitting, because it stands for “true love”. I’m slightly annoyed that nowadays Belle is lebih often connected with the red rose, while Aurora is left with the berwarna merah muda, merah muda ones. But at least, the berwarna merah muda, merah muda ones work, too. Light berwarna merah muda, merah muda stands for desire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy, berwarna merah muda, merah muda itself (I’m not sure if that is berwarna merah muda, merah muda atau light pink) stands for grace, which fits Aurora perfectly. Nevertheless, I’m slightly peeved that they mencuri her bunga from her.

And, as always, the wallpaper (only one this time around).
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 Dee Dee's friend.
Dee Dee's friend.
mulan and Dee Dee are fighting the Spirit of Despair as the other princesses looks on, they managed to corner her and suddenly the Spirit of Despair oleh sneeringly says "You think anda can corner me? Wait till anda see THIS!"
She transforms into a giant dragon and burns the whole of Kuala Lumpur down, all of the princesses gather around Dee Dee and Princess Aurora gives her a magic Chinese Dragon amulet, "here take this and use it to transform yourself into a Chinese Dragon to fight the wicked spirit."
Dee Dee thanks them and ignites it, then she transforms into a giant Chinese Dragon. The two...
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I got this idea from avatar_tla_fan, so anda should go check out her article! It's only two below mine, so ^^ Anyway this'll just be a quick look at some of my lists, no explanations, just giving my lists because I'm still somewhat new here and I'd like for anda guys to know my opinions ^^ Anyway here we go! {By the way none of these lists are explicit, I'm unsure on almost all of them}


13. Belle
12. Rapunzel
11. Ariel
10. Mulan
9. Merida
8. Elsa
7. Tiana
6. Cinderella
5. Aurora
4. Anna
3. Jasmine
2. Pocahontas
1. Snow White

 Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?
Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?

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